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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Reviewed: Jun. 8, 2006
Just FYI: Chocolate chips come in 11.5 ounce bags now. I used half milk chocolate and half semi-sweet chocolate and I did not use shortening, but butter (a little less than 2 T due to smaller bag of chips). Since chocolate burns easily and then gets hard and globby (even in the microwave), it is good to get the water in the double-boiler actually boiling, melt the butter (or shortening) first, and then add the chocolate so everything is nice and toasty warm for it to gently melt. If you don't have a double-boiler, try using a regular pot, get the water boiling in it, then use a smaller pot to rest in the big one to melt the butter & choc chips. These are really tasty. Thank you!
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Fried Plantains

Reviewed: Oct. 5, 2006
Rather than using all of that oil, I just sauteed my sliced plantains in a few tablespoons of melted butter until they were slightly browned/carmelized on both sides. Worked great. SO good! Love plantains! Thanks, Donna!
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Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker

Reviewed: Nov. 2, 2006
I was told by the grocery store meat dept lady that a pork butt roast IS the same thing as a pork shoulder roast. (The, um-m, "other" would probably be called a rump roast!) :-) So I used a near-6pound pork shoulder blade roast for this (with a bone in it). Rubbed it with the Hawaiian red clay salt and liquid smoke and had it in the crockpot for 12 hours. Started it on high for the first 3 hours, then low for the rest of the time. It was moist, tender, & flavorful. Although the liquid smoke flavor was fairly subtle, I reducing it to 1tsp would be better...just a personal preference. When the roast was done, I drained the juices from it, took off any fat from the meat, and returned meat to the crockpot. I then skimmed the fat from the juices, reserved 1.5c of it, and returned the rest to the meat. I placed the 1.5c juices in a saucepan, got it simmering, and added a mixture of 2T flour/2T water to make a gravy. (Could have stood to be a little thicker, but it was fine.) Poured the gravy over the meat. Served this with Suzy's Mashed Red Potatoes from this site, homemade applesauce, and peas. Thank you for sharing your recipe.
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Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Reviewed: Jun. 7, 2006
My husband & I really liked this simple pasta dish. I was hungry for something with pesto. I made my own for this; my recipe produced about a cup of pesto and I ended up using it all; 1/2c didn't seem like enough. I'm not used to using crushed red pepper flakes so wasn't certain how much to add; did about 1/4 tsp and it was just right; might do slightly more next time. Sprinkled parmesan and toasted pine nuts on top of each serving. YUMMO! Thanks so much, Kristin! (My pesto recipe: 1/2c evoo, 1c fresh basil leaves, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2c toasted pine nuts, 1/2c parmesan; blend all together in blender or food processor.)
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Sourdough Starter

Reviewed: Feb. 26, 2007
This was my first successful sourdough starter! I made this on Friday, kept it in the oven with just the oven light on, and that made a nice warm little womb for this starter! :-) Today, day 5, I used 1.5c to make "San Francisco Sourdough Bread" from this website, and replaced what I took out with 1.5c flour & 1.5c water. The bread turned out great and had a definite sourdough taste, even on the first use, so I can't wait 'til it ages a little more for more of that great flavor. Thank you so much, Esther!
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Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

Reviewed: Nov. 9, 2003
I've made good apple pies for decades. :-) This is an excellent-tasting apple pie and stellar-looking as well. DON'T FORGET TO ADD CINNAMON to the sauce if you prefer your apple pie that way! I didn't realize the recipe didn't call for it until it was nearly done. :-( Also, I've never had success at getting the apples in a pie cooked all of the way through if I use more than 4 apples (I prepared 8 as this recipe calls for and ended up only using 6) and this recipe was no exception. So I placed the pie on a lower oven rack and put the temperature on 250 for an extra 30 minutes or so and that did the trick without overbaking the crust. I used the Basic Flaky Pie Crust recipe from this website and it was excellent.
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Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

Reviewed: Apr. 6, 2006
OMG, this was good! Never used phyllo dough before, so relied heavily on advice from other reviewers & my own preferences: 1) sauteed onion/garlic in 2 T butter/1 T olive oil for more flavor; 2) increased green onions to 2 bunches; 3) doubled the garlic; 4) decreased the spinach (used 1 6-oz bag prewashed baby spinach + about another cup just because that was what I had); 5) decreased parsley to 1/4 cup; 6) added 2 T fresh dill to spinach/onion mixture at the end (didn't cook it; dill too fragile; just let it get warmed by rest of mixture; 7) drained spinach mixture in a fine strainer while I worked on filling & dough; 8) doubled the feta; 9) added fresh ground pepper to the filling 10) brushed phyllo dough with butter rather than olive oil (for flavor & better browning; 11) used 9x13 baking pan; 12) used 8 sheets phyllo on bottom (4 laid out flat; then 4 more overlapping the pan, with HALF of spinach/cheese/egg mixture in those last four, folded over filling, sealing it in; then 4 more phyllo sheets overlapping pan with other HALF of filling, then folding those sheets over the filling, & topping that with 4 more phyllo sheets (butter brushed on each one from bottom to top). This was DELICIOUS; it wasn't soggy & tasted like Greek restaurant food. PS: I also cut it into squares BEFORE baking it! And the 2nd time I made it, I forgot to drain the spinach mixture, and the leftovers were definitely soggy the next day! You're amazing, Silverwolf!
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Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

Reviewed: Jan. 23, 2007
I scaled this recipe in half and went with some of the suggestions of reviewer, Shannon:) (click on "most helpful" and you'll see her review). I've only had tilapia once and wasn't that impressed with that fresh-water, farmed fish, so I went with rockfish (aka: red snapper in warmer waters; rockfish in colder northern waters). I added to the parmesan mixture: some garlic powder, paprika, a touch of cayenne pepper & some panko bread crumbs. This cheese mixture is really what makes the dish; it was excellent and I liked the way the bread crumbs/cheese browned lightly under the broiler. I only had to broil the fish 2 minutes on each side, plus 2 minutes with the cheese mixture. Served with steamed broccoli. Talk about an easy, quick-prep meal! Thanks, Phoebe!
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Lime Chicken Soft Tacos

Reviewed: Jul. 27, 2006
On this one, I tripled the sauce and marinated the chicken in 2/3s of it. Omitted the oregano, and added cilantro (a key ingredient!) at the end of sauteeing the chicken. When I sauteed the chicken (strips not cubed), I dumped the marinade and added the last 1/3 of fresh marinade to the chicken as it was nearly done cooking through, which only took a few minutes, not the 20 mins the recipe calls for! I also added a splash of tequila to the chicken while cooking, per other reviewers; was a nice touch! Used white corn tortillas (personal fave), and served with grated colby/jack cheese, chopped tomatoes, & the guacamole on by Bob Cody, increasing his call for cayenne pepper by at least double. That gave this dish a bite that I think it needed. Would have been too bland for us, otherwise, but it was a nice meal, complete with margaritas!
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Vanilla Ice Cream V

Reviewed: May 24, 2007
I chose to make this recipe my first try at vanilla ice cream due to no cooking required and no raw eggs in it. I used homemade vanilla (from this website), so the ice cream had little specks of vanilla bean in it, and was nice and creamy. The instructions say to mix the ingredients together IN the freezer container of the ice cream maker; don't do that if you have the kind of ice cream maker with the already-frozen canister! Mix them in a bowl and then add to the ice cream maker! Oh, I also scaled it down to 8 servings for my 1.5qt ice cream maker; it didn't make a lot; I think 16 servings would be about right for a full recipe. Thanks for the recipe, Jackie!
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Quinoa and Black Beans

Reviewed: Sep. 15, 2006
I'd never prepared nor eaten quinoa before (pronounced “keen-wa”; I didn't even know that!). ;) It is supposed to be very healthy & a complete protein, so I wanted to try it. This was a spicy hot dish, but not too much for us. I used olive oil instead of veg oil, and chicken broth rather than veg broth. I only used one can of black beans; two would have been too much; I'd prefer that the quinoa stand out more than the beans. We really liked this dish and I will make it again.
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Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs

Reviewed: Sep. 21, 2006
5+++! These kabobs were SO tender & flavorful. I marinated them all day using low-salt soy sauce, canola oil, the honey, black pepper, & fresh minced garlic. Added just a touch of cayenne pepper to the marinade and it was great! Doubled the marinade as I did not want my veggies marinating in the same mixture as the chicken. To grill, on one skewer, used red & orange bell peppers, and a red onion, as that is what I had on hand and these required different cooking times than the meat and other veggies used. On another skewer, did zucchini, grape & cherry tomatoes from our garden. And on another, used pineapple chunks. Thank you, Ann Marie!
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Pizza On The Grill I

Reviewed: Oct. 21, 2006
Oh my goodness, is this ever a fabulous way to make homemade pizza! I'm a novice and this was the best I've ever made. I was scared to try it; what if the dough dropped through the grill, etc etc etc?! But it didn't. Held together beautifully. Just follow the instructions that Doug has laid out, and you'll succeed! I did divide my dough into quarters rather than in half so I could have smaller pizzas with varying toppings. Be sure to wait until the dough "puffs" before turning it over; I made them one at a time and actually turned each one over onto a pizza pan to add my toppings. Be sure to have all of your stuff organized and ready to go! Pizza 1: pesto, mozzarella/fontina/parmesan, fresh tomatoes; Pizza 2: jarred red sauce/Italian seasoned sausage/mushrooms/black olives/mozzarella (I made this one double the size of the other two); Pizza 3: jarred red sauce, carmelized onions, mozzarella/fontina/parmesan. All three were great. I rolled the crust out thin and it was wonderfully done on the top and bottom, and crisp on the outside, chewy inside. For a homemade pizza, it's the next best thing to brick oven pizza. I doubled the dough and froze half. You gotta try this method! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe, Doug!
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Easy Olive Oil, Tomato, and Basil Pasta

Reviewed: Nov. 2, 2006
I've been making this one for quite awhile with two ingredient additions--mozzarella & a dash of cayenne pepper. I keep the rest of the ingredients the same, but I do change the method! In a large bowl, I mix the olive oil with the minced garlic, salt, and a dash of cayenne pepper, and mash them altogether to infuse the OO with flavor. I soak the roma tomatoes (2-3x more than recipe calls for) in the OO mixture since the tomatoes hold more flavor than any other ingredient. I then add cubed mozzarella and the cooked bowtie pasta, mix it altogether, THEN scoop out 1-2cups at a time and saute it in a skillet over high heat until the mozzarella is bubbly and going brown, adding the basil at the end so it doesn't get brittle and overcooked. And I plate it. DELISH! Helped me woo my husband when we were dating; he still remembers this simple dish as one of his faves that I make. ;-) Thanks, CookinGirl!
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San Francisco Sourdough Bread

Reviewed: Feb. 26, 2007
I used the "Sourdough Starter" by Esther Nelson, from this website. I replaced 1-1/4c of the bread flour with 1c of King Arthur Whole Wheat White Flour (for healthier bread), and 1/4c of vital wheat gluten (to help with rising). I used butter rather than margarine. And rather than an egg/water wash, I brushed butter on the loaves after they were done baking, and omitted the onion topping this time. I formed this into two baguettes. They had a distinct sourdough flavor, and a great texture with a good crusty crust and soft inside! Thanks so much, Donna!
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The Ultimate Chili

Reviewed: Sep. 20, 2006
With some additions, this is a nice chili. I HAD to have onion in my chili so sauteed, on the stovetop, 1-1/2 onions (what I had on hand), and added it to the mixture. Also added cayenne pepper, 3 fresh garlic cloves and 1T garlic powder, 1 or 2tsp salt, 2T brown sugar, and a 4oz can of diced green chiles. Went with the advice of another reviewer who wanted to kick it up for spiciness, but her recommendations were WAY too high when she suggested adding 1T cayenne pepper. I used 1tsp and it was way too hot, and we like spicy food. Next time, I'd bring it down to 1/4 to 1/2tsp. I drained my beans, and so did not find the chili was soupy as some experienced, but as a result of the too-spicy effect, I did add 3 extra cans of beans and a medium can of tomato paste to tame it a little. I recommend "squishing" the tomatoes as they don't break down in the crockpot process. I did use black beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans for a little variety and that was a nice touch. The red wine addition added such a nice flavor to the dish. Served with French Baguette from allrecipes and had a lemon sorbet for dessert with a touch of lemoncello to cool off our palates! ;-) Thank you, Wendy!
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Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Reviewed: Feb. 22, 2007
These really are light and melt-in-your-mouth good. I first beat the softened (salted) butter in my electric stand mixer; then beat the dough for the 10 minutes called for. Shortbread is high on my list of fave cookies, so I didn't think I'd want maraschino cherries messing with my shortbread! But it really did add a very nice touch. I used Trader Joe's Maraschino Cherries (no red dye additives and they still taste great). This does not make very many cookies, so if you want a lot, at least double the recipe! I probably got the 3 dozen it says it yields, but they are very small cookies! BTW, there are two recipes for these cookies on this site with one difference: the other one calls for red AND green maraschino cherries! Thanks for the great cookie, Carol!
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Chicken Broth in a Slow Cooker

Reviewed: Jan. 31, 2008
I used chicken thighs only, for deeper flavor. About halfway through, I removed the skin & meat from the bones and returned the bones to the crockpot. After it was done, I placed the broth in the fridge overnight so that the fat could rise to the top, solidify, and I could just lift it off. Worked great. Used some, then jarred up the rest and froze it. Homemade chicken stock is so flavorful, and better yet, I can control the seasonings, especially salt that is so prevalent in the store-bought stuff! Thanks so much, Micki!
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Dandelion Salad

Reviewed: Mar. 21, 2007
I had never eaten dandelion greens before, but on the advice of my brother who is an EXcellent cook, I went for it. I jazzed it up quite a bit because I had heard the greens can taste bitter. So I used grape tomato halves, tossed in some sweet fresh diced mango to complement any bitterness, added some toasted pinenuts, crumbled gorgonzola, & did a simple balsamic/olive oil dressing. It was deLICious! Thanks, John!
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Homemade Vanilla

Reviewed: Dec. 21, 2006
Based on some other reviewers' comments, I split 4 vanilla beans, cut them in 1/2" pieces, and using a well-cleaned out wine bottle for its dark colored glass, placed them in only a half-pint of vodka, and corked it for about 30 days. I shook the bottle up everyday to thoroughly distribute the vanilla seeds, then after 30 days strained it all through a coffee filter, and bottled them! It smells great and is a nice dark brown color. I also did the same thing with a half-pint of rum for a vanilla-rum extract. Wish I would have made more now. With these changes, this is a 5-star recipe and great little Christmas gifts! Thanks, Ginger.
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