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Reviewed: Jul. 27, 2009
Unfortunately these were a big let down. I recently returned from Antalya Turkey, I had Baklava everyday for 2 weeks and they were the best I had ever eaten, I had Baklava in Rhodes Greece 15 years ago which was the first time I tried it, as I had nothing to compare it to I thought they were great, but having made this recipe with phylo bought from the grocery store, I can tell you it is way off what the Turks use, Turkish Baklava is made with dough alot thinner than phylo evey other country seem to use. "looking through the Turkish dough is like looking through a net curtain" someone said. and it is true, the Baklava there has so many layers of ultra thin phylo, it is almost like puff pastry, with regular phylo you literally feel every layer of pastry as you bite as it is so thick. I know this recipe does not claim to be Turkish, it claims to be Greek, so for that I will give it 2 stars, If you ever get the chance to try Turkish Baklava, I assure you, you will notice the difference, and it is alot better.
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Amazingly Good Eggnog

Reviewed: Jan. 3, 2007
Made this for Boxing day and everyone loved it. I used less rum and let people top their drinks up if they wanted, which a couple did. Next time I will use cinnamon sticks as I sieved this eggnog through muslin and it still had too much cinnamon floating around before finally settling at the bottom of everyones glass! excellent taste.
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Easy Key Lime Pie I

Reviewed: Mar. 1, 2006
Not bad but you can't get key limes where I live, I should have used 3/4 cup of regular lime juice instead of the 1/2 cup I used! as key limes are more acidic and have more flavour. Be careful using the bottled key lime juice, most of it is just key west, lime juice which isn't quaranteed to be key lime juice, from key west!!! if you know what I mean, manufactured in key west could be with the regular limes not key limes. People can write what they want on the ingredients so unless you can get fresh key limes just use regular but more.
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Spanish Bar Cake

Reviewed: Feb. 20, 2006
Not bad but it was way too moist!! must have been all the water, and cooking the raisins is the water for 10 mins was too long, they absorbed alot of water, the cake seemed to get wetter the longer it took to cool! and the raisins just seemed wet rather than being juicy. I will try again using less water and some brown sugar and wheat flour as this is how the A&P one is made. It also needs a frosting, I used butter icing sugar vanilla and milk.
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Cinnamon-Roasted Almonds

Reviewed: Jan. 3, 2006
Excellent, everyone says they are very moorish! but, like others did I followed the recipe but also added a half cup of brown sugar,used 1/2 tsp of salt as my almonds were unsalted (salt brings out the flavour in everything without having to taste salty) and 1 tsp vanilla and 2 tsp cinnamon! other that than that I follwed the recipe to a T!!! many thanks, I won't need to try another recipe as this one is perfect. I can't rate original recipe but with my changes it was deffinately a 5, I may add some maple syrup to the egg and vanilla next time too and use pecans!
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Party Cheese Wreath

Reviewed: Dec. 29, 2005
Great recipe but nobody turned up, I'm still eating it now! Will be nice in a bagel.
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Chocolate Truffles

Reviewed: Dec. 20, 2005
I made these last night, I never used choc chips, I just used 10 oz of plain choc broken up into pieces then put in a bowl with the condensed milk and microwaved for couple minutes and stirred it, needed another min then I mixed smooth with an electric mixer after adding the vanilla. I rolled them in powdered sugar, cocoa, and sugar and cinnamon mix, the cinnamon went down very well. I bought small xmas boxes from the card shop that holds 12 truffles in two layers. I used petit fours cases (tiny cup cake cases) I will give a couple away in the boxes this xmas. People at work loved them and couldn't believe I made them.
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Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes

Reviewed: Nov. 1, 2005
Delicious! I made these but used hald sour cream and half cream cheese with chives and onion and probably less milk as I just poured in to suit. Don't worry about ripping the skins or not holding their shape, once you spoon a couple spoonfulls of the mixture in you can press the skins to the mixture and they stay no problem, get really close to the skin, but if you do leave some potato around the skin then season it, I didn't and you could taste when you got to the plain potato. Just a bit of ex virgin olive oil, salt and pepper would be good. I plan on making these with just the sour cream next time like the recipe says to see the difference, I also mixed hald the bacon in and sprinkled the rest on top otherwise it is too much to put on top. Many thanks
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Eileen's Spicy Gingerbread Men

Reviewed: Oct. 26, 2005
Very good cookies, although I altered the recipe slightly,I used about an extra cup of flour (maybe the 2 cups in the recipe is a mistake and should have said 3)otherwise you can't work with the dough at all, anyway, I also only used half tsp cloves instead of 1 tsp and I used 1 tsp cinnamon instead of half tsp, I used black treacle whis is meant to be the same as mollases. They turned out really good, I rolled them out to 1/4 inch onto greaseproof paper then picked them up with a pallet knife/ metal spatulla and then placed them onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment/greaseproof paper on 170 c for 10 mins, still soft and chewy 4 days later. I iced them with royal icing which was 2 egg whites about 1lb of confectioners sugar and a tsp of lemon juice (apart from helping to cook the egg whites, I don't know what else the lemon does! as it is not enough to flavour the icing. I tried another recipe that only called for ginger, no cinnamon no cloves no nut meg and no treacle and only a tiny bit of sugar, they were terrible, I will keep this recipe as my gingerbread man recipe for sure. by the way the strong treacle smell goes away and is ovbiously used to compliment the rest of the ingredients and works really well.Thanks
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Christmas Cake

Reviewed: Oct. 17, 2005
I made this cake a couple weeks ago, I won't be trying it till xmas so I will update my review then. I left out the cinnamon and cloves and just used the allspice/mixed spice, my house smelt of mollases/treacle for days!!due to the 3/4 cup of it that went in, I have a funny feeling this will be way too strong a flavour and smell for me as all of the other recipes I have seen only call for a couple tablespoons of mollases!! but, I will let you know, I will obviously marzipan(almond paste/icing) and ice/frost the cake and decorate it, couple weeks before exmas I will skewer the cake in several places and poor over brandy and whisky (more for the flavour and kick rather than moistness) as I think this may be a moist cake anyway. I will report back after exmas or just after the first few comments on the cake. Hope it's good, it took 3hrs 35 mins to cook. UPDATE, after 2.5 weeks I took it out of the air tight container and unwraped it from the double layer of tin foil and layer of greaseproof and it smells gorgeous, no more mollases smell just a lovely traditional english christmas cake smell, almost like christmas pudding!! I skewered 5o times and poured over a tbls of each whisky and brandy.Update: Very moist but may add double the mixed spice next year. NOTE: this is for an 8" square cake if you use a round pan you must use a 9" one!! an 8" round fits exactly onto an 8" square one, so, you must allow for the corners (thats why a 9" round is needed)
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Creamy Pesto Shrimp

Reviewed: Sep. 29, 2005
Unless this is a starter then this recipe is enough to serve 2-4 people not 8. We usually have just over a pound of pasta (500g) between 2. I halved this recipe and found there to be quite alot of sauce, next time I will half it again apart from the pasta, I will leave that at a pound and it should be ok, we don't like our pasta swimming in sauce esp double cream (your heavy cream) I will also double the pesto as cream is pretty much all I could taste,I was actually starting to feel sick with all the cream on my plate, my wife loved it as she is a cream sauce fan, I am not, so after I make my couple of changes then it may suit me a little better, also some extra cheese on top would be nice as well as extra black pepper.Thanks for sharing
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Super-Easy Rocky Road Fudge

Reviewed: Sep. 22, 2005
Every who tried it loved it, 2 people asked for the recipe, I made one batch with milk choc too. The only thing I would do next time is mix in the nuts but let cool on counter a bit before mixing in the marshmallows, some of them were starting to melt before they were folded in properly as the choc was too warm. Leave in fridge over night or you will have problems with it setting enough to pull the foil or greaseproof paper off. It also keeps in a container afterwards with no need to refrigerate, the recipe does not tell you this. You must use the right size pan, if you use a smaller pan to get thicker fudge then it would not be rocky road, the marshmallow and nuts make the fudge bumpy by sticking out slightly.
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Chocolate Decadence Yule Log

Reviewed: Sep. 9, 2005
Just use cream or butter cream and have a really good yule log you can enjoy,keep the cream cheese for bagels and cheese cake.
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Reviewed: Sep. 2, 2005
Way too much citron, it takes away from the cannoli cream taste if all you can taste is citron, peel, fruit etc, no need for the wine in the shell recipe. needing a pasta machine for the thinnest setting is a bit much to ask, you hsould just say how thick the dough should be and people can roll it out. You must have the dough as thin as you can manage it so that it bubbles and blisters or it will be like cardboard
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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies IV

Reviewed: Aug. 22, 2005
Awesome cookies, I left out the pecans, I refrigerated the mixture between each batch so they would not go too flat, I also put 2-3 more raisins on top of each dollop before putting in the oven as I think it looks better to see the raisins when they are done. I might just double the raisins to two cups next time and see what happens as like I said I left out the nuts anyway. I used the pin head/steel cut course grain oat meal rather than rolled oats, this makes the cookie more chewy! rolled oats gives a less chewy cookie and easy/quick oats even lesser chewy!! my sis said she liked them but to maybe put a little mixed spice in as well as the cinnamon!! we'll see. As this mix was sooo dry when trying to combine the ingredients I mixed it with my hands, this meant the butter and sugar warmed ever so slightly and made it alot easier to combine. 23/8/05 update, I may use half the sugars to half cups next time instead of cups too as 2 cups of raisins will make these cookies sweet enough and will also make them alot healthier, I will let you know what happens. With such goodness of oatmeal that lowers cholesterol etc and the raisins I think lowering the amount of sugar is a good idea.
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Original Nestle® Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookies

Reviewed: Jul. 30, 2005
Certainly noThing like the cookies I made when I was 10, too soft as if undercooked, I looked closely and some of the sugar granules were still there! hadn't melted. choc chips sink too much making the cookie look like a plain cookie, the taste is sweet but that is it, just a sweet cookie. I think Friends made these famous!!! which is more than likely why soo many people rave about them, deep down they are below average for a choc chip cookie. I like a hard or crispy cookie like my old recipe was that I lost, those ones used to stay pretty light in colour and the chips would stay at the top and the cookie would be cooked right through, like a store bought one.. Not ones that feel like cake and a horrible brown shade. If you want them to look like the picture then you would have to open the oven half way through cooking and drop some more chips on top. Overall, fairly dissapointing so am still in search of a decent choc chip cookie recipe.I made these twice, once with butter, once with butter and shortening. The butter ones turned out a bit better as they went flatter so more chips could be seen, do not use shortening as they stay a bit higher and the chips drop.
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Creme Fraiche Chicken

Reviewed: Jul. 26, 2005
I was confused with this recipe when I saw it was made with crene fraiche and sour cream! creme fraiche is French sour cream.
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Hot Italian Sausage

Reviewed: Jul. 23, 2005
Well, what can I say but awesome hot Italian sausage. I worked in Italian restaurants for 7-8 years and ours was never this tasty (although we would buy it in from local Italian butchers/deli's. I scaled down this recipe to 4 servings (1lb pork) just to see, I will buy 2-3 pounds next time and freeze in individual portions. I could not find the anise seed so simply left it out and was fine without. I compared this recipe to a few others I saw and could not believe the amount of peppers fennels used in theirs, way too hot, you want a nice hot taste you can enjoy while still tasting the pork like this recipe gives, perfect! you don't want to blow your head off, what for? might as well just cover a plain burger/sausage in tobasco!! I also just had this plain on a portuguese roll(can't find good Italian bread here apart from ciabatta) no butter no onions or peppers, with sausage this tasty you don't need anything else really. Thanks (UPDATE) I just scaled this recipe to 12 portions(3lb pork) don't do it, the ingredients are all wrong! the pork says 3 pounds which is 3 times the original recipe I made(1lb porkbut all the salt and rest of ngredients has been multiplied by 4!! way too salty, couldn't believe it. So, scale down the recipe to 4 or 8 servings but not 12 as it is all wrong.
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Cannoli I

Reviewed: Jul. 19, 2005
Ricotta must be dry, I drain in a sieve with weight on top over night, I also used powdered sugar as I think it blends better. The dough recipe actually made over 30 shells, I rolled them as thin as I could as they swell up and blister, only take 2-3 mins not 8. I used mixed peel/candied peel not citron but the taste was overpowering so you could not taste the chocolate or the original cannoli taste I first had as a teen, (just the ricotta and sugar and nothing else) I have just made another batch without the fruit or choc, next time I may use 1/2 cup choc and 1/4 cup peel as I think this may balance out the flavours better. I actually have this exact recipe on the back of an old box of cannoli forms made by hoan, I think the 8 mins deef frying was prob an eror and should read 3 as 8 mins would turn them black.
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