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Apple Muffins

Reviewed: Feb. 1, 2007
Unlike almost every other reviewer so far, I made these muffins exactly as specified. I appreciated that they were quick and easy to make, and they made a small batch (I ate all twelve by myself over 5 days). They were also nice and light and fluffy. However, I thought the cinnamon taste was pretty much indiscernible, and the body of the muffins didn't taste very apple-y (the apple pieces were very good though). So I can see why so many others added lots more cinnamon and apples. If you want nice, mild-tasting and not heavy muffins, these are very good. If you're looking for a hearty, strong-flavored apple muffin, this recipe won't do.
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Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

Reviewed: Apr. 20, 2011
This was a pretty good recipe (and anyway, I needed more practice cutting up chicken wings). I made it exactly as written, except that I let most of the wings cook longer than the 1:05 given. I took 4 pieces out at 1:05 and the sauce was hardly a "glaze" and the wings weren't crispy yet, so I let the rest keep cooking in the cooling oven. I think I took them all out at 1:20 or so. The taste was pretty good, and different. I refrigerated half of the pieces and reheated them in the microwave the next day, and thought I actually preferred the latter. I'm still looking for an amazing wings recipe someday, but this was pretty nice anyway.
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Pork Brine

Reviewed: Jul. 10, 2006
I'm very new to this - have never made a marinade, I don't think, so maybe I made some beginner mistakes I followed the recipe to the letter, using 2 lbs. of boneless pork chops (8 of them). I suppose that after marinating them for two hours, the instructions should have said to discard the brine (probably second nature for experienced cooks). But when I pan-fried my first two chops, I poured a bit of the brine into the pan. Bad mistake - it's not like sauteeing something in olive oil; the brine quickly turned black and burned awfully in the pan for the last half of the cooking time. After that, I got rid of all of the brine, leaving the moistened chops in my fridge. Unlike the experience of other reviewers, I found that even cooking the chops as suggested (medium-high, or 8/10 on my range's dial), the chops did indeed turned out juicy and moist - a pleasant surprise. The flavors of the brine were pretty interesting, but the excess salt was a drawback. Should I have quickly rinsed the chops in water before cooking, as another reviewer suggested? I may make this again, and I'll try that if I do.
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Curried Chicken Rice Soup

Reviewed: Feb. 27, 2008
This is a fabulous soup. It gets one of my rare 5-star ratings. That being said, I have a few comments and nitpicks. Looking at the amounts used, a "large saucepan" didn't seem big enough. I used a decent-sized (4-quart?) pot. I didn't have any cooked chicken or rice already on hand, so of course that increased the time to make this recipe. The 3/4 cup of butter seems like a lot. The recipe didn't taste overly buttery, but still, the amount of butter doesn't seem to make this soup very heart-healthy. On the other hand, I thought the amount of curry was very little. It added some color and a little flavor to the dish, but those people who really love curry would want a lot more than just 1/2 tsp. for the whole recipe. Lastly, because of the use of the evaporated milk, I thought leftovers would become all separated and yucky. To my surprise, even after 4 days in the refrigerator, the final leftovers reheated just fine in the microwave, and were almost identical to the fresh soup (maybe a bit thicker and chowdery). But again, this is a great recipe. It makes a lot of soup, and it tastes great for days.
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Baked Beans II

Reviewed: Oct. 16, 2007
I rarely give out 5-star ratings, but this recipe deserves it, I think. Not only was it very tasty, but it's quick and easy to make, too. This was probably the first time in my life I'd taken canned baked beans (I used Bush's "Original"), which I like by themselves, and fixed them up to make them even better. I'm not a big fan of mustard, but I had a jar of Hickory Farms Sweet-Hot Mustard which I wanted to use up. It was a 2.25 oz. jar by weight, and it was probably less than 1/4 cup, but more than 1/8, I think. And I couldn't find 15 oz. cans of beans, so I used 2 16 oz. cans. Therefore I made this with a little more baked beans, and a little less mustard, than the recipe called for. For the onion, I used a large, sweet Vidalia. After I "finely chopped" it, I thought there might be too much onion in the recipe, but the end result was just right. I did drain the oil after cooking the bacon and onions, though. In the end, this was a nice, thick, not too sweet, and only slightly mustardy dish. I loved having lots of bacon and onions in there too. Thanks for a great recipe!
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Harvard Beets

Reviewed: Sep. 8, 2006
I like beets almost any way they're made, but I'd never heard of this - I get the feeling it's a classic recipe. I measured out the exact quantity of beets, since I didn't have cans of the given size. My sauce didn't thicken either (well, maybe a tiny bit). From the reviews, I gather that maybe the sauce should be quite a bit thicker than I obtained. I noted one reviewer's tips on this, and I'll follow them if/when I make this again. That said, the sauce was very tasty - a mildly sweet/sour syrup that accompanied the beets very nicely - a kind of new-and-improved beet juice. Thanks for a nice side dish - I'll put it into my recipe box.
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Chicken Chili

Reviewed: Mar. 30, 2005
This was a very good recipe - it lasted me for lunch and dinner (2 bowls each time). It struck me as a little unusual, since without the tomato sauce/paste so common to other chili recipes, it was a little more like a chicken-vegetable stew than a soup/chili. The extra minutes spent in sauteing the vegetables and browning the chicken paid off in enhancing the flavors, I think. I wasn't expecting there to be enough chicken in this recipe, but it was plenty, as it turned out. It wasn't very hot, but the spice mixture was very tasty. I think I'll make this for The Woman I Love someday soon. Thanks for a great recipe.
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Apple Milkshake

Reviewed: Dec. 16, 2004
I was a bit skeptical of such a creation, but it was pretty tasty. I found the apple flavor a bit mild, though. Some people may want to throw in more apples. I will make this again!
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Potatoes and Peppers

Reviewed: May 25, 2005
This was a quick and easy recipe. It was very tasty, but I found it to be fairly oily, not that olive oil isn't good for one anyway. I might quibble with the sliced potatoes; they seemed too big; maybe half-moons or even cubed potatoes would be better.
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Reviewed: Mar. 1, 2007
This was pretty good for what it was, a very simple recipe. I don't think I'd ever even made a bread from scratch before. It does bake up kind of thick, so I can see why a couple of the prior reviewers made it thinner. I think it would be good with butter or honey, but I didn't try either. I didn't even bother reheating the bannock, and just snacked on chunks of it for days. The Woman I Love had a taste of it, and liked it so much that I had to make a batch for her. She told me she enjoyed it a lot, especially reheated and with butter on it.
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Mexican Corn Salad

Reviewed: Apr. 18, 2005
Hmmm, something different - I've never made anything like this before. I made it exactly as described, and it was good to snack on by scooping it up with corn tortilla chips. I do wonder, though, if this recipe could do with less (or no) butter.
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Fran's Greek Butter Cookies

Reviewed: Jul. 16, 2009
I've been seeing this kind of cookie recipe for a while, and decided to try this (it's a good way to use up some whole cloves I have on hand). I didn't think I made the cookies very big, and my yield was still only 23 cookies, not 30. I used all the right ingredients (my flour was unbleached, though). I baked the first dozen for 20 minutes and they didn't look too done, so the next batch baked for 23 and was better. I'll probably make this again soon, and try for 25 minutes. But then again, I live at 6200 feet so maybe that's why. These cookies are pretty mild and light. Maybe a little too floury though. Pretty easy and basic, and I'm sure with some expert tweaking they could be very good, in my opinion.
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Mom's Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Reviewed: Dec. 20, 2009
These are great sandwiches, but I must say that they're not the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had. Still, I made this 8 times over several days, using up almost a whole loaf of sourdough bread. I made it exactly as written; the "outside" step is a little messy, but kind of a neat idea, and works well - the outside becomes golden and slightly cheesy. I'm not sure I'd ever made a grilled cheese sandwich in a skillet before (though I think that's the usual way), but it works well. I enjoyed this recipe and highly recommend it.
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Filet with a Merlot Sauce

Reviewed: May 17, 2005
I'm still a newish cook, and this recipe entailed several firsts for me: the first time I've cooked with either filet mignon or shallots, and the first time I've ever reduced a sauce. With those caveats, I found the results to be a little disappointing, flavor-wise. But I had very high expectations, so this just resulted in this being "pretty good" in my book. The filets with the shallots and garlic were very tasty, but I found my wine sauce to be fairly bland. Step 1 wasn't too clear (to this beginner) about what heat (low, medium, high, boil) to reduce the sauce on. I had it too low, then cranked it up, and it still took me 1.5 hours to get 3 cups of sauce. And I don't think the 2-3 minutes in step 3 was enough to thicken the sauce, either. I may try this recipe again, though - it has a lot of potential, but I've got to get the hang of making sauces like this.
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German French Toast

Reviewed: Dec. 2, 2004
I'm a newish cook, and I think this is the first time I've ever made French Toast of any sort. Plus, I'm not sure if I've ever even had Muenster either. That said, this was pretty easy to make, and tasted pretty good. I only give it 3 stars because it wasn't fantastic, but I still might make it again.
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Homemade Apple Cider

Reviewed: Mar. 22, 2010
This was an exciting new technique and recipe for me. I'm hardly an apple cider aficionado (and had to look up the difference between "juice" and "cider"), but this tasted really good, and the bottle of store-brand cider in my fridge couldn't compare. I followed the recipe exactly as written. It didn't say what kind of apples to use, but I did a tiny bit of research and decided to mix 5 Cameos and 5 Granny Smiths. I also presumed I didn't need to bother removing the stems, cores or seeds; I just quartered the apples and tossed them into my stockpot. This also marked only the second time I'd ever used cheesecloth. I was a bit careful with the two sieving steps, but overall the recipe is quite easy, even though it stretches out over 3 hours, plus more time to chill. I've already told people about how easy and tasty this is, and I plan to make another batch this coming weekend. Thanks for opening up a new dimension for this intermediate cook, and such a delicious taste too!
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Peanut Butter Pie

Reviewed: Aug. 14, 2008
I made this exactly as written, because I was hankering for something dessert-wise to eat. (I ate the whole thing in 3 days.) I thought this was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of things with cream cheese in them, but it's growing on me. I did think that there was too much whipped topping on top of the pie. Maybe 8 oz. in the pie filling, and 4 oz. (half as much) on top would be better. Also, I didn't find the peanut butter flavor very strong, so I'd up the amount of that. But this was indeed pretty easy to make (I've only made a couple of pies of this type.) The miniature peanut butter cups on top were a nice addition, too.
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Potato Soup a la Inge

Reviewed: Dec. 28, 2009
This was a decent tasting soup, but a bit simple, and fairly watery. I used Russet Burbank potatoes, which were barely medium-sized, so if I made this again, I'd use 5 pretty large potatoes to get the proportions more to my liking. I made this exactly as written, although I took the suggestion to add bacon, and put some Oscar Meyer "Real Bacon Recipe Pieces" in the soup. Also, the serving count for me came out to 5 pretty big bowls. Lastly, my palate wasn't sensitive enough to detect the garlic and nutmeg, so I found such small amounts to be superfluous here (although I relished the chance to use my new "dash" and "pinch" measuring spoons!). Overall, this was a decent soup to have on snowy winter days, but nothing outstanding, in my opinion.
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Quick Lemon Dijon Chicken

Reviewed: May 21, 2007
This was a pretty good recipe. I made it exactly as specified, except that I probably used less Dijon mustard than the 4 tbsp. specified. (I wanted to use up a little 2 oz. bottle I got from a hotel, and it measured out to probably less than 3 tbsp.). Also, I cooked the dish for 18 minutes instead of 15, just to make sure the thick pieces of chicken were well-cooked. Even still they stayed juicy, not at all dried-out. I'm not especially a fan of mustard flavors, but the resulting dish was mildly mustardy, and I thought the citrus flavors were mild too (my palate isn't discerning enough to tell the lime from the lemon). I didn't much notice the pepper and Creole-style seasonings when I ate it, so I wish I'd put more in (I usually like strong flavors). I served this on a simple bed of white rice, and it lasted me for about three meals. The flavor didn't wow me all that much, but it was pretty good; and since the dish is so quick and easy to make, I'll give the recipe overall a 4-star rating.
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Peach and Berry Salad

Reviewed: Aug. 28, 2006
Wow. I'm not particularly into peaches - I can take them or leave them, but I do like berries a lot. I'm not all that fond of honey either, and I didn't even know what cardamom was - just a name to me. But put them all together like this, and it was very tasty. It was even better after being in the fridge for a while, when some juice collected at the bottom of the bowl. I should have tried it as suggested ("on pancakes, waffles or French toast"), but I just had it all by itself, a bowl at a time for dessert. I'll recommend this dish to The Woman I Love. Thanks for a nice surprise.
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