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Sam's Famous Carrot Cake

Reviewed: Jul. 2, 2011
YUMMY! I used my 9x13 glass pan. I didnt have buttermilk, so I used 2% milk and 1t lemon juice. I also decreased the raisins, coconut and walnuts to 3/4c each and increased the carrots to 3c. I did use my Food Processor and it made shredding the carrots and crushing the pineapple a cinch. Baked at 350 degrees for 55 minutes and it came out absolutely perfect! This was phenomenal! I honestly didnt even think I liked carrot cake, since I have never had one that I could say was good, well this one is excellent and thank you for posting, cause now I am a carrot cake addict!! YUMMY
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Sloppy Joes II

Reviewed: May 29, 2011
Added a couple Tablespoons of hubby's favorite BBQ sauce, a teaspoon of Goya Seasonings, a couple dashes of Chili Powder and a couple teaspoons of Worcestershire Sauce, I used red bell pepper instead of green, and used 2t of brown sugar instead of 3 and instead of Garlic Powder, I used 2 minced fresh cloves of garlic and added that after the meat, onion and pepper were cooked and drained so as not to burn the garlic and simmered covered only 20 minutes instead of 30. So freaking good! My husband said its the best Sloppy Joe's he has ever had and me too! Thanks for this basic recipe with all ingredients usually on hand! Love it and love this recipe! Will be a regular in our rotation!
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Best Brownies

Reviewed: Apr. 2, 2011
OMG! I made exact as directed but I didn't do the frosting and I used a wire whisk to incorporate everything and I melted butter in a glass dish in microwave. Baked them for 25min in preheated oven at 350, removed from oven and let them cool. They are so delicious! They are moist and chewy and not cake like! Thanks to all the other reviewers for saying DONT OVERMIX and DONT OVERBAKE! That makes all the difference in the world! These are disappearing so fast into my belly, my poor hubby wont get a chance to eat them! They are indeed the best Brownies ever! Thank you for posting this easy and quick recipe that makes the best dessert! Made these again today and only mixed a few times with a fork when everything was in the bowl. and OMG so fudgy and delicious! We are hooked! this is the go to brownie for us! Thank you so much! I only pray I can control myself and not make them again tomorrow and the next day and the next day!
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Mild Garden Salsa

Reviewed: Jan. 22, 2011
Good, but a lot of product.
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Eggplant Parmesan

Reviewed: Jan. 21, 2011
Yummy! I replaced fresh tomato with drained diced tomatoes, cause thats what I had on hand. I used about 1/4c of parmesan, I also used dried garlic, dried oregano, added additional Italian Herbs and Mrs Dash Garlic & herb seasoning for each layer. This was honestly yummy and refreshing side dish to my homemade Chicken pot pie! Thanks for posting yummy and nutritious! This will be a staple in our home. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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Thick Chocolate Pudding

Reviewed: Jan. 20, 2011
INCREASED SUGAR TO 1/2C. Used 1% Milk. Just threw everything in a large glass bowl, mixed well with fork and microwaved for 3 minutes. Mixed real well again and then microwaved for 5 more minutes, mixing between each minute. So thick and creamy and delicious and best of all sooo easy!! Didn't even use whipped topping. Just like mom used to make when we were kids! So good and so easy! Thanks for posting a delicious yummy and quick recipe! Just what I was looking for!
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Shepherd's Pie VI

Reviewed: Dec. 21, 2010
Made this today. My 2nd attempt at Shepherds pie. The first one was way too dry and too many potatoes. This one, I took others suggestions, including modifying to our taste. Replaced the carrots with drained can of corn. Used 1/2 medium onion and added 3 cloves minced garlic. Replaced the broth with Beef Gravy from McCormick. Skipped the flour all together. It didn't need it. At the end to the browned ground beef tossed in a pinch of chili powder, a T or so of Wocestershire Sauce and 1t Italian seasonings and Couple long squirts of Organic Ketchup. Used unsalted butter to the potatoes and a 1/8t of garlic powder. at the end, turned off the oven, turned on the broiler and broiled for 2 minutes, just to brown the cheese a little more. Baked it for the 20min at 375. So easy to mike, although time consuming. (An hour from start to finish) This was so awesome and fantastic. Served with Whole Foods Moist Cornbread. This was the best we have ever had.
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Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Reviewed: Dec. 19, 2010
Made these this morning and the only things I did different and in addition to the recipe:, was 1.) I used unsalted butter and 2.) I lightly sprayed Pam on all my mini muffin tins (cause some people complained the cookies would stick) and then I immediately froze the finished product still int he mini tins for a few minutes based on others suggestions. Gently with a knife they all came right out of the tins! Here's a tip: I did use a Tablespoon measure when scooping out the batter to make all the cookies even and flattened the Tablespoon batter filled measure on the side of the bowl then rolled each into a ball, so I got exactly 4 dozen mini balls (48) and just dropped them into each mini muffin tin. OMG, so yummy and melt in your mouth delic! I did use all natural, organic 100% peanuts, peanut butter and these are just fabulous and oh so good! I mean these are perfect! So, quick, so easy and so yummy! They look so pretty and profesional, Im sharing with my neighbor because these are just that good. I know we will not be able to stop from eating them all ourselves!
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Quick and Easy Brownies

Reviewed: Dec. 12, 2010
Super easy and delic. My first time making browneis. I did make them exact per the recipe. I used my 9 x 13 glass pan and it did take an additional 10 minutes, and the outside was a little dry and inside nice and moist. Thanks for posting this easy recipe. Now, I just have to figure out how much time to leave it in so the top doesn't dry out. Maybe 35 minutes, next time. This recipe is a keeper!
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Slow Cooker Beef Stew IV

Reviewed: Apr. 18, 2010
5 stars with my revisions. I made this for the first time and it was amazing. I also halved the recipe. Its just me and my hubby. To the initial bag of flour I did add some fresh ground black pepper while shaking up the beef to coat with flour and pepper. I used 2 carrots and 2 celery stalks and 1 can diced tomatoes. I did add a chicken and a beef bouillion cube to the boiling water as well as the Onion Soup Mix. And I increased the boiling water mixture by 1/4 c so that I could use it at the end to make the flour mixture to thicken the stew. I sauted 1 medium onion and 3 garlic cloves and then added that to the bottom of the crockpot. I also browned the meat and then removed it from the pan and then used about 1/2c of red wine (Pinot Noir) to scrape up the brown bits using my wooden spoon. I didnt use any butter, only used Olive Oil. To the crockpot I did add 1/2t of Paprika, 1t of Worcesetershire sauce and a couple of shakes of salt, way less then 1/2t. I poured the wine brown bits into the crock pot. I placed it on hi and it was ready to eat in 3 1/2hours. My God, this was so amazing. I was in heaven, so was my hubby and it disappeared! We ate this for 3 days straight, lunch and dinner and had double servings. OMG, thanks for posting a great basic recipe that turned out fantastic to our tastes.
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Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Reviewed: Nov. 14, 2009
Fantastic!! OMG, this dissapeared, it was so good! I altered it so slightly, I used 4 chicken tenders, pounded thin, I replaced dill with Oregano, Basil and Chives, about 1/2 to 3/4t each. I replaced garlic powder with 2 fresh cloves of garlic, minced. I replaced whole cream cheese with 1/3 less fat. Everything else was the same. Except in my oven at 350 for 20 minutes, then 400 for 5 more minutes. This was so amazing, creamy, flavorful, yum! I served with roasted red potatoes and fresh roasted green beans. So amazing. I have never ever tasted chicken this amazing before. Please post more easy recipes like this. This one was so perfect! Its a gourmet dish that takes 5 minutes to prepare and on the table in 30 minutes from start to finish with little cleanup! I baked 4 tenderloins wrapped in cheese fill in my glass 8x8 pan, each piece individually wrapped in twine, cutting off excess! Make this, you wont be disappointed! Thank you so much for posting this!
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Broccoli Chicken Casserole I

Reviewed: Sep. 27, 2009
With these modifications and suggestions from other reviewers this was the best ever! Real simple: I used my George Foreman to prepare 1 lb of boneless, skinless chicken thighs with Olive oil, sea salt and pepper, 5 min on the grill and they were perfect. Let them cool and then chopped to bite size pieces. Meanwhile I steamed all the florets, about 1 lb. 10 min there. In a bowl I mixed 1 can of Cream of Mushroom with 1 Can of Cream of chicken and 1/4c of Milk. I threw in 2 pinches of regular salt, a few pinches of ground black pepper, two shakes of ground ginger with 1t of Garlic powder and 1/4t of Onion Powder and 1/4t of Italian seasonings. I mixed everything together. Sprayed a 3qt casserole with Pam and then put everything in there. Covered with 2c of shredded cheddar. Topped off with 1 1/2c of Herb Stuffing Mix. OMG! This was so delicious and just perfect. We could not stop eating it. It was like a dessert! Crazy good. Will make this again and again!!
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Spinach Whole Wheat Quesadillas

Reviewed: Jul. 19, 2009
I used Whole grain tortilla and used a stainless steel skillet with EVOO because of the leeching problems of non-stick pans. This was so amazing! I made this for lunch today and it was done in minutes, literraly. I used pre-washed spinach as that was all the grocer had. I used the one green onion, chopped and just sprinkled a handful of cheddar each time, and sprinkled the spices, did not measure. This was so delicious and I want some more! But, of course I will have some tomorrow again for a snack or even dinner. Yummy! Thanks for posting, I will make this often as stated and using chicken instead of the spinach for a nice change.
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Jay's Jerk Chicken

Reviewed: Jun. 27, 2009
We loved this and ate it all up! More than 5 stars if I could! Substitutions I made: 1/4t Onion Powder for Onion, 1/4t chives for green onion and 1/4t Hot Sauce for Jalapegno. I used what I had on hand instead of going out to buy jalapegno, and green onions. Everything else I did exact. I mixed everything in my Magic Bullet (easy cleanup)! Let it marinade from 10am till 7pm. prepared White rice and corn on the cob and homemade rolls. Served dinner and my husband said this was phenomenol! I served the chicken on the bed of white rice. Poured the heated marinade across it. Reg. the rolls; Belles Hamburger Buns recipe from this site, the buns came out like yummy dinner rolls. This dinner looked high end and totally fabulous and then tasted even more amazing. Thank you for posting this!
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Belle's Hamburger Buns

Reviewed: Jun. 26, 2009
Very disappointed!. Made this two times. The first time the dough never rose! The second time I proofed the yeast first and added to the dry ingredients with the wet and it did rise to double. Did everything else exact. The buns had a hard time even getting golden brown so I had to get them out of the oven. Well, the buns were indeed dense and more like dinner rolls, tasty (thus the two stars and not one) but way too heavy to eat with burgers or pulled pork. Good to eat as a roll with dinner or on its own. My flour is new, everything is new and it just did not work! Why all the 5 stars when this recipe is just not what its cracked up to be.
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Chicken Pot Pie VII

Reviewed: Jun. 25, 2009
I've never made a pastry dough or a pot pie! I made this and we 100% love this! It was fantastic. Took others suggestions and added spices. To the spice mixture we added 1/4 t of Italian Seasonings & 1/4t of Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb Seasonings. Also, while chicken cubes were frying I sprinkled chicken with salt. Omitted the Onion & replaced with 1/4t Onion Powder. Let it cook about 5 min. each side. Replaced the beans with 1 can drained corn. I made the dough a couple times because I thought it was rather dry & maybe I did something wrong. Anyhow, it was hard to roll out, it was brittle & wasn't working like a dough. I got it to work by using it as is & I am glad I did. Placed it in my 9" glass pie dish. Baked it with the ingr. inside covered with the Top Dough & made slits. It was done in 24 min. It was phenomenal! This whole pie is exactly what I was looking for today! A quick and easy lunch that was really made in minutes. The thing that was a little bit of time was the pie crust and I am glad I made it, even my picky husband said it was wonderful and flaky and tasted awesome. Yes, he said awesome! He also said this was the best Chicken Pot Pie he ever had! He finished it off in a couple days & asked me to make it every week! Great! I will make this often, although not weekly! UPDATE: Made this again & again, now I pre-chilled the shortening for 1hr first. Also, roll out dough between 2 sheets of wax paper. Perfection!
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Roasted Vegetables

Reviewed: Jun. 22, 2009
This was amazing! Instead of Squash I used 2 sliced & chopped carrots. I left out mushrooms, we don't like them. I substituted Apple Cider Vinegar for the balsamic. I added about 1/2 teaspoon each of Oregano & Basil. I also used dried herbs for Thyme & Rosemary, thats what I have and it came out phenomenal! I added 1 can of sweat Peas and 1 can of Soy Beans, both drained and 1 can petite diced tomatoes. I took other reviewers suggestions and cooked the root veggies for about 20 minutes first at the 475degree. Then I added the 3 cans of veggies with the bell pepper and mixed it all up. Lowered the heat to 425 and added canned veggies to root veggie pan and cooked for additional 20 minutes. This should still make about 12 servings. With my substitutions the total Calories per serving are now: 210. 7 grams of fat per serving, 30 carbs per serving, 7 fiber grams per serving and 10 protein per serving. So healthy and nutritious and best of all, so delicious! This is super easy to cut, chop, prepare and bake. What a joy! This is a hit! Thank you for posting this yummy dish!
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Cajun Chicken Pasta

Reviewed: Jun. 21, 2009
This was excellent! I doubled the chicken & pasta but kept all the other ingredient the same amount. I used Evaporated Milk instead of Heavy Cream. We don't like mushrooms and did not have green onion so we left that out. Instead of just butter to saute the chicken in I always use a little Olive Oil too, that way the butter doesn't burn, etc. My Calories are as follows: Each Serving 506 cal. 19.5 Fat. 52 carb. 3.25 Fiber. 42 protein. I used penne instead of linguine, because its less messy. This dish was so fantastic! It was made super fast and it was super easy. We used Purdue Chicken Tenderloins instead of plain breast because it is just easier to work with and really has less fat, more nutritious, etc. I did not have the Cajun Seasoning so I made it from the spices I had on hand from a recipe that I was told is here on Anyhow this dish is a winner and I will be making it again for company! YUM!
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Cinnamon-Raisin Granola

Reviewed: Jun. 20, 2009
If you like your granola crumbly, this is for you! It was wonderful. I increased the Vanilla Extract to 1 Tablespoon and it just added to the wonderful taste of this recipe. If you like bar granola use the Granola III from this site, its fantastic, I also increased the Vanilla on that recipe to 1 Tablespoon and the Cinnamon to 1 heaping teaspoon. Both these recipes are great in their own different way! One crumbly and one bars! Yum
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Granola Bars III

Reviewed: Jun. 19, 2009
I have made these many times since finding this recipe & it is the best granola recipe I have tried! Each time it's perfect and fantastic! I have made them for myself the first time with Old Fashioned Oats and they were scrumptious, my husband who hates walnuts ate these up with me then and wanted more. (I did not tell them walnuts were in them!!) I made them again with the Quick Oats and without Raisins and also other times and wow, these are so gorgeous and delicious! I do increase the Vanilla to 1 Tablespoon and the Cinnamon to 1 heaping teaspoon. My husband says the house smells like Christmas when I make thse! I love to make them, its so easy and they are indeed nutritious!! These are wonderful. Mine are done in exactly 22 minutes. I pull them out of the oven and immediately slice them up into nice bars. Then I wait for them to cool & the uneven ends I toss into a tupperware container so we can snack as we want on these smaller ends. I also put about 8 bars in each sandwich freezer bags together for each of us. I label the freezer bags with his or mine & when we are running out we simply pull out a bag of our own granola bars! YUM! Simply wonderful. The last time I made mine I replaced molasses for the honey in the recipe and you know the taste is the same. Maybe its just me. These are delicious, not really sweet at all and just wonderful. It is a full proof recipe! The next time I make them I will add some peanut butter! Thank you for posting!
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