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Mushroom and Spinach Ravioli with Chive Butter Sauce

Reviewed: Dec. 25, 2014
The filling is *fantastic*! 5-stars for the filling! But we really didn't care at all for the dough. I used a pasta machine so was able to get it thin, and a small ravioli mold making them about 1-1/2" in size. The pasta was quite rubbery and seams were hard and chewy. None of us liked the texture or taste of the pasta. For our 2nd batch I used my MIL's noodle recipe (can be found on this site, Grandma's Butter Noodles) and they turned out perfectly. The filling and butter noodle recipe were delicious. I'll make many times, I'm sure.
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Chocolate Trifle

Reviewed: Dec. 29, 2013
The "next" generation is responsible for cooking for our large family Christmas get-together, so my daughter chose this recipe. Her only change was using pre-made deli brownies (iced), using "lite" whipped topping (it's actually a bit richer than the regular), and adding about 2 tablespoons of instant coffee granules to the chocolate mixture. It was fantastic! And it feeds a LOT of people! Perfect recipe for beginner cooks and a hit dessert!
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Reuben Casserole

Reviewed: Dec. 29, 2013
This was great for the crockpot family get-together! Everyone loved it. I used a full loaf of 'swirl' rye, 1-1/2 lbs of sliced deli corned beef (cut in strips), 1 quart sauerkraut(drained not rinsed), 16 oz. Thousand Island dressing, and 1 lb. of sliced Swiss Cheese. Spray the crock with cooking spray. I made two layers of each (in the order I've given). I prepared the night before the shindig and refrigerated so I could start cooking it at 8am. In the morning I cooked on high for 1/2-hour then turned to low for 4-hours. It was still warm at our destination 1-1/2 hours later and perfect for serving. A great hit! And soooo easy! A keeper for get-togethers!
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Seasoned Cornish Hens

Reviewed: Jan. 13, 2012
Oops, wasn't paying attention and used Hoisin Sauce-- but it was fantastic! I marinated for about an hour in a big ziplock bag so the color was wonderful before even cooking. Used 4 hens. I added 30 min. to the cooking but ended up cooking 1-1/2 hours at 350°. TIP: if you bake 4 at once, rotate the whole birds half-way through cooking so both sides are exposed to the same amount of heat. Setting side-by-side the 'inside' halves were underdone, outside halves were perfect.
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Grandpa's Classic Coney Sauce

Reviewed: Mar. 20, 2010
This is exactly what I was looking for! I used cider vinegar instead of white, and kept everything else the same-- except cooked it pretty quick and it was still perfect! Reminds me of the coneys I had growing up. So much better than chili-dog sauce (which is about all there is where I live now).
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Ragu® No Boiling Lasagna

Reviewed: Feb. 9, 2010
4-stars *only* because it's a very poorly written recipe. It calls for 12 noodles, but uses only 8 in the instructions; it calls for 2-jars of sauce but uses only part of the second in the instructions. This *is* a very good recipe to use as a base for your own modification, though. Just pay attention to the fact that you'll have leftover ingredients in the end. I used both full jars of sauce, added Italian sausage cooked with 1 small chopped onion, fresh sliced mushrooms, 3-heaping tablespoons dried parsley, 1 teaspoon each of basil & oregano; and 10 noodles in the 9x13 baking dish. The other two noodles I layered in a bread pan with the remaining 2 noodles, sauce, & cheese to send to a neighbor. Excellent base recipe!!
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Santa's Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Reviewed: Jan. 19, 2010
Perfection! They really aren't any more complicated to make than Snickerdoodles-- just 2 extra steps in making an indentation and adding the filling. I rolled them out to 1" balls and used an ice-cream scoop handle to make the indentation, before and after baking. We made a variety for a school party, using white chocolate chips w/candy canes or a single chocolate chip in the center, chocolate chips w/cherries, peanut butter & chocolate chips (swirled w/ a toothpick when melted)-- combinations are endless. They looked wonderful & festive and went fast! These cookies hold their shape very well and are perfect to make ahead and freeze. They don't crumble and aren't overly soft. (Be sure to use butter, not margarine!) The cinnamon isn't overwhelming, just a perfect hint that adds to the interest of the flavors. It could be omitted if ones desires. I'll be making these every year!
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Tuna Bake with Cheese Swirls

Reviewed: Feb. 28, 2009
Very simple and quick to make! This reminds me of school lunch in the '70s-- they would serve it over rice (yummy). I usually use 2 cans of tuna for casseroles, but found that 1 can was the perfect amount for this dish. I'll make half-again as dough the next time. Picky Hubby and youngest loved the recipe, as did my oldest and I. Next time I will add frozen peas while mixing the sauce with the tuna and soup. Thanks for the excellent recipe-- I'm also going to try it with shredded chicken or turkey and add peas and carrots and serve over white rice.
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Great Pumpkin Dessert

Reviewed: Oct. 18, 2007
I DO recommend this recipe, but be advised that it needs to be served the same day as baking. I made 2 pans of this on Thursday afternoon for a school festival Saturday-- of course we had to taste-test them Thursday. The 'bar' was delicious! My only 'nut' eater and I couldn't get enough. The top is reminiscent of the classic 'Dump Cake', a flavor I love. On Thursday the lower layer had a nice firm texture and was easy to cut and serve on a plate. But after refrigeration until Saturday it was quite difficult to lift out of the pan, as the lower layer had become quite soft, as another reviewer stated, almost custard-like. And the top layer had become quite moist without that original crunch. The flavor was still good but it just didn't have that "wow" anymore.
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Breakfast Casserole

Reviewed: Apr. 13, 2007
A long review… This is better than all other recipes for this kind of casserole– and I’ve made many for holiday mornings over the years. My only changes: 1) I didn’t bother cutting off the crust (a waste of time); 2) I used a full pound of name-brand sausage (my family likes it meaty). I always rinse with hot water the cooked, drained sausage (using a colander). This totally gets rid of the excess grease which can ruin these recipes and it doesn’t affect the flavor of the sausage at all; and 3) I sprinkled the pepper on top rather than mix it in to give a better appearance. This recipe was a perfect balance of cubed bread, eggs, (extra) sausage, and cheese. Most others have way too much bread and the texture is gooey—I always had left-overs that went uneaten *until I tried this recipe*! I used an 8x8 class dish and it was done in the exact time specified. (I had to get out the manual for my new oven and adjust it 25° higher! Nothing was getting done.) Thanks for submitting the recipe!
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A Catering Company's Marinade

Reviewed: May 15, 2005
Excellent! My husband doesn't care for pork chops, but these he raved about. I made the recipe as stated with a cheapo full-flavored-canned beer and pre-chopped roasted garlic. I then grilled after marinating just 2 hours. So tasty and tender, they were gone in no time. Young kids really liked, too!
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Cheddar Sausage Frittata

Reviewed: Feb. 25, 2005
It was quite dry and just not what I had expected. Kind of bland. I doubled the recipe to use up farm-fresh eggs. The only variation is that I left out the red pepper to make it kid friendly. But even the kids didn't care for it. Hubby smothered it with salsa and said it was "good enough for seconds". It may be better without whipping the egg whites and adding more cheese.
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Reviewed: Feb. 11, 2005
Terrific recipe! I've made this, or variations thereof, many times since first finding the recipe. It's best with pork chops and egg noodles but I've also used leftover pork loin, chicken breast, bacon; angel hair or any other pasta I've had on hand. Good quick meal-in-a-pot and my young kids love it.
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Lollipop Cookie Valentines

Reviewed: Feb. 11, 2005
Very good! They took a bit of time to make from start to finish but were well worth it. I tasted without the white chocolate coating and thought they were dry; but tasting a dipped and cooled cookie I found them to be perfectly crunchy and delicious. The icing didn't set as expected, but I used powdered egg whites instead of the real thing. A 3" heart is much too big; a smaller, 2" is the perfect size for school parties. Thanks for the recipe! I’ll be making more this weekend!
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Pear Butter

Reviewed: Oct. 25, 2004
This is a long one…The recipe makes a good pear butter but needs some tweaking. 1) I used 6-1/2 lbs. of fairly large pears and came up with exactly 2 qts. of pulp. 2) The cook time is way off--to get it thick enough to consider butter and give it a nice color it has to be cooked for at least 2-3/4 hours. 3) The orange flavor is a bit much. Next time I’ll cut the juice down a bit(not the zest as it looks pretty in the jar). I’ll also put it in the crockpot on low overnight (8 or more hours) next time so I don’t have to hover over the stove stirring for hours on end. A note about checking for doneness: Don’t go by the cooking time, drop a little on a plate and if watery liquid seeps out around the edges it needs to cook longer. Oh, and I got 7 half-pint jars (3-1/2 pints instead of the 2 pints stated).
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Upside Down Supper

Reviewed: Oct. 14, 2004
A good, quick recipe--even the kids liked it (and I've since given it to a few friends who enjoyed it). I did, however, make a change: I used Jiffy cornbread mix over the top to make it a truly easy meal. A keeper for use after a long day!
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Easy Cinnamon Fudge

Reviewed: Oct. 14, 2004
Sinfully delicious! The cinnamon adds a wonderful flavor, and the chopped walnuts made it perfect. I doubled the recipe and used the 8x8 dish to make it thicker; then cut it in 1” squares. In doubling the recipe I used the whole 2# bag of confectioners’ sugar and did not measure. A note about the troubles others may have had: When it says butter don’t use margarine or spread; milk means “vitamin D” milk, not 2% or skim; and *always* sift confectioners’ sugar unless a recipe explicitly states “unsifted”, then resift with the cocoa and cinnamon. Both the confectioners’ sugar and cocoa tend to lump.
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Ox Roast

Reviewed: Oct. 12, 2004
Delicious! I will definatly keep this recipe--husband and young kids loved it and I've passed it along to all of my relatives. My changes: I was out of broth so I used boullion and cut the total liquids to 4 cups as my roast was 5#. I used plain old black pepper; not freshly ground. I didn't baste every 1/2 hour (wasn't home) and found that it didn't need to be basted--just extra work. Put it in there and forget about it. Next time I'll chop the veggies finely in the food processor beforehand so I don't have to smash them or strain them. The sauce is so rich and good. Oven temp at 200°F was a bit low so I upped it to 215°F after 3 hours and watched it closely. I let the internal temp get past 140°F, and at 145°F it was just a little too overdone for me (not red in the middle), but excellent nonetheless. I served this roast after setting for 1 hour (instead of chilled overnight) and placed the leftover portion cut-side up in a bowl so as to retain the juices. This is by far, bar none, the BEST roast beef recipe I've ever tasted!
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Baked Macaroni and Cheese I

Reviewed: Aug. 7, 2002
Very good! One of the best mac & cheese recipes I've used. My additions: 1/2 tsp. dry mustard, 1/4 tsp. pepper, and 1/2 tsp. salt. The mustard adds a bit more flavor. As for a floury taste if you cook the sauce until it is "just boiling" it will alleviate the problem (don't reduce the flour or it will never get thick). Remove from heat and let set for a couple minutes before adding the cheese, this prevents the cheese from melting too hot and getting "grainy". I'll make this over and over. An update of my review: Many reviewers are saying the sauce never ‘gets thick’. It’s *not supposed* to “get thick”. It will be a creamy-textured sauce when mixed with the macaroni. It thickens and absorbs as it bakes in the oven. When making the sauce, use the standard above: Bring it to “just boiling”, period. That is the consistency it is supposed to be! When you take the dish out of the oven it will be perfect! ****Another update**** This recipe just keeps getting “favorite-er and favorite-er”! I’ve had a lot of company this summer and so as to stay out of the kitchen and visit I’m now using the crock-pot. (I triple the recipe and use several kinds of cheese. Omit the bacon for vegetarian guest and it’s still great.) Make the sauce the night before, let cool some, add the cheese, stir & refrigerate. In the morning, cook the noodles, al dente, and mix with the sauce in the crock-pot. Cover and cook on low, about 5 hours, just in time for a late lunch. Stir well before ser
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Tangy Honey Glazed Ham

Reviewed: May 26, 2002
Excellent! My only variation of the recipe was that I spiked the ham with whole cloves and so I left out the ground cloves. From now on I will always use this recipe for my holiday hams.
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