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Celebrating Eating Healthy - Week 4 
May 31, 2012 12:29 pm 
Updated: Jun. 7, 2012 8:35 pm

(I am journaling my weight loss efforts in hopes that you and I both might benefit. Me from being accountable and you from recipes and tips I write about. I am using the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program and usually calculate points using the nutrition guide underneath the recipe. I invite anyone who wants to eat healthier along on this journey.)

One particular night's meal this last week was an easy one. I cooked a Hormel Bourbon Maple flavored Pork Center Cut Loin Filet (4 oz. = 3 PointsPlus), frozen Kroger brand Key Largo Blend Vegetables (1 c. = 1 PointPlus) seasoned with Vegetable Seasoning Mix, and Acorn Squash (1.5 PointsPlus). I filled each cavity of the split acorn squash with 1.5 tsp. each of Brummel and Brown and Splenda Brown Sugar Blend. A delicious meal!

Obviously, I had left-overs of the pork loin, so another night I decided to have sliced pork loin sandwiches with a little BBQ sauce on them. I also had bought a huge sweet potato and found a recipe for Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips (4 PP). Be sure to read my review for the complete story, but let it be known I messed up 7 pans fixing ONE potato for two people. Ha! No way I could fix this for a group even though the slicing was easy because I used my mandoline. My husband and I both enjoyed these and I would definitely fix them again.

I love trying out new smoothie recipes. Lela sent me a suggestion of one of her personal recipes, Orange Creme Pie Smoothie. I looked and looked for the WalMart brand Orange Creme Pie Yogurt, but couldn't find it. So I settled on Peach flavor. It was so good! I can't imagine the orange creme being better, but I do hope to find it so I can try it and see. It was 4.5 PP and made a filling breakfast, but it would especially make a great dessert some night when my sweet tooth won't quit nagging me!

I bought a watermelon, but when I cut it, it really wasn't sweet enough for eating, so I looked up some beverage recipes, hoping to find some way I could salvage it. I ended up making Cool Watermelon Slushes.  I used Splenda instead of honey, making it 0 PP for a cool, refreshing drink out of something that otherwise was destined for the garbage. You have to admit, it does look pretty.

Another meal I fixed this week was Root Beer Pork Chops (7 PP), Sarah's Applesauce (0 PP), and Corn on the Cob (2 PP). I pulled both the corn and the applesauce from my freezer, having put it up last year. I had made the applesauce with Splenda. I love homemade applesauce!

I did not follow the recipe exactly for the pork chops, so I am quite certain they would have been much better had I done that. I used diet root beer, Splenda brown sugar, and thin pork chops...plus I broiled the chops instead of grilling them.  The chops weren't that flavorful, but my oh my, the reduction sauce was wonderful. I used it like a French dip. I could have drunk the stuff but refrained.

My husband and I took advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend to go on a short trip. We went to The Creation Museum and Shaker Village, both in Kentucky. I made sure to take along apples, Fiber One Bars, and packages of peanut butter and crackers. For breakfast, we ate at the hotel. I had oatmeal or Raisin Bran and skim milk along with my coffee and a piece of fruit. For lunch one day, we stopped at Subway where I got the Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham Sub (7.5 PP). I added an apple I had brought. Another day at the Creation Museum, I ordered a salad with FF French Dressing and a small bowl of Southwest Chicken Soup. It had black beans, tomatoes, corn, and very little chicken in a broth base, so I think it was perfectly fine. It tasted good too. Those PB crackers and fruit came in handy for lunch another day! For dinner the first night, we stopped at Cracker Barrel and I got a vegetable plate. Another night we ate at Appleby's and I got the WW endorsed Lime Shrimp dish. It came with steamed white rice and mixed veggies. It was a delicious 8 PointsPlus! And then another evening we ate at Panera Bread. I never eat there, so I wasn't sure what to get. I ended up getting a new salad that had strawberries and blueberries in it topped with a FF poppy seed dressing (5PP). I also got some low fat chicken tortilla soup (4 PP). One afternoon, we both were craving something sweet, so we stopped at Chick-Fil-A and got a Diet Lemonade (1.5 PP) and a small Icedream Cone (5 PP). The last day coming home was my splurge day. Anyway, I had to have a burger on Memorial Day! We stopped at Sonic, and I got a burger with mayo on it. I should have omitted that mayo, but I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a whopping 17.5 PP, but I took it easy for dinner.

Two of our vacation days were spent walking, walking, and walking some more! (Of course, the other two were spent sitting in a car ) The Creation Museum was quite large and it also had beautiful gardens that we walked all over as well. Then the next day, we explored Shaker Village from one end to the other! Both nights, I was a worn out little puppy. As I told you last week, I'm in a boot now for a few weeks because of a stress fracture in my foot. I really had no problem doing all that walking, but when night time came, I was so ready for bed! I was in high hopes that all that walking would count for something...and it did! I lost 1.8 pounds this week. That makes a total of 4.6 lbs. lost this month. My goal is 5 lbs. a month because I generally lose rather slowly. Hopefully, I'll hit that goal next month, but any way you look at it, the scale is going in the right direction. So I'm happy.

So tell me, what healthy, portable foods do you take with you when you go on vacation and don't take an ice chest? What healthy foods do you order at restaurants?

May 31, 2012 1:09 pm
OCD either takes care of or it may even render the situation.
May 31, 2012 1:13 pm
We always have a mixture of unsalted almonds, walnuts, pecans, craisins and a few salted peanuts that we snack on in the car if we get hungry. We start out with a bag of red bell peppers, carrots and snap peas that will last the first day. Fruit is in the car if we are not crossing into CA. We also carry a couple gallons of water to refill our water containers. We stop at larger grocery stores for lunch if possible. We get a few slices of our favorite cheese from the deli and buy fresh veggies from the salad bar or prepackaged in the produce section if needed. Fast food stops are only for the restrooms...sorry, franchise owners. We always ask at the hotel where the locals eat. We have ended up in some scary parts of towns but the food is always fabulous. Ordering healthy dinners are not our goal when on vacation as we keep it healthy during the day. Instead we are careful to watch the portion size. This method must be working for us as we have never gained weight on vacation.
May 31, 2012 1:17 pm
Hi Paula, sorry to hear about your fracture. Sounds like your healthy diet is great though. In answer to your question about restaurants, I don't eat out. However, I bought the NutriBullet and I just love it. I am incorporated some new items to my juicing and smoothies now. I must say, I feel great. There are a ton of recipes in the book that came with it. Besides all the smoothie recipes, I love the snack section where there are a few recipes for nut and seed bars and one for an Almond Cacao Goji Bar I'm going to try. In each of the smoothies, you add a "booster" or a Super charger". They're tasty and so healthy. Can't go wrong. Sounds like you had a good Memorial Weekend. Congratulations on your weight loss!!
May 31, 2012 1:19 pm
Hi Paula, congratulations on your weight loss this month! My husband takes a few business trips a year and I go with him. We always get a room with fridge. Most come with a fridge and microwave now anyhow. With 3 meals a day it can get expensive and unhealthy. I take advantage of the fridge and microwave and stop at a good gourmet type grocery store. I go to the prepared food area and deli and pick up salads, cooked salmon, chicken, or turkey type dishes, fresh juices....Then, the one meal we eat out a day, if that, I just try to choose something sensible. I try to focus the sightseeing time on walking and not eating. I might put fruit or trail mix in my purse. A week away from home with 3 meals out, I would gain back weight. When we do eat out, I try to make it a really nice place or one where you pick your own toppings like a sandwich place or burrito place.
May 31, 2012 1:29 pm
I find airports to be the trickiest place to get healthy low-cal food. If you need to eat at SEA-TAC this summer go to the mexican food place. You can buy a cup of black beans and have salsa or pica de gallo added and it will cost you 96ยข....Healthy and cheap!
May 31, 2012 1:40 pm
Marie, great idea to carry the veggies that first day. I love raw baby carrots. I agree with you about the dinners not having to be healthy, but since I am trying to lose and not just maintain, I really was curious about how/what people choose for dinner. Love the idea about the black beans!
May 31, 2012 1:41 pm
Rosebud, the thought of buying a juicer is constantly in my head, but right now, I am pushing it to the back :) Maybe later. Sounds like you are really enjoying yours.
May 31, 2012 1:44 pm
Thanks for your comments, Baker Bee. I actually know people who eat out all the time and are losing weight! It would be hard for me, though. Good idea to make use of the frig and microwave if you are near the room and not traveling constantly.
May 31, 2012 1:47 pm
Congrats on your (almost) 5 pounds! I usually pack snacks for me in my diaper bag too :) I like sea salt almonds, larabars (peanut butter cookie is delicious), and luna bars. I usually buy them on sale at target.
May 31, 2012 1:57 pm
Thanks for mentioning the larabars and luna bars, cicischwartz. I've heard about them but haven't been able to find them. I'll look at Target.
May 31, 2012 2:08 pm
Oh yeah, Paula ~ When I was mentioning using the fridge and microwave to cook or heat up meals it is on business trips. My husband has class most of the day. He comes back to the hotel for lunch and eats breakfast before he leaves. I guess, when we go on travel for pleasure type trips, we will still stop at a grocery store in the evening, I pack snacks in my purse, drink lots of water vs sodas and high calorie drinks, and just try to choose salad bars, grilled foods, light menus, or like I said make your own type places. I can't think of anything innovative though? If I do, I will post.
May 31, 2012 6:43 pm
I have been following Weight Watchers online and have lost 17.5 pounds to date and I cheer you on with each blog you post. I have found that I am one of those people that have to graze constantly and with much variety to keep away from over indulgence. A two day car trip would be hard for me to manage without a cooler and "no stops". If I had to, I would freeze grapes, grab some bananas, take my pre-measured, already bagged cereal, a jar of peanut butter, a pouch of tuna, a new, unopened, jar of salsa, a bag of carrots, and some bags of Sunchips. Eating out at a restaurant? We really don't eat at any chain food spots, or anywhere else, although I do like Subway. So I will most likely order anything my heart desires and eat 1/2 of what is on my plate and request 2 sides of veggies instead of baked or mashed potatoes. I am like Baker Bee in that I find a place where I can cook and refrigerate food. Not just frugal, but, I really hate to try to wrangle 5 other people into deciding where to eat. There is always a hold out who just wants to order pizza. I am really trying to adapt to "it's a lifetyle change" and I'm glad you had that burger! I do have a question for you. How does a smoothie fill you up till lunch? I've tried them and I love them but they don't keep me satisfied long enough for the points they cost.
May 31, 2012 6:46 pm
Paula, you are indeed an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. The peach smoothie looks delicious. I am going to try the peach smoothie. When I eat out-I try to choose healthy foods and I eat 1/2 what is served. It seems the meals are always way too much to eat. I love salads. I ask for extra lemons and a small container of olive oil. I squeeze the lemon on my salad and add salt, pepper, and a small amount of olive oil.
May 31, 2012 8:23 pm
Tasha, you go, girl! Good job on losing that weight! To answer your question about how smoothies can hold me: I'm not very hungry in the mornings. I usually start with coffee and then a couple of hours later I have the smoothie. I add protein powder sometimes to help on keeping me full longer. Then I can wait till lunch. I do great from 6:00am-4:00pm. After that, though, I could eat constantly! I usually have a snack around 4:00 and then dinner around 6-7. I want to eat until I go to bed, but I'm trying hard to not eat after dinner. I don't always make it, especially if I have points left.
May 31, 2012 8:26 pm
Lela, so glad you dropped in. I loved that smoothie you recommended! I found Orange Creme by Yoplait at Walmart today, but not the Walmart brand. I'm going to try it this week using the orange creme. The only thing about the Yoplait is it adds an extra point :(
May 31, 2012 8:44 pm
[Less than half a pound away from your goal for the month is wonderful! Especially figuring in your "debilitation" (= Great work! Keep it up!]
Jun. 1, 2012 7:57 am
Thanks for the encouragement, barb.
Jun. 1, 2012 9:25 am
Thanks for the wonderful recipes. I did WW in 2010 and loved it. I met my goal of losing 15 lbs and lowering my LDL by 20 points within 6 months. I still practice healthy eating.(High Cholesterol was my BIG issue)Being a "FRITO-addict I learned to swap out raw nuts for my evening snack. The bonus, Walnuts help to reduce Cholesterol among many other things. Thanks for these blogs and the recipes. I've got to try that Orange Cream Pie Smoothie!
Jun. 1, 2012 10:20 am
Way to go, Candice! I lowered my HDL tremendously last year by doing all the walking, but my overall cholesterol was still high. I've given it another year and begun taking fish oil, but I'm betting I'll have to do the meds this time. I've been postponing them for quite a while now. I guess it's just bad genes. *SIGH*
Jun. 1, 2012 10:51 am
Paula, Congrats on the weight loss! I had a 50 pound goal to reach on June 1 --- BUT I am only at 44 pounds lost. It is tough to reach those goals sometimes, BUT I figure if I loose one pound that is like loosing 4 sticks of butter.......Have you looked at the South Beach diet. Such a good way to loose and maintain. It is just basically healthy eating. I do eat out often and I usually get a grilled chicken salad or a steak salad. I did venture out for Mexican on Wednesday and at special loaded nachos --- I haven't eaten much since! LOL For snacking I usually eat cucumber slices, almonds, string cheese or a slice of ham rolled around a sting cheese and dipped in mustard. Just so you know, South Beach also helps drop your cholesterol. Doing great Paula! CONGRATS!
Jun. 1, 2012 12:25 pm
Brenda, how wonderful that you've lost 44 pounds! I'm so happy for you! I love looking at a pound lost as 4 sticks of butter! I have done South Beach before but really prefer WW. I've already lost 48 pounds on WW and decided to just maintain for a while. Now I'm ready to lose the rest. Thanks for dropping by and joining me on my journey. We've got this!!!!
Jun. 1, 2012 5:29 pm
Paula, I'm working on doing WW also, somedays I do really well, other days not so good, but reading your blogs helps me to get back on track. I like to keep bananas with me when traveling and if we stop at a gas station I try to get pretzels,V8 juice or fruit, as now a lot of the gas stations will have fruit available. I have also thought about fixing popcorn and putting in plastic bags would be good, especially when I want a crunchy snack.
Jun. 1, 2012 7:12 pm
Good idea about the popcorn, bett. I hadn't thought of that. I noticed this last weekend when we were traveling that the gas station convenience stores we stopped at along the expressway had more healthy things like fruit and even sliced apples, oranges, and strawberries in a plastic cup. The V-8 is a good idea too.
Jun. 2, 2012 8:42 pm
Paula, once again I enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for sharing.
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