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Baked Custard

Reviewed: Mar. 19, 2004
I have this down in my family's faves; simply luscious. Don't skimp on the sugar and salt as it detracts the egginess quite well, and add more of the vanilla, which complements it too. Sometimes I use soft brown sugar, which gives the custard a delicate caramel taste. Don't beat but stir carefully, when mixing, to avoid bubbles appearing on the surface. Depending on the size of your dish(es) and temperature of your oven, the timing is best looked at from 25 minutes onwards. Hope this helps; give it a try, do. Delectable.
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Banana Cake VI

Reviewed: Dec. 29, 2003
A WOW!!! cake - brilliantly easy and simply scrumptious! At this time of posting, it is hardpressed to keep the remaining half for dear hubby when he gets home later, lol; the children - who vehemently declared not liking banana cake, groaned and moaned their pleasure and this will now be THE banana cake recipe with us. The changes after reading all the reviews (thank you to all) are: decreased the sugar to 1 cup using (packed) brown sugar, increased bananas to 1 3/4 cups, used self-raising flour with 1 teaspoon baking powder, omitted the salt, doubled the vanilla and baked it for 40 minutes at 325 degrees. Tried freezing but 10 minutes only just to cool it down quick smart; the cake is moist even without freezing it for the stated time ... I have the proof ;) so to 'speak', lol. And I sprinkled a bit of chocolate rice on one side, left the middle plain and chopped pecans on the last 'division' ... and served the cake with homemade caramel sauce. With the decreased amount of sugar, this is just right. We loved the plain or with pecans, but not chocolate rice, maybe either some cocoa powder or melted chocolate would be better. Kept the cream cheese frosting for my carrot cake. Thanks to both Cindy and her friend who shared the recipe with us here. Good one.
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Carnation® Raisin Bread Pudding

Reviewed: Jan. 6, 2004
Only thing I did different was to let the prepared pudding (bread slices buttered both sides lavishly and 'cubed' before mixing) sit for a few hours in the fridge before I baked it, and also replaced the raisins with chopped pecans. I did 1 1/2 batches and baked in a (non-stick sprayed) 9 x 13 inch glass casserole. From the nestle site, where I first found this recipe, to serve with caramel sauce was optional; so I tried it with caramel (I loved it) and custard sauces (family's request), both homemade. Very much a comfort food, anytime, anyday. This recipe is eons ahead than the more popular bread pudding II (Ellen's) also from this site. Excellent recipe, not eggy and not mushy; and the smells when baking - buttery, creamy ... mmm .. anyone entering the house instantly felt hungry, lol. Good one.
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Fig and Date Bread

Reviewed: Feb. 26, 2005
Love dates; and don't mind (dried) figs, read all the helpful reviews, did a double batch and baked in 9"square pan. Did as recipe except I used pecans and soft brown sugar. Gorgeous bread, wonderful fruity sweetness (glad of little sugar usage). Good warm but better after total cool down, love it plain, or with butter or whipped cream/cream cheese. Better use finer chopped/sliced fruits & nuts, makes for neater cutting, else they tend to crumble. If prefer chunky or chewy dried dates then I'd boil them for 10-15 min to soften. Adaptable recipe, sub all dates or all figs or raisins or mixed, very good. Thanks much Corwynn.
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Braised Lamb Shank with Vegetables

Reviewed: Mar. 8, 2004
This is something very much like what I've had, can be a bit like scotch broth if omit some of the ingredients around too. This is simply easy and tasty, though I do saute the onions first; do add lots of freshly ground black/other pepper whilst cooking - adds body, thus it won't be bland. Love it just this way (with the black pepper) with bread to soak it the gravy, or one can alway play around with such a good base recipe like this to suit personal preferences.
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Sponge Cake Tiramisu

Reviewed: Feb. 24, 2004
The simplicity of this recipe encouraged me to try it and wow .. so rich and creamy; it made a lot too. Used 1 mascarpone cheese, and 1 cream cheese. Increased (granulated) sugar to 3/4 cup. I baked and used Creamy White Layers (this site) instead of bought cake ...mmm. Increased instant coffee granules instead of liqueur - delicately scrumptious. I like this eggless tiramisu very much. Thanks Suzanne.
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Tasty Buns

Reviewed: Feb. 16, 2004
Produces lots (16 med-sized) of delicious soft buns easily in a short time (~ 1 hr), which satisfied my in-house critics (5 of them) from ages 39 to 10. I love making bread from scratch, and this is the first yeast bread I've tried, that didn't need kneading, WOW. Apprehensive but did as per recipe, used all milk (as per reviews, thank you. Will try with melted butter next time, instead of oil. Thank you Charlene - excellent recipe. 5/3/04: Tried with butter and 1/2 cup wholemeal flour - still good but firmer, husband ok with it, but I think I prefer it like the original with all milk, as do the children. Updated - 24/11/07: Have made sticky pecan caramel rolls and many variations of dried fruit and nuts and/or chocolate buns with this recipe - always a winner. Fave combos: crystallised ginger, pineapple, apricots, almonds/pecans - all chopped coarsely, + mini choc and white choc chips. Or, dried cranberries, orange rind, almonds or pecans and mini white chocolate chips. One of the best recipe finds here.
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Urban Legend Cookies II

Reviewed: Mar. 17, 2004
Mrs Field's, Neiman Marcus', Urban Legend .. these cookies taste very good for a hoax recipe. First got it but unnamed, from a local aussie paper more than 10 years ago, then discovered it's got a name (1st or 2nd name above) last 4 years or so via the Net. Recently here (malaysia), it's making its rounds again but under yet another name - Famous Amos, lol. No matter what name it goes around with, this chocolate oatmeal chip cookie deserves a try; so go on, you might just come to love it, especially if you love oats, with nuts and chocolate. This makes a lot; I make them smaller and halve the recipe sometimes too. Thanks for sharing it here Holly, I now know the calories and fat content of these cookies.
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Blue Ribbon White Bread

Reviewed: Jan. 13, 2004
Made this yesterday except I reduced the salt by 1/2 tsp and doubled the yeast (both recommended tips here, thank you). Don't like shortening, used melted butter. 1/2 dough as is; the other I spread cinnamon and butter (forgot the sugar part, yikes) before rolling up tight and into the pan. Family loved both and had them straight from the oven with butter, and camembert. Made cheese toasts (plain loaf,thickly sliced) served with corned beef hash for breakfast ... mmm. Quite dense if not for the increased yeast, but that's ok too, if you like dense bread. Good basic bread, with lots of possibilities. Thanks Kristin.
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Butterscotch Brownies II

Reviewed: Jan. 7, 2004
Surprised I found this here, first was in early 90's from some cookbook; and since then a firm favourite with everyone who'd tried it. The other surprise was I never knew about the frosting part, lol. Nevertheless, the brownies have been good unfrosted, and warm from oven. I reduced the sugar by 1/2 cup. I've used pecans at times, and added some mini choc chips to the batter other times too. Yum.
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Cream Puff Shells

Reviewed: Jan. 19, 2004
This is the closest to a recipe I've been using; butter though, instead of shortening, and 1tsp. sugar (included when boiling with water etc). Usually the larger puff shells tend to have a bit of uncooked dough, like LouLou's trick, just scoop them out. I usually make mine either tiny or medium sized ones. With these sizes, I do a tiny hole (with a skewer) underneath them and pipe whipped cream (plain or flavoured - chocolate/coffee/butterscotch) with the small nozzle tip - a source of fascination with children, who can't figure out how the cream got in the puffy shells, lol. Made a croquembouche (cream puff pyramid) 2x too; once with chocolate sauce .. and once with toffee/caramel (love it), and spun sugar decorating it (Use two forks held side by side, and dip the ends into caramel. Hold the forks from a height, and wave the caramel back and forth over the croquembouche, allowing the strands to fall in long, thin threads around it. Wrap any stray strands up and around the croquembouche. Slightly messy work but fun). Serve them plain with powdered sugar sprinkled on them, or make eclairs with this dough. Tres magnifique! Endless possibilities from this simply pastry dough. Thanks for sharing your whipped cream cream cheese filling Hartini, sounds delectable and 'firmer' than plain whipped cream, will try it next time. Good one.
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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Reviewed: Aug. 26, 2006
Should have halved it as this recipe made a lot - 2 huge casseroles. I love this kind of dish and, keeping in mind it's the 'drier' version i doubled the cheese & the evap milk but it was still a little dry so in the end, I made tuna gravy/sauce (Melted 8tbsps butter and sauteed 1 finely chopped onion in it & added 4 cans of flaked tuna, season w salt & quite a bit of freshly ground black pepper & cooked til all sauteed fragrantly; added 12tbsps plain flour and 2litres milk and some shredded cheese; cooked until all thickened nicely) and then mixed it up w the pasta. Gave this a try but I think I prefer the creamy sort.
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Easy Granola Bars

Reviewed: Sep. 5, 2005
When my chldrn dcide 2 try granola/energy bars, chose this 1 & we r very satisfied - simple, quick,& as the author said, many variations - like white choc chips & no fruit, tho I will add them next time . Yummy bars; realised 4got d butter only after d fact, lol. That wld decrease d fat, no? ***** Aliceyn. Very useful tips everyone, thanks. Oh a tiny pinch of salt & spice(s) made the bars tastier, mmm.
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Libby's® Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

Reviewed: Apr. 14, 2005
I agree with most of the reviews and suggestions - moist, yummy, fragrant; doubled batch and baked in 9"x13" pan. Sub cranberries with chopped pecans. Next time will try in muffin and loaf (medium and mini)sizes, add finely grated orange rind, increase juice decrease oil. Used brown sugar and reduced the amount by 1/2c per mix. Family wants cream cheese frosting (cream cheese whipped with enough maple syrup not to make it runny, 2/3 tbsps of icing sugar - just enough sweetness) with it too.
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Focaccia Bread

Reviewed: Mar. 29, 2004
Thanks to all the reviews, here's what I got as my focaccia. Added fresh pounded garlic, no thyme but rosemary and upped the rest of herbs and spices, also sprinkles of hot chilli powder, together with a handful each of fresh grated parmesan and 3 cheese mix - all into the dough. Used olive oil in dough too. First rise 30 minutes, punch down and spread dough in 15x10 pan, rest another 10 minutes, then finger poked holes and brush olive oil and spread some coarse salt and a bit more rosemary on top. Easy, moist, crusty, yet slightly chewy cheesy tasty saltish bread; hubby gonna dunk in olive oil and also have it with creamy mushroom soup. Such a good recipe with loads of possibilities. Thanks much Terri, good one.
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Creamy Rice Pudding

Reviewed: Mar. 18, 2004
Oh, this is wonderful, had it for dinner - creamy, filling and comforting. Like the Kesari Pudding which I adore (using semolina) and similar to farina pudding, I did this the same way. I doubled the batch; melted the butter in the pot and adding about 1/3 cup chopped pecans (no raisins at hand) until fragrant and then covering the rice with it b4 doing the rest as per recipe. I used evaporated milk (not condensed), jasmine rice, dashes of nutmeg and cinnamon and also brown sugar; such a comfort food. Thanks very much Erica. Luscious. Oh, and the reviews helped much too, thanks all.
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Brown Sugar Sauce

Reviewed: Feb. 29, 2004
Omitted brandy; with the presence of flour, it is like a butterscotch pudding. Added a bit more cream or milk to serve as sauce. Will use my own caramel sauce, but it's good pudding, *wink*. Thanks anyway.
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Fabulous French Loaves

Reviewed: Jan. 27, 2004
Even better than Blue Ribbon White Bread (this site) and I like that one, nevertheless a good variety. Kneaded as usual (no spoon). First time I tried this, it was quite dense and slightly salty and didn't like the egg white wash, so this time around I added an extra pack of yeast and reduced salt to 3/4 tbls, didn't bother with the 'wash' and seeds; used soft brown sugar instead, and buttered the tops of the loaves hot out of the oven. I used instant yeast which you add straight to the flour; the 2 cups water has the same warmth as the 1/2 cup. Ended up with 2 scrumptious, butter softened yet crusty loaves with a tender and less dense but still a heft to them; good bread. Thanks to all, for sharing useful tips. 12/2/04: Changing from 4 to 5 stars. Successfully baked wholemeal loaves too, using half plain and half wholemeal flours. Excellent.
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Restaurant-Style Hashbrown Casserole

Reviewed: Jan. 23, 2004
Something similar to what my family's fave is; and we use almost thawed hash browns - broken up, and chicken mushroom soup . But this recipe here is a wee bit salty and greasy, so no butter but 1 cup sour cream. No salt, as we use up to 3 cups cheese. 1/4 cup onions. And never forget the crushed cornflakes topping mixed with a bit of melted butter, (like maggie macguire's and mrs mc's), adds a lovely crunch to it, mmmmm. Has possibilities. NOT for the diet conscious.
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Sarah's Applesauce

Reviewed: Sep. 14, 2006
I wanted to try this but didn't have all the ingredients; so I went ahead using 3 fragrant pears and 1 apple, which was all I had in the fridge and they were quite overripe too; so I reduced the water a bit due to the juiciness of the fruits. Also instead of sugar I substituted with maple syrup (grade B). I cooked this for about 30 – 35 minutes and it maintained being 'applesauce' but thicker, not so liquid-y; I think I made it sort of between applesauce & apple butter. I adore this, yummy. I used this making my reduced-fat cornbread. Thanks phatcat.
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