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Never-Ever-Fail Meringue

Reviewed: Sep. 29, 2007
I was very pleased with this meringue. Another tip for those whose meringue seems to slip off lemon pies is to make sure you place the meringue on top of the lemon filling while it ( the lemon ) is still hot. It slightly cooks the bottom of the meringue thus adhering it to the pie. Also make sure to spread the meringue all the way to the edges sealing them.
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Vera Cruz Tomatoes

Reviewed: Sep. 7, 2010
I'm the lady who stands mesmerized in the produce aisle, smelling the summer tomatoes. If you're at all like me, lucky enough to adore these gems, the health benefit is a bonus. After confessing all of this, I did in fact come home with a basket of the red beauties. Now.. this isn't the first stuffed tomato recipe I've tried, AR and other sites included. Same old, same old; A big fat disappointment. Not to give up though, this recipe had promise. No rice or breadcrumb fillers. Instead, spinach, crumbly bacon, onion cooked in a little bacon fat. (Please, if possible use real bacon so you can stick to the recipe and get the most out of it.) A little sour cream to keep everything together and some Monterey Jack on top. There it is! I did the - take the first bite - pause- OMG? I can see where the tomatoes could be watery. I used a paper towel to blot out the insides. Because salt will draw out the juice, don't salt the insides of the tomatoes till just before filling. This seemed to help but even the juice was delicious. I was quite happy spooning it off the plate. (Well, I really wanted to lick it off!) The filling was enough for the 4 of them. The author gives a great tip suggesting Romas for more servings. Thanks so much.
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Marinated Pork Chops

Reviewed: Apr. 6, 2008
I've been using this marinade for so long I couldn't remember where I got the recipe from. Good thing I did not try to submit it. That being said, this is a very good marinade. The flavours blend well together and the pork chops always come out juicy. I turn the pork chops over a few times while they are marinating. As another reviewer mentioned. Don't overcook the meat. Thanks for many yummy pork chop dinners! **Update** Many times I 1/2 this marinade when I use chops that are thinner than 1" or I am preparing less meat. I hate wasting something like this that tastes so good.
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World's Best Lasagna

Reviewed: Feb. 10, 2011
Like many I have a very good lasagna recipe that I have used for years. Once in a while it's fun to change it up. I've tried a couple of the well rated others here but nothing was a great improvement over mine. I had thought this recipe was one I had tried, but it wasn't. This is simply fabulous. The sausage is wonderful in the sauce, subtle but noticeable. The fennel is another added flavour hint making the sauce taste homemade and unique. I like everything as is but do agree that the salt could be cut. I must commend the reviewers who explained how to build 3 layers. Now why didn't I think of that?? Liking the taste of regular lasagna pasta noodles over "oven ready" I have been using the soak in hot water method for a long time and would never do it any other way. Thanks so much for this wonderful addition to my menu
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Roasted Turkey and Pan Gravy

Reviewed: Nov. 25, 2008
I would advise turkey novices to do a bit of reading and asking questions about gravy making. The directions here could lead to disaster if a new cook got "rid of the fat" - Does that mean dumping all the drippings? How do I tell which is fat? How do I separate it? Can you imagine what will happen if the stock and flour are stirred in the pan without any direction to cook the flour and gradually add the liquid and constantly whisking. Most of us who enjoy our holiday meals consider the gravy to be one of the stars of the show. It's a shame that due to poor and thoughtless directions from Campbells Kitchen the gravy is a flop.
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Bacon-y Bok Choy

Reviewed: Jun. 29, 2009
I'm happily giving thes recipe a high rating. It was exactly what I was looking for. Something interesting and new, healthy and not very expensive, It sure was easy and quick to prepare and met the approval of everyone at my dinner table. I did add more bacon,(how bad can that be)as I needed to use it up. I probably added a little more garlic too. The direction of 1 tsp. of red pepper flakes is not too much for the average person but could be lessened for those with tender palates. The bok choy is a huge heap in the frying pan. Don't worry though, it will soon soften up and drastically shrink in size. Be cautioned - the bok choy must be rinsed very thoroughly before use. Lots of dirt hiding in the leaves. I guarantee you will kick yourself if you bite into a gritty forkful and don't get to eat this. I would like to start enjoying at least 1 night a week with a meal containing veggies only. This for sure will be on the menu. Thanks so much for sharing this one.
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Poached Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce

Reviewed: Apr. 9, 2010
I was getting tired of the quick Hollandaise sauce I've been making. If there is one thing I have learned about cooking it's that taking the time to do things the right way is almost certainly the best way. Sauces in particular can be tricky. In addition to taste, consistency is very key. I'm giving this 5* rating to the Hollandaise sauce in this recipe. Yes---there is a ton of butter - there is supposed to be. Rich is expected in this classic French sauce. It is what it is. So please don't rate it if you are at all anti-butter and en route to the food police. Following the instructions exactly will produce a sauce near perfection.
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Rustic Autumn Fruit Tart

Reviewed: Oct. 14, 2009
This is the kind of dessert found in quality European patisseries. I used 2 pears and 1 1/2 granny smith apples. It's very important to slice the fruit very thin. Unless you are lucky enough to own a mandolin, this step is tricky and takes time. It might be a good idea to slice an extra pear or apple to have a choice of the best shaped pieces. I added slightly more corn starch to make sure that the filling wouldn't be runny. Laying the fruit in a pretty way isn't really difficult and is something that with practice will only get better. Cardamom is a spice I hadn't used before. I found it's addition subtly added an unusual and interesting flavour. Using a tart pan with a removable bottom will best show off all of your hard work and makes it so easy to serve. I may tinker with the pastry to improve it, but that could just be me. I'm still toiling away to better any pastry I make. Give yourself time to put this tart together. Your patience will be rewarded. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.
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Beginner Chicken and Dumplings

Reviewed: Jan. 2, 2012
"Beginner" ?? The taste sure isnt! I continue to learn that many of the simplest recipes are the best. The dark meat of the thighs make a difference as they add to the flavour. In addition to dumplings I sometimes prepared egg noodles for those who like it served that way and frequently because the dumplings tend to disappear so fast! A very good recipe! More thoughts: To economise I've bought skin on bone in chicken (big $ difference). Using an oven & stovetop safe pot, the chicken can then be roasted in the oven at 350-375 degrees for approximately 30-40 minutes. Once cooled the skin & bones are easily removed. Any excess fat can be spooned off and the cooked crispy bits in the pot's bottom will add to the favour. At this point carry on as directed, perhaps choosing to omit the butter as the only change. Healthorg's recipe is delicious as posted but I'm finding with the price of ready prepped chicken so dear, this can be a savings option by slightly altering only the method. Cheers!
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Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

Reviewed: Nov. 3, 2010
Yet another highly rated recipe that was just so so for me. I can't quite put my finger on it but there was something off a little. I would have guessed the beer as the culprit but no one, not even the beer-haters claimed to taste the beer at all. With that said, the suggested toppings of sour cream and cheddar cheese did greatly improve the flavour. In addition to these toppings I added a very small amount of thinly sliced green onion and fresh cilantro.
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Angel Pie

Reviewed: Aug. 12, 2008
This pie induced much selfishness and ill will. Arguements abounded as family members denied sneaking pieces. This lasted less than a full day as this heavenly dessert vanished that fast. At first bite silence fell over the table as our tastebuds sang with pleasure. I did try to mold the pre-cooked meringue into a shape that would contain the filling. No changes were necessary. When I make this again (probably today) I will try piping the whipped cream topping to make it prettier. This deserves a place of honour in your recipe box. UPDATE: To prevent major war I have resorted to cutting the finished pie in half. His and Mine!
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Savory Deviled Eggs

Reviewed: Mar. 4, 2010
This was my contribution for a wedding shower. After mixing, piping and adding garnish these didn't sit very long before they were to be on the appetizer table. I sampled one and began to worry at the lack of taste but at this point I had not other choice but to bring them anyway. Fortunately by the time the ladies sat down for a bite the flavours had a chance to blend together. I think that the instructions should include this step.
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Frosted Sandwich Loaf

Reviewed: Jan. 28, 2008
Using whatever sandwich filling you like this makes a lovely brunch/shower offering. When I was a girl I remember the bakery would sell coloured loaves which they would slice horizontally for us. We then could have different coloured bread slices as well as different fillings in each sandwich.
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Sweet Russian Cabbage Soup

Reviewed: Nov. 10, 2010
After placing the meat in the skillet to brown (1st step), I began to question if browning was indeed part of the directions. Upon rereading; It isn't. I see from the reviews, some people chose to brown anyway. A little too late in preparation for me to change, I just carried on. At first taste I found my error to have no negative effect because the resulting soup was delicious. I tend to prefer savory/salty rather than sweet so I took advice from a few reviewers and upped the vinegar and trimmed the sugar. It was interesting to taste the the effect the added vinegar made. I now understand what many reviewers mean by the tang. A whole head of cabbage was a little much. I will cut this amount if I have another go. I added a small amount of fresh spinach in the last 10 minutes. Might as well get some extra nutrients the easy way. This soup is a great example of how a few personalized changes do not deter a simple, solid recipe. Thanks for posting.
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Grandma's Hash Browns

Reviewed: Nov. 22, 2008
I've had hash browns as a breakfast side in nice restaurants and of course the famous "McHash Browns" but they were boring and forgetable. I finally got around to seasoning an old cast iron skillet and wanted to give homemade a go. After searching on AR for recipies, I decided on this one. I liked the idea of cooking the potatoes the night before and thought it would improve the texture. As long as the potatoes are not overcooked they shred nice and evenly. This step doesn't take long and can be done as the butter melts. I seasoned the shredded potaotes before putting them in the pan so the salt and pepper was evenly distributed. I had cooked 4 slices of bacon, set them aside and added 2Tbsp unsalted butter to the bacon grease. After adding the potatoes to this pan I very slightly patted them down. Cooked on medium heat for 15 minutes without peeking (that was hard), then flipped them over using a small flat pizza pan then back into the skillet and cooked the other side for another 15 minutes. They just about all stayed together - I think if I had tried using a spatula to turn, the disk of potatoes would have broken. Not that they wouldn't have tasted ok if this did happen but I wanted to have them looking nice on the plate. These form a lovely brown and crispy crust and a perfectly soft inside. They were just how I wanted. I have made these using only butter. The bacon grease/butter was noticeably better. I have used the called for russet potatoes and I have used ordinary wh
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Swink's Chili

Reviewed: Sep. 6, 2008
I had high hopes for this recipe but it just wasn't happening. Chili should have a nice bright taste. I think the baked beans made for an odd filmy texture and taste that didn't belong. I have used tomato soup in another recipe - Hoosier Daddy Chili -from this site and it blended in well so I don't think the failed taste had anything to do with that. Too bad really, as it was easy to prepare. Thanks anyway.
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Gulliver's Cream Corn

Reviewed: Dec. 26, 2007
I wanted to try something a little different as a vegetable for Christmas dinner. Although I find canned creamed corn yucky, this recipe appealed to me. It was simple and quick to put together as the turkey was resting. I used evaporated milk instead of regular milk and used a little cayenne and a little white pepper. I may increase the cayenne slightly the next time. As promised, it thickened up beautifully but didn't get gloppy as it sat on the table. This was well liked by everyone and something that I will enclude in special future dinners. Thanks so much.
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Roasted Beets and Sauteed Beet Greens

Reviewed: Nov. 23, 2007
I was feeling adventurous wanting to try a new vegetable when I came upon this recipe. I followed the recipe excactly but did find that my beets took 1 and 1/2 hours to become tender. So figure in this extra time if your beets are on the large size as mine were. What was most surprising to me was the flavour or the greens. Delicious! I seasoned them with salt and pepper and doused with red wine vinegar. Beets are high in iron, fibre and vitamin C so you can fuel your body and delight your taste buds at the same time with this tasty side dish.
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Curried Veggie Dip

Reviewed: Nov. 25, 2009
Finally a good recipe for veggie dip that is a little different. So, so easy too. Five stars. I halved everything only because I didn't have the full 2 cups of mayonnaise. Give all the flavours a chance to work their magic by a night in the fridge. My whole family ejoyed it. Kids and all!Thanks
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Garlic Parmesan Orzo

Reviewed: Nov. 25, 2010
Wow! This was even better than I expected. Perfect in its blend of flavours and I could taste each one of them. I cooked up the orzo, had the garlic and fresh parsley minced, cubed the butter, and grated the Parmesan in the morning. Doing this ahead I was able to have this dish ready and on the table in under 15 minutes. Using unsalted butter gives the orzo a wonderful silky and creamy texture. It may seem like butter overload but the cooked orzo is double the size it was when uncooked. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this side.
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