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Egg and Cheese Puffs

Reviewed: Dec. 22, 2007
These were great and very easy. I needed to make something for my daughter's school breakfast holiday party. I loved that I could do half of the work the night before. I used chopped ham and 2 8oz bags of finely shredded cheese, half colby/jack and half sharp cheddar. I omitted the chilis since they were for 8-year-olds, but next time I make this for the family, I'll divide the batter and make some w/the chilis, perhaps also sauteed onions. Also would be great with sausage and very well-cooked crumbled bacon. After reading some of the reviews, I invested in 24 silocone baking cups -- not the pans but re-usable liners for muffin pans. These things are amazing! The puffs just popped right out after they'd cooled a bit and absolutely no mess. I can't recommend them enough. Overall, this is a great recipe that can be made kid-friendly, but also adapted in so many ways for more adult tastes.
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Curried Bean Salad

Reviewed: Apr. 11, 2007
This salad is delicious! I always get raves when I bring this salad to potlucks, even from people who aren't crazy about curry. It's a nice change from the usual potato and pasta salads. Only changes I make are sometimes using sweet white onion in place of the green onion and using balsamic vinegar instead of cider. I also usu. use super-sweet frozen corn inst. of canned. The flavor of this salad is outstanding, and healthy, as well!
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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Reviewed: Jan. 6, 2006
Made these for our Thanksgiving family potluck and they were delicious, but did make a few changes, combining them with another roasted brussel sprouts recipe I found in WW magazine. I added a chopped onion, and ended up using more olive oil than called for to prevent them from getting too dry. My other recipe suggested adding some chicken broth to keep them moist, which I'll try next time to keep the oil content down. They took at least the full 45 mins, and I did end up turning the heat down some. It is vital to stir them often, but they roasted nicely on my Pampered Chef stoneware pan -- no sticking at all. The onion was a nice addition as it carmelized along with the brussel sprouts. All in all, turned out great --not pretty, but had a wonderful smoky, mild sweetness, much more mellow than simply steaming or boiling them. They were a big hit, esp. w/my husband. Will definitely make them again.
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Ali's Greek Tortellini Salad

Reviewed: Aug. 7, 2005
Took this to a potluck yesterday and received many compliments. I used 3 small packages of the Barilla dried 3-cheese tortellini (cooked, of course) and chopped my onion fine. Also balsamic and red wine vinegar, and added some zest to the dressing, but omitted the parsley as it seemed a waste to buy a whole bunch of fresh parsley for only a bit needed -- figured w/the spinach and oregano, it would be "green" enough. Loved the very lemony flavor of the dressing. Also added some black olives and some bottled greek dressing just before serving, as it seemed a bit dry, since I used more tortellini than called for. Very good! Will definitely make this salad again.
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Baked Asparagus with Balsamic Butter Sauce

Reviewed: May 23, 2005
We all loved this asparagus. I followed the advice of others and made sure to brown the butter. I goofed and added 1 Tbsp instead of 1 tsp of balsamic vinegar, but didn't notice my error until later, after we'd all devoured the yummy spears and sauce. I also chose to coat the spears w/a bit of olive oil, rather than cooking spray, before baking (line pan w/non-stick foil for easy cleanup).The cooking time/temp was exactly right. Not too done, bright green, non-slimy asparagus. Even my 5-year old daughter, who has never liked asparagus, loved it dipped in the flavorful sauce. This will definitely be our favorite way to cook asparagus.
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Baked Teriyaki Chicken

Reviewed: Jan. 27, 2004
Wow! What a great recipe, and simple, as well. My husband said it tasted like the teriyaki chicken at our favorite Japanese restaurant, and even my kids liked it. I used light soy sauce, and found the saltiness exactly right. I also added about a tsp of sesame oil and a shake of onion powder, plus lots more than one clove of garlic. I used other reviewers suggestion of 1/2 brown & 1/2 white sugar. I didn't bother w/basting, but ladeled 1/2 the sauce over the chicken (turning each thigh to coat well), then added the rest of the sauce at the 30 minute mark. Since I used boneless, skinless thighs, I just cooked for an additional 20 mins -- perfect. My only problem was not enough sauce -- I'll double it next time! Soooo yummy over rice.
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Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic

Reviewed: Jan. 26, 2004
This was an incredible dish! I, too, am tired of cream soup chicken recipes and was looking for a fresher tasting, and less fatty, recipe. I followed the suggestion of some other reviewers to cut down on the vinegar, but later wished I'd used the full 1/4 cup -- I enjoyed the tanginess and thought it could have been a bit more so. Didn't have fresh mushrooms, so used canned, and kept thinking how much better the dish would have been with fresh mushrooms. As others have said, there's not quite enough sauce. I ended up using the whole can of chicken broth at the end when cooking down the sauce, and would have even liked a bit more sauce. The sauce was a wonderful marriage of tangy and savory, and was perfect on the chicken, and on the brown rice I made as a side dish.
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Asparagus with Parmesan Crust

Reviewed: May 29, 2009
Wow! What a delicious and easy way to prepare my favorite veggie, asparagus. We were getting tired of it just steamed. I used thick spears, made sure they were well coated with the oil, and used another reader's tip and cooked for 9 mins w/o the cheese, added about 1/4 c fresh shredded parmesan, then popped back in the oven for another 9 mins. PERFECT! We all loved the lacy, crispy parmesan bits that coated the asparagus and the pan. Didn't remember the balsamic vinegar 'til after we'd devoured the asparagus, but will try it next time. Hint: use the Reynolds No- Stick foil for easy clean up. This is definitely a keeper!
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Cousin David's Slow Cooker Brisket

Reviewed: Jan. 11, 2010
This was really delicious, but, wow, is fresh brisket expensive in my area (Maine). Since my son hates a strong onion flavor, I followed another member's suggestion and mixed my chili sauce w/a package of Knorr brown gravy mix and put sliced onions under the brisket. I cooked for at least 10 hours on low and at that point, the meat isn't really sliceable, so much as "chunkable." We really loved the flavor -- the meat just melted in your mouth, and the chili sauce gravy was just delicious. I will make this again when brisket is on sale.
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Unbelievable Chicken

Reviewed: Jul. 24, 2007
What a great marinade! The whole family loved the chicken we made for dinner tonight. Made only a couple of changes - didn't have the brown mustard, so used yellow, but just 2 tbsp, and was out of lemons, so used just the lime juice. My very picky 10-year-old son said, "whoever made up this recipe rocks!" I Whisked together the marinade and poured over tenders in a gal. zip lock bag this morning, so marinated about 10 hours. Will use exact recipe next time. Used chicken tenders and my husband cooked them slowly on the grill. VERY juicy and full of flavor.Thanks, Ruthie!
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High Temperature Eye-of-Round Roast

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2010
Wow, what a great recipe. And what could be better than delicious, easy and inexpensive? Yes, you do have to take leap of faith with this one, and I'm so glad I did. Since I'm a fan of "two-fer" dinners, I started with a 4 lb eye of round to insure leftovers and made my own rub of olive oil, a bit of gravy browning sauce and a TINY smidge of liquid smoke, sea salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders and paprika. I used my hands and rubbed the mixture in well over the entire roast, then placed it on a Pam-sprayed rack in a baking dish. I cranked up the oven to 500 and left it on a bit per other reviewer suggestions, turned it down to 475, then followed the 7 min/lb rule and turned the oven off. I planned to take it out 3 hours later, but had about a delay, so roast ended up spending about 4 hours after the initial cook time. My oven holds heat well, so roast was still warm. Outside looked dry and the ends, of course were well done (but tasty) when I sliced off a bit to sample. But cutting into it revealed a beautiful pink, juicy center and oh, so delicious. My 10-year had 4 servings and even my picky 12-year old son had seconds. In my opinion, would have been even better if I'd taken it out at the 3-hour mark (I like mine more on the rare side). I served with Horseradish Sauce on this site and the meat just melted in your mouth -- yes, do slice very thinly. The leftovers will make perfect French Dip sandwiches for dinner later this week. BEST roast I've ever made!!!
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Slow Cooker Chicken Stroganoff

Reviewed: Feb. 11, 2006
This turned out to be a great recipe -- whole family enjoyed it. I, like many other reviewers, was a bit skeptical of combining the chicken w/nothing more than 1/8 c margerine and the dry salad dressing mix, but figured there must be a reason or Judi would not have submitted it this way, so I resisted the urge to add the canned soup in the beginning. I did add a splash of red wine that I had on hand, but other than that, there was very little liquid. Also used Good Seasons Mild Italian dressing mix, since my kids don't like highly spiced food. I turned the crockpot on low and cooked for about 7+ hours, and of course the house smelled incredible. The chicken chunks were golden brown and had a roasted taste and appearance, something that wouldn't have occurred had I added the soup at the beginning. I then added a can of reduced fat cream of chick soup and a brick of red. fat cream cheese. Plopped the brick in whole, covered, then stirred after it had softened. Turned out so delicious, and in no way reduced fat tasting! My 6-year old daughter ate so many "appetizer bites" out of the pot, she was full by dinner time! Very creamy and rich tasting, and the dressing mix provides just the right amount of seasoning. We served over noodles -- delicious! Very easy, tasty recipe -- and seems "fancy" enough for company. Putting this in my Favorites folder.
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Ham Cheddar Biscuits

Reviewed: Sep. 12, 2009
I'm eating one of these as I write this review -- 5 stars for ease and 4+ for flavor. I added more cheese (about a cup) and more ham (about a cup finely chopped w/pampered chef chopper)and added about 1 heaping tbsp sour cream in addition to the milk. I also brushed very lighly w/melted butter after they came out, but felt the biscuit mix adds enough fat that I didn't want to add more. They were not dry, but very tasty. Chopping the ham up very fine helps distribute the meat and helps with moisture. The nice thing about these savory little biscuits is how versatile they are. My kids suggested more ham next time, or using crumbled bacon and even chopped pepperoni and different kinds of cheese. Make them extra easy by using a cookie scoop and placing on a pan lined with non-stick foil. Mine were just right at 9 mins. I plan to make another batch to freeze for quick bkfsts or kids' snacks, as others have suggested. Good recipe!
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Basic Ham and Bean Soup

Reviewed: Mar. 9, 2004
Was excited to make this soup to use up some leftover ham, then found out that someone had eaten the ham I'd planned to use! So I made this soup MEATLESS and it turned out soooo good,lower in fat and much healthier! I sauteed the veggies in a bit of olive oil, then dumped in 1 lb of navy beans I'd soaked overnight and most of the next day (drained & rinsed). I added 2 cans of chick. broth, 1 can veg. broth, a cup and a half of water, & about a tsp of garlic powder in lieu of the fresh garlic, and the other seasonings (left out the salt). To give it the smoky flavor I would have gotten from the ham, I added about a tsp. of liquid smoke. Cooked all for about 2 hours and it turned out to be the best bean soup I've ever made!
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Mulligatawny Soup I

Reviewed: Nov. 2, 2008
Last night, I looked at my package of chicken tenders wondering what to do with chicken AGAIN. Then I saw this recipe. Deliciously different and easy to make. I scaled for 8 servings (we like leftovers) and changed very little from the original recipe, exc. for adding garlic and using celery salt since I had no celery. I used my chopper to chop my veggies and apple into very small pieces. The next time I make it, I will not cover my pot -- think it would have condensed and had an even richer flavor if not covered. Since my veggies were cut so small, I didn't simmer quite as long before adding the chicken, apples and rice. Could perhaps use bit more rice, and I added a whole small apple but would have liked more apple for that sweet-savory combo. A bit of ginger would also be great. Added the cream at the end, warmed in the microwave first. The cream added a delicious creaminess, but I agree that eliminating it would still create a delicious and a bit healthier recipe. LOVED this recipe and will make it again soon!
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Famous Butter Chicken

Reviewed: May 19, 2003
Just made this recipe for dinner and it was a hit! I made the preparation easier by crushing the crackers in a gallon-size zip-lock bag and using my rolling pin on them -- my kids had fun helping--then adding spices (garlic and onion powder, a bit of salt and paprika)& shaking. After coating the chicken in the beaten egg, I put a few pieces at a time into the bag "shake 'n bake" style, shaking and pressing the crackers into the chicken, then pressing in more crumbs after I put the chicken in the baking dish. After cutting and adding the butter, on a whim I poured in a bit of white wine I had in the fridge and placed about 6 large cloves of garlic, sliced in half, around the chicken. The chicken smelled sooo good while baking and the garlicky butter sauce was delicous over noodles. I cut my chicken breasts in half, so next time will reduce the cooking time to 30-35 mins. Will definitely made it again, family loved it and is good enough (not to mention easy!) for company.
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Fasoliyyeh Bi Z-Zayt (Syrian Green Beans with Olive Oil)

Reviewed: Jan. 6, 2006
These were the most delicious green beans I've ever had! Took them to our family Thanksgiving potluck in which I was in charge of vegetable side dishes. Made these, and others from Allrecipes: the feta-bacon green beans (not so good) and the roasted brussel sprouts (awesome) The only change I made was to use fresh green beans, about 1 lb, which I partially cooked in the microwave for about 5 mins first w/a bit of water, then I drained and proceeded w/the recipe, just sort of stir frying them w/the oil, garlic and adding the cilantro at the end, after the beans had gotten nice and dark. Not a pretty recipe, but so delicious. Never would have thought of cilantro and green beans together, but was absolutely delicious --I couldn't get enough of them, and they were excellent reheated the next day in the microwave! Will DEFINITELY add these to my veg. side dish favorites. Such simple ingredients and preparation, but a wonderfully complex flavor!
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Black Beans and Pork Chops

Reviewed: Apr. 18, 2010
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this recipe. Very simple, economical, tender and delicious. I've already made this a couple times. I actually followed the recipe closely (which is unlike me), except for sprinkling the chops with a shake of adobo seasoning before browning. Definitely use the BONE-IN chops. I always use boneless and was reluctant, but so glad I used the bone-in. They seem to be so much more flavorful and definitely less expensive. And my daughter (who is usu. pretending she is a of wolf or some type of cat) loved gnawing on the bones! I served with extra chopped cilantro on the side and yellow Goya rice. My husband said the flavor was very Cuban, and the combo of the pork juices, salsa and black beans is unbelievably flavorful. Since I had so much leftover cilantro, I chopped it all up, wrapped it well and froze it for next time. Since you're using the cilantro for cooking, the flavor is the same, even if the appearance isn't. Saved me from buying another bunch of cilantro and throwing most of it out.
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Cannellini Bean Salad

Reviewed: Jun. 14, 2010
LOVED this bean salad. Easy, nutritious and delicious. I substituted finely chopped sweet vidalia for the red onion, added some finely minced fresh garlic and increased the proportions of beans and dressing. The colors are beautiful and the fresh basil is so delicious. I did go the lazy route and used jarred roasted red peppers which I diced, rather than cut in strips. Will definitely make this again!
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Delicious Ham and Potato Soup

Reviewed: Jun. 2, 2003
This is one of the best ham & potato soups I've ever tasted! I'm always looking for ham recipes, as I often buy a half fully cooked ham, cube, and divide up into freezer bags for quick meals. Making the white sauce separately really added the right creaminess to the potato/ham & veggie mixture. I used a can of chicken broth for part of the liquid, as I didn't have any bullion. Also threw in some shredded carrots I had on hand, plus 1/2 cup shredded cheese to the white sauce after it had thickened. Also, (to disguise the carrots), added a sprinkle of cheese to each bowl upon serving. Very creamy and tasty. I'll definitely make again, possibly adding corn next time.
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