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Starting a new phase of my life or growing old is not for sissies... 
Jan. 17, 2012 2:06 pm 
Updated: Feb. 1, 2012 4:48 pm
I've entered a new phase of my life and I'm trying to determine where to go with it.  My children are, as I tell everyone, educated, employed and out of the house.  My eldest has just recently gotten engaged and is most likely getting married this summer and my youngest has recently moved 2000 miles away from home.  I find myself with time on my hands which I'm unsure what to do with.  Life has many opportunities and I'm sure I'll find the right one.  One of my first steps outside my comfort zone is to sign up for the AR Ambassadors program.  As anyone who knows me will attest, I generally do most anything I can to stay out of the limelight.  I like flying under the radar.  I'm not an extrovert by any stretch.  This is a new experience for me and one that hopefully will help me grow as a person.  I am excited about blogging and have been searching for what to start with.  I decided to address one issue that I've dealt with all my life, my name.
My first name is Maridele, pronounced Mary Dell.  I cannot tell you the number of variations I have had from people who see it for the first time and have no idea how to pronounce it (Madelyn is a favorite).  Unfortunately I also have a last name that is hard to pronounce so people cannot even call me Mrs. XXX with any success.  It is a source of consternation for me and one I really would prefer to not deal with.  However, I refuse to allow people to call me Mary because that is not my name, that was my mother and some people have a really irritating way of pronouncing that.
Today I had someone ask my name and as usual I give them a slow clear pronunciation of Maridele because some people immediately hear Mary Bell or some other weird convolution.  And as some do, she asked if my last name is Dell.  I wonder why people do that.  When people named Marianne get asked their name, do they get asked if Anne is their last name?  I don't think so.  I have an acquaintance who's husband calls us the Dell family as a running joke.  I don't think its funny.
My husbands family started calling me Delly or Dellydo which I don't mind but I've never tried using that when I introduce myself.  My name is Maridele.  My mother wanted to name me April but got talked out of it when her mother wanted to use family names and combine Mary and Adele.  Oh how I wish it would have been April.
So here it is my first blog, ever.  I will try to at least address some food topics in the future but there's liable to be some wedding blogs in my near future.  I'm excited to start this new phase of my life.  Thanks AR for this opportunity.

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Jan. 17, 2012 2:16 pm
Nice job. Maybe you could just nickname yourself April to all new strangers :) My grandmother was known by a nickname that had nothing to do with her given name and it's all anyone ever called her.
Jan. 17, 2012 2:19 pm
Thanks linda!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:24 pm
Good to know, Maridele! I've always wondered if the way I said it in my head was right or not. It's very pretty. I'm an introvert, too (believe it or not - LOL!) I hope you enjoy blogging and ambassadoring :)
Jan. 17, 2012 2:28 pm
Maridele is a beautiful name and a beautiful person! Your blog is great! Looking forward to hearing/reading more from you!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:34 pm
Thanks Mominator! I miss your cigar picture!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:37 pm
OK, I am guilty of mentally calling you "Mar e dell" but now I will stop. I am Christine and can count on 1 hand the people who call me by name, most often it is Chris which I don't mind, but I hate Chrissy. Congrats on the blue star and best wishes to the bride! Wedding plans are fun.
Jan. 17, 2012 2:38 pm
It's hard to live with an unusal name. My first name, Sonya (which most on AR know) is not too bad. It's my maiden & married name that kinda' stink but we have no choice but to live with'em. I've been married way too long to get a new last name!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:47 pm
I had wondered how to pronounce your name. Thanks for correcting me! That reminds me of my great grandmother. All I ever knew her by was Nana. I came to realize that was a name some people used instead of Grandma. The time I really felt proud of my great grandmother was when we went to a church function, and her friends were all calling her Nana! They probably had forgotten that she actually had a given name at one point in her life!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:50 pm
Good blog Maridele. I was very careful choosing my children's names as I hated my given name growing up. Guess what? My eldest son doesn't use his proper given name! I am looking forward to your blogs and to working with you on the Ambassador program. :)
Jan. 17, 2012 2:50 pm
Thanks Shearone, Skunkee, BigShotsMom and sueb. BigShotsMom I think we've gotten through the first hurdle with the wedding plans - finding a place which would determine the date. Looks like Aug 11 is it!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:52 pm
Baking Nana I consider it an honor to working with you and all the other Ambassadors. I hope I can live up to the prior reputations from the previous group!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:54 pm
BN I was also very careful in selecting my childrens' names. I gave them simple common names which of course turned out to be the name everyone gave their kids that year. I guess you just can't win in the name game.
Jan. 17, 2012 3:02 pm
Oh Maridele I feel your pain. I have a difficut first name too. Four years ago I had enough and became Allie (nickname) to anyone new and even with some old friends. People still call me all sorts of first names and I cringe a little inside. One thing I will share, I thought taking my DH's last name would make things easy (he has such a simple name, how could it get messed up? ) Well, it happened all the time >>Williams became Wilson, Williamson etc. Eventually I changed back to my complicated last name because I realized that *all* names get screwed up. You are not alone. I hope this helps you. Thanks for sharing. p.s. I too wish my parents named their other choice (fran) but I'm also sure that would get messed up too! -Allie :)
Jan. 17, 2012 3:10 pm
Well, hardly anyone spells my name correctly, and no one could pronounce my maiden name. I was so glad to change my name to a shorter more pronounceable last name, but everyone misspells it. So, I do understand. I've only gotten comfortable with my name in the last few years. I was named for my little Swedish grandmas--Anna and Marie, but it couldn't be Anna Marie because I had a cousin named Anna Kay. Aren't names amazing? For a while I thought of naming a daughter Liesl (Sound of Music days), but then everyone said---Liesl the weasel. My favorite name in the world is Gram!
Jan. 17, 2012 3:11 pm
Thanks Allie. I guess my biggest peeve is that people just don't take the time to listen and understand. But everyone has such busy lives these days.
Jan. 17, 2012 3:12 pm
Marianne I cannot believe that people cannot pronounce your name. That is almost sad. I just think it is funny that people are so quick to go to Madelyn with mine and that isn't even close!
Jan. 17, 2012 3:33 pm
Good job!! I have been "blue" for over a year and still haven't done a blog, so you must be more outgoing than am I!! I think about it all the time, just haven't done it. And, yes, once our children are grown, educated, and out of the house, new horizons can be seen! Both of ours are married, but no grands yet. Maybe I will suck it up and try a blog soon...... congrats on your first!!
Jan. 17, 2012 4:07 pm
Fun blog. I know how you feel about the "name thing." It never fails when I tell people my name is Susie, they no more than turn around and call me "Sue."
Jan. 17, 2012 4:09 pm
hi maridele! i got a simple last name and it always gets mis-pronouced,. it irritates the fool outa me. i've got 2 daughters with family, traditional names, but i call them moose and gater..people always wonder WHY!
Jan. 17, 2012 4:23 pm
Names are *always* first name is endlessly and even my last name (long, Irish, but VERY simple) is mispronounced often. I expect that from my kindergarten students, but not adults. My poor mother's name is Phyllis Yvette...the worst name ever! Her mother called her Yvette (pronounced Eve-ette), but so many people called her Why-vette over the years that now she's simply called Y by practically everyone.
Jan. 17, 2012 5:05 pm
Great blog! Awesome that you're blue and an ambassador...congrats! I didn't understand why my parents gave me and brother strange names while my other siblings are given a name that everyone can pronounce l. I introduce my real name pronouncing the vowels american way (sounds prettier lol) and I get compliments. I also introduce myself using my nick name because it's easier. It depends who or where I am, i.e. like at McDonalds where they say your name when your order is ready to pick up lol. Also, there's a coue of songs of my name.
Jan. 17, 2012 5:22 pm
chris k I have to say that my nerves almost got the best of me before I put the blog on here. I debated whether I sounded too pretentious about the whole name thing. One thing I learned somewhere along the line is when you are writing something down, write as if you are talking to a friend. That is what I tried to do. Susie I'm amazed that you have the same problem with such a simple name as yours. I try very hard to listen when people tell me their name and repeat it as it was stated. I guess that's from years of having to correct people. gderr - I'm glad to hear that even people with simple last names get irritated with it. And I think your nicknames for your daughters are adorable! TwoSweetPickles - yes it is very frustrating when the adults just won't take the time. As I've said how they get Madelyn out of my name is astonishing but that has to be the most common interpretation I get. moaa ~ jada - Thanks! My siblings have common names too but they have monster middle names. I guess I should be grateful to some extent!
Jan. 17, 2012 7:30 pm
I had a little "aha moment" recently when I thought of my grandmother's name, Joy. She had four older brothers, several years older. I would imagine she was my greatgrandparents' joy! I just don't understand why she named HER daughter (my mom) " Henrietta". I always introduce myself and sign my name "Peggy" but there's always someone who calls me "Peg" which I do not care for. Interesting blog, Maridelle. Nice to know you a little better.
Jan. 17, 2012 7:47 pm
Ah, the name game... I think everyone has issues with names. Lora here, which turns into Laura (my grandmother), Laurie, Lori, Laurel, Lorna. And my last name? I always kind of wished for Smith. Hmmm... not even close, maiden or married. I thought giving my son a simple name would make his life less confusing. John turned into Johnny or Jonathan. And my personal nickname for him is Buford, so go figure.
Jan. 17, 2012 9:07 pm
Hi Maridelle, what is it about names? And, why do some of us hate ours? Such an interesting topic. I've grown to like mine (Candice) over the years. It's interesting to me that some folks want to call us by the shortened version of our names; Candice becomes Candy, Kathleen becomes Kathy, Christine becomes Chris, and so on. Conversly, other names get elongated; John becomes Johnny (as Lora mentioned) Ann becomes Annie, Ed becomes Eddy. Maridele is a very nice name. Your name could be Orange ..... that's my husband's given name. He's lived 70 years with it and has been called everything from Duane, Orin, Grange, and George. He likens it to being a "Boy Named Sue."
Jan. 17, 2012 9:09 pm
BTW, I am not kidding you, my DH, Orange went to school with a boy named Green and another one named Red. I swear he did!
Jan. 18, 2012 4:29 am
What drives me crazy with names is being called by your SECOND name! WHY, WHY do parents do this??? Mine did this to me and with all the new "electronic" records, I am constantly being called "Anne" which is my first name. I work in a Dr's office part-time and see the craziest names and spellings - do you know how many versions of Michaela, McKayla, Mikayla, there are??? Newest one seems to be Nevaeh (Heaven, spelled backwards!) These kids will be spelling their names forever! It is nice to be unique but I'd rather be Bernice!
Jan. 18, 2012 5:11 am
Maridele, I can honestly say I've never thought your name was complicated! I've been saying it as Mary Dell in my head all along! People are just really clumsy with names though, some more than others. My dad's own aunt, for my whole life, has called me AlexandER. um, no. not my name. Sometimes in e-mails at work I get addressed as Alexandre, I can see that as more likely, it's only one letter off and if they haven't met me in person, it's easy enough to think I might be an Alexandre. Though I've also been addressed as Andrea in e-mail... not sure about that one, that' way off. Don't even get me started on my last name, lol. I am shopping for a husband with a simple last name so I can change my name and be done with it!
Jan. 18, 2012 5:13 am
Do you know at the college graduations here at UCF they now have a paid specialist to call out the names...they are to write on an index card how it sounds and not how it is spelled. My first name...never a problem...but my maiden last name consist of five letters and yet always pronounced I have such a common last problem...don't ever even have to spell it. I do have to spell my first and they still write it down wrong. By the way I love your name...I think it is very pretty...and nice to know the story behind it. I was supposed to be a boy and someone gave my mother a bottle of Cream of Sherry, she changed the spelling so no one would think she named me after booze...her words.
Jan. 18, 2012 6:04 am
Great first blog!! I was quilty, like BSM, in the prounciation of your name. If I'd heard you say your name I would not have because saying a person's name correctly is a particular pet peeve with me. A thousand times over, I would prefer to be called Cat instead of the first name my sister and mother saddled me with. Either people shorten it which I hate or mispronounce it which is almost worse. Again great blog, look forward to seeing more!
Jan. 18, 2012 6:15 am
Indiana Peggy here's my theory - people with "ordinary" names don't like that multiple people have their name and vow to give their children something unique so they won't be part of a crowd. And those of us with unique names give their kids ordinary names (I'm guilty!). I guess it is just the circle of life. Magnolia Blossom - It is hard to believe that anyone could mess with Lora. I just don't think people take the time to see what is plain as day. Candice - LOL. No offense but yes I'm glad my name's not Orange. Bernice - Yes I've noticed the trend of calling girls Nevaeh. I guess the only consolation is that they won't be alone. Alex - I thought for a moment about calling my oldest daughter Alexandra. My father's name was Alexander. But knowing how it was to deal with a family name, I decided against it. I'll have to ask her sometime what she would have thought of that. Sherri - Thanks. Your story is cute!
Jan. 18, 2012 6:18 am
I couldnt help laughing at Sherri and Alex above.. Its really funny how people mispronounce names.. My name is Zainab and I have got Zeenaab, Sinab?, Zeenub.. All sorts of things.. My hubby has a lovely name But is so sic of people mispronouncing it he ow introduces himself as Nuz. Only half his original name.. I have always been pronouncing you name in my head as Marie-Dell so not too off target I hope.. Now I know how its actually pronounced.. & BTW, I think it's a beautiful name.. And love the story behind it too.. :)
Jan. 18, 2012 6:22 am
Sherri, that's the same reason why my friend's mother named her Brandi and not Brandy!
Jan. 18, 2012 6:36 am
Maridele, I have to chime in to tell you that not only do I like your name but I appreciate that I know how to properly pronounce it as I read it from now on. I have always tried to make sure that I spell people's names correctly as well....My son is Marc with a c....for over 12 years now many close relatives send cards etc...with his name misspelled...using a attention to detail....:) Look forward to your next blog!....Cheers!
Jan. 18, 2012 6:46 am
Cuppycake - thanks for chiming in. I have to agree with your husband but I've never gotten comfortable with any nickname so I guess maybe I cause my own misery :-) Ellie - thanks to you too. My oldest daughter is named Sarah and I'm amazed at how many shorten it to Sara. And yes relatives do it too! As you said, no attention to detail.
Jan. 18, 2012 6:49 am
Oh boy nice first blog Maridele. Aah a pet peeve. Try Taraleean. Shorten it to Tara pronounced like tar. Speak with someone on the phone and say "my name is Tara" and 3 seconds later they respond "How can I help you Terra?" Aaargh! Somehow always liked my name growing up until it became more popular. The son did not like his name for a long time because Kristoph is not Cristopher. Finally told me a few years ago he likes his name now. You want to pick a kid's name that is distinctive slightly but not so odd that they will get teased at school. Oh face it, you get picked on at school no matter what.
Jan. 18, 2012 6:55 am
Forgot the nickname was Tarzee. Still like that one.
Jan. 18, 2012 7:14 am
Maridele - your first blog has been very entertaining. I think you have a beautiful name. I am a Debbie who more often than not on the phone I am called "Betty". I'm not very fond of Betty. The other name option they had for me was Michelle. I'm sure that would have gone many different ways. Congratulations on your first blog. I'm ponding some things for my first one.
Jan. 18, 2012 7:49 am
redly - it sounds like you got a combo family name too. Thanks for your kind words. MN Nice - Thanks for your support. This whole adventure is so outside my comfort zone. It's nice to have friends to go along with. I think I decided to just plow right in for my first blog without giving it too much thought. Good luck!
Jan. 18, 2012 8:13 am
Maridele-I liked your blog. My FIL first name is Pettis and everyone just can't get his name right either. I go by Lela here-instead of my given name-which is too long and everyone also never could remember my name. So Lela is easy to remember so Lela it is.
Jan. 18, 2012 8:54 am
I go by Ruth, Ruthie, Ruthless and Mama Ruth...Nice blog Maridele, keep em comin' :o)
Jan. 18, 2012 9:01 am
My name is Carol Simple enough. So why do people spell it Carole, Caryl, Carroll, etc. It would seem to me that you would chose the most simple spelling first when in doubt rather than adding a bunch of letters and getting creative. Bugs me.
Jan. 18, 2012 10:03 am
Love this blog Mary Dell :) My name is Julie, but I can't count the times I have been called Judy, Joy or Jules. I always long as you don't call me late for dinner. Welcome to the blogs and I so look forward to getting to know you in the Ambassador program. BTW if you see my maiden and married name on the Allstar page you will know why I didn't even tackle that one LOL
Jan. 18, 2012 10:48 am
Great blog Maridele! I feel your frustration since I too have a name that always get pronounced wrong. It's only 4 simple letters-Lana (like lana banana) but I constantly get called Lawna, Laina, Alana, and every variation in between. In fact I have worked at my company for almost 4 years and most people there still say my name wrong even though I have corrected them over and over. Anyway...I think your name is beautiful!
Jan. 18, 2012 10:57 am
Mauigirl,..... That is so funny! I almost posted that very same comment... "I don't care what you call me, just DON'T call me LATE for dinner." My beloved deceased FIL said that all the time.
Jan. 18, 2012 11:45 am
Lela, Eake, covergirl, mauigirl, Rotorwife - thanks all. Eake we miss your frequent posts. But I hope you are doing well.
Jan. 18, 2012 12:43 pm
Like Alex, that's exactly how I thought your name was supposed to be pronounced, lol... I have a strange name too- those who can spell it cannot pronounce it and those who pronounce it cannot spell it: Juliane (like Julianne but old Norwegian spelling) I've heard "Julian" (that's a guy) and "Julaine" and all sorts of variations. The people who get it wrong don't matter that much anyway- my family certainly gets it right and that's what counts. After 6 years my co-workers do too so I guess I'm right blessed... we live in the email age and with name signatures going out with every communication I know that helps ;) We too are staring this new thing called New Life in the Empty Nest. Not sure what I think about it yet. Some days are great and some days I just can't believe both kids are grown and mostly gone. Older one is married and younger one in college in Lynchburg, VA. We are looking for new adventures while trying to hold true to who we are. Who am I now that the child-raising adventure is done? ;) I'm not sure of all the answers but some things will never change- I still hate doing dishes! :) Good luck on your journey and I look forward to hearing more about your AR adventures... from a fellow Virginian :)
Jan. 18, 2012 6:09 pm
Thanks goodfood4ursoul. Just wait until the kid is out of college and you don't have those tuition payments anymore. WooHoo!
Jan. 18, 2012 10:42 pm
I wouldn't worry so much about the name. I've reached an age that no matter where I go or who I encounter... I'm called "sweetie". Do you need help out, Sweetie? How are you, Sweetie? Can I help you with anything, Sweetie? Thank you, Sweetie? ....I like my new name. yours truly, Sweetie
Jan. 19, 2012 1:00 am
I have a weird thing about names and pronouncing them correctly. It's a real hang up for me. When I meet my patients, I say their name [which I have practiced over and over in my head - if it's an uncommon one] - then I ask if I was correct [or even close]. I am, maybe 9 out of 10 times. I have always said your name [in my head] correctly. It looks just like what it is - to me. [I think we've had this conversation before, haven't we?] Your name reminds me of my Granny, my dad's stepmother - Mardelle. Loved her and miss her! I wear her wedding ring. [It's my symbol of hope - it was a second marriage that lasted 28 years before Papa passed away!] My last name is difficult for people to figure out. I have heard every variation possible. They always add letters or transpose letters. I tell people it sounds just like it looks . . . if you're Italian (= [I am not - ex is 1/4] [I caught up with a friend from high school on the internet. She said she loved my new last name - but she has it misspelled - adding a letter, and an entire syllable!] My daughter's (nick)name is "Cady." [pronounced KayDee] Several of her friends in high school took to calling her "Caddy" - like Cadillac or golf caddy. Made. Me. Nuts! I hated it! NOT what I named her! And don't they know how to spell?!?!
Jan. 19, 2012 1:03 am
Boy! Was that long-winded. Sorry (= And, Bartmas, I am the worst offender of that! Sweetie, Sweetheart, Darling, Honey . . . I try hard to call my patients by their names - but I slip in and out of it while I am asking history and explaining their exams. [Babies are Sweet Cheeks, Sweet Knees, Sweet Pea, etc (=]
Jan. 19, 2012 1:13 am
Btw, I will answer to anything - as long as it's not rude or mean - and I know that you are talking to me. I like nicknames - to me they imply a special relationship. But, man! if someone I don't care for calls me by a nickname - yuck! It just grates! There is one name I will not tolerate. If you call me that, I will assume you don't ever want to communicate with me ever again! [It is a word that I cannot bring myself to say out loud - and I have a sailor's potty mouth! - and cannot type here, or I will be ejected from the site forever!]
Jan. 19, 2012 7:37 am
Barb, re: Cady/Caddy - from the movie Mean Girls! Lindsay Lohan's character was named Cady, pronounced like your daughter's name, but people kept mispronouncing it as Caddy. Maybe that's why your daughters' friends called her that?
Jan. 19, 2012 7:42 am
oh yeah I wanted to add there is one variation of my name I don't mind even from family members. I don't like being called Alexander/Alexandre but my grandparents are Italian and have always called me Alessandra and I don't mind one bit. Most of the older extended Italian family (e.g. my mom's aunts and uncles) calls me that as well because many of them struggle with English and Alexandra with an X doesn't exist in Italian, there's no X in Italian language at all. Sometimes when my grandparents write my name though it comes out 'Alexsandra' and that kind of amuses me, lol
Jan. 19, 2012 9:22 am
My adoptied last name is you know I know just how you feel. Mrs. Dell, Mrs. Bill, Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Ball, etc...Dell being the most used. I say no it's Bell. B E L L oh Mrs. Dill! NO B E L L like ding dong..and after about 8 rounds of this they say well you don't have to be so grumpy about it! Thank God my married name changed that! But your name is pretty and I was able to pronounce it just fine before the blog! I don't see why either name is so hard! lol
Jan. 19, 2012 9:45 am
I think all of us have "misheard" a name over the phone. And there's no way to know how to spell a name without the person telling us. Too many variations exist. We need to look at our own behavior around names, to be more tolerant of others. It's usually not done intentionally to upset us; it's just the nature of names and words. My last name is Murphey, and I wonder how many of you would spell it correctly? I expect it to be misspelled because it's out of the ordinary, so when it's important, I spell it out. Other times I just let it go. Look forward to other topics.
Jan. 19, 2012 11:05 am
Very good blog! My last name is Widder, and no one seems to be able to get that right. Sometimes people end up calling me "Mrs. Wider", which of course makes me feel self-conscious about my weight (as in "wide load" - LOL). Funny how simple grammar rules like "double consonants following a vowel make it short" don't seem to help either, as most names don't go along with the usual rules. The manager at my bank is Karrel, pronouced like "Carol". Glad I found out before I had to address her - or I would have called her "Carl". I'm just glad I'm not in the same boat as my sister, who married a guy with a long unpronounceable Dutch name. Thanks for the pronunciation tip on your name; now when I see it, there won't be any question in my mind (I did pronounce it right, but with a question-mark whenever I said it). Looking forward to reading your future blogs.
Jan. 19, 2012 12:40 pm
My first name is DOUG - do you know how often I see it spelled DOUGH ? Welcome to the blogs.
Jan. 19, 2012 12:54 pm
You must meet a lot of hungry people Doug! How funny! I didn't recognize you, btw. I was trying to figure out why your name was familiar (= You're not incognito anymore (=
Jan. 19, 2012 12:59 pm
I don't know, Alex, but it seriously bugged the HECK out of me! (My son is William. His "given" nickname is Liam. [We gave all the kids proper names, and had nicknames picked out before they were born - their nicknames were on their birth announcements, in quotes, above their given names.] - when he entered high school, the kids started calling him "Will." That irks, too - but not quite as much (= My other daughter is Meg - short for Margaret. People like to call Megan. Bugs me. She says it doesn't bother her - if someone calls her that, it's someone who doesn't know her . . .
Jan. 19, 2012 1:14 pm
Not a huge deal - but no one knows how to spell "Barbara" anymore - Barbra Streisand ruined it for the rest of us when she changed the spelling of her name!
Jan. 19, 2012 1:35 pm
Well hello Maridele ~ welcome to the world of blogging. Please try to ignore other people's ignorance. My name is Lindsey, nothing unusual about that but you would not believe the amount of people who insist on calling me Linz or Lynn. I always correct them, my name is Lindsey, don't see why I should settle for anything else just for their convenience. Looking forward to more blogs!
Jan. 19, 2012 2:39 pm
Oh it does bother me a bit when people get the wrong long form of a name (like assuming Meg is short for Megan). TWO friends of mine in university did it to their own name. One used to call herself on instant messenger/facebook/whatever 'Katelynn', her proper given name on her birth certificate is Kati. Another girl was usually called Beth, proper name Elizabeth, but suddenly she started labelling herself as Bethany. What the heck? I mean I never said anything, it's their own names, just kind of weird to me to make up a new *long form* that's a totally different name. Weirder than creating a new short form anyway.
Jan. 19, 2012 2:43 pm
LOL, girl, you need to choose your battles at a higher level. But, one real cool solution is to design an absolutely beautiful, artistic, calling card with your name (including how to pronounce it)and contact info to give to all old/new acquaintances. Think this is a very classy solution myself. So, what is your next choice of 'battles'?
Jan. 20, 2012 12:01 am
You darling lady: Virginia is right on. I'll trade you my problems. Summary: unfaithful husband moves out and in w/a young woman who has left her husband and young son. I'm bipolar and this whole thing has made me ill. You have a beautiful name. When I meet someone with a name I'm not familiar with, I say 'what a beautiful name, how do you spell it?' Good luck on your exciting journey. Now is the time to do what you want. Hubby may be gone and I'm angry as heck, but I must say, I enjoy having a bed all to myself and being able to come and go as I please. I even eat chocolates, something he frowned on.
Jan. 20, 2012 1:23 am
Unfortunatly those adverts keep popping up under different user names (I have had to ban 5 in my last blog alone), so annoying!
Jan. 20, 2012 2:09 pm
Welcome to blogging! My mom cursed me with the spelling of SHANON~~~Not 2 'Ns' in the middle. It is either spelled wrong or I am called Sharon. I have learned to laugh and live with it! It got worse when I got married and lost a very EASY last name to one that no one can spell or pronounce! Again, just laughing and living with it!
Jan. 20, 2012 3:43 pm
I love the name Maridele. never heard it before.
Jan. 21, 2012 7:04 am
Love your name Maridele! I have a very easy name to pronounce but it can be spelled so many different ways. In high school there were 3 of us with the same name sitting all together in science class, we all spelled our name differently. I am sure we drove the teacher nuts. My married last name can be spelled two different ways so when I need to make sure my name is spelled correctly I have to spell my entire name! On another note, my neice is Caroline (pronounced Carol Line). On the day she was born in another state I was at dinner with my in-laws and told them her name. They said oh Carolyn (Carol Lynn) is a wonderful name. I corrected them. And I have corrected them both for nearly 21 years! They have never ever pronounced her name correctly and it really bugs me! Great blog!
Jan. 21, 2012 11:35 am
Wow, we are suffering the same misery. My name is Nanette..."Oh nice to meet you Annette", "No, NANette", "sorry, Manette", "No No No Nanette", "Oh, I get it we'll just call you Nan, or better yet, No, No...hahah"...No No, not funny after 50 years. I feel your pain. Maridele!
Jan. 21, 2012 11:52 am
Actually, when I am with my parents my first name becomes my sister's name. They always say her name then mine! lol
Jan. 21, 2012 6:14 pm
Like your name, it's different but very melodious. My pet peeve is when people insist my name must be a nickname! What' your REAL name? Grrr...
Jan. 21, 2012 8:25 pm
Maridele, my name is Barbel, People in America pronounce it "Barbelle", nice yes? It took me a while to find out what a barbelle is, when I joined a Gym. I was horrified and go by Barbara now. I envy you for having too much time on your hands. My problem is the opposite one, I have never enough hours in the day, although my children have long gone. I just have too many interests to ever not know how to occupy my day. It is never long enough-helas. Good luck with your new endeavor!!
Jan. 22, 2012 4:17 am
I so understand the name thing, very irritating, my name is Tamara not Tamera Tmera or any other pronounciation Ta ma ra, but since living in this country for 21 years I have just taken the name Tami and been donw with it!
Jan. 23, 2012 2:09 pm
Very well written blog, I can feel your frustration! I have always thought your name was a beautiful one!
Jan. 23, 2012 6:15 pm
I love your blog! And our family can totally relate to it. My dtr, now 23 wrote her college essay on the frustrations she had with people mispronouncing her name(Kirstie)and she got accepted to all the schools she applied to :)
Jan. 23, 2012 7:00 pm
Cute name and fun blog! Welcome to the Allstars, too! People always give me nicknames, Missy or Mel. It's like, who are you to just give me a nickname? On the phone I am often called Martha. Um, OK? Not sure how you get Martha out of Melissa but whatever! My nickname is Lissa (because my best friend when I was young was also a Melissa), but I always get called Lisa. My maiden name is a nice Italian one that was mispronounced/misspelled ALLLLLL the time, often people pronounced it Laguardia, like the airport! That was a bit of a stretch but I didn't blame them for the mispronunciation. Look forward to more from you in the future!
Jan. 23, 2012 7:07 pm
Well, I'm happy to say, I've been pronouncing it correctly! Yay me! I also have a name frustration. I know I speak clearly, but when people ask my name and I say "Pam", I often get "Kim" instead. I don't really think the two sound alike. I've had to resort to saying, "Pamela, but just call me Pam." Then I had a woman calling me "Pam-You-Lah" instead. Sigh. But knowing my parents chose Pamela over Penelope, I'll stick with Pam. I prefer the short version, because the long version doesn't sound right with my last (married) name. I do get irritated, however, when people call me Pammy. I can't stand that, but people still persist. I didn't even go by Pammy when I was a pigtailed 5 year-old. Oh well. You and I can both keep pronouncing our names so that people can continue to screw them up. :) Great blog, BTW.
Jan. 23, 2012 8:00 pm
Hehe, I can totally relate to Shanon. My sister is 16 years older than me and my Mom would still call us by the other's name.
Jan. 24, 2012 3:35 am
Hi, A bit belatedly to the fore. I have to be honest and not really having a clue, I took the spanish way of pronouncing every letter. i.e. Mari daylay. Me, I'm just william, bill, billy, willie, will, wullie, wull depending on accent. cheers.
Jan. 24, 2012 3:42 am
Hi, oops forgot. Sorry about the pronounciation. I like the Mary Dell. cheers.
Jan. 24, 2012 5:25 am
Great blog, and I love your name, and am happy I have been "saying" it right! My name is Rachel, so the worst I get is either having it spelled Rachael or being pronounced "Rachelle" which I never have understood. My last name is constantly botched, or people ask how to spell it, which is mind boggling- it is a very common word. Not just a common last name, but a common word most kids can spell by the first grade! Strange! I am guilty of naming my DD a relatively common name, but spelling it differently, so I am used to even family members getting it wrong. My grandfather's given name, on his birth certificate, was Dickie. How's that for a name?! And my great uncle's parents had so many kids, they just didn't care to think of a name for the youngest, so they named him "Brother" and said he could pick his own name when he got older lol! Which he did, but I can't recall what- Bob or Joe or something. Anyways, keep the blogs coming- this one was fun :)
Jan. 24, 2012 10:16 am
I'm new to blogging and loved reading yours. I have three children who are well educated and well out of the house too! It's a tough couple of years to adjust to...that's about how long it's been for me to feel better about the whole thing. I'm interested in learning more about the AR Ambassador program. How did you get into it? Thanks and have good day to you! :)
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