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The Diary of a Gluten-Free Wannabe - End of Week 1 
Jan. 18, 2010 5:20 am 
Updated: Jan. 22, 2010 4:23 am
Well, I did it!  Or at least ... I did well ... Kind of ... from a non-perfectionist (which I am trying to be become) point-of-view.  From the Perfectionist point-of-view -- Not so much.  (I forgot my lunch twice and had The Best Grilled Cheese on Whole Wheat in the World.  And, Amber, I actually forced down the whole thing!  If I brought it home, Hubby would know I'm not Totally G-F!)  But I am still alive to tell the tale and that's what counts. 

I thought I could blog every day and tell about my boring little menus and my boring little life and maybe get through this, but when I get home from work I can barely keep my eyes open enough to eat my dinner let alone put two relatively decent articulate thoughts together except for the odd Exchange so I usually fall asleep in my computer chair for two hours or more before Hubby wakes me up for bed.

It's hard to believe that only one week into feeding the body what it needs as opposed to what it craves, I am beginning to feel better.  I remember this. (Yes, I've slipped back into the easy gluten-filled lifestyle before and every time I implement the Gluten-Free lifestyle, I feel so much better that I swear that gluten-filled products will never again enter my body.)  If I'm "good", after only one week, my head starts to lose that fuzzy, cotton-headed feeling that I struggle with every day on a gluten-filled diet.  After week 4, my energy begins to return; Week 6, the nerves are calmer and the head is almost totally clear; week 8, the stomach is noticably settled (sorry for the grossness, the diarrhea gets less), and I'm well on the way to recovery. 

But then ... life happens.

Emotional, psychological and physical stresses, "Not-Enough-Hours-in-a-Day Syndrome", and the hypoglycemia enter the equation, so a handy "g" snack/sandwich is grabbed, and the ball starts rolling down the hill.  The symptoms, although subtle --fuzzy head and stomach cramps--, are immediate and I tell myself "I 'got away with it'.  I'll just 'be good' from now on" and then Hubby's snacks start looking and smelling much better than the thought of preparing something G-F -- which is silly because a gluten-filled snack takes just as much time to prepare a G-F one --  It's just that, a G-F recipe tried for the first time (particularly if it has white rice flour in it) might not be edible, so not only has precious time been wasted,  but the garbage bin gets a feast and becomes my best friend, *ewwwww*, and gluten gets ingested because "it's easier".)  

So, this week was wild.  Since January 5 (the day I went back to work after my vacation between Christmas and New Year's) I have been working overtime to get caught up.  Then it started. 

My Big Boss (BB) decided he needed a "Golf Break" and is taking this coming two weeks off to "critique" his favourite Florida Golf Courses.  By January 7, I was caught up on the "old" stuff (December 24 to January 4) and started on the new tapes (January 5 on).  January 7, I got 50 charts and three tapes from BB;  January 8, 75 charts and three tapes;  January 11, 25 charts and three tapes; January 12, 1 chart and two tapes; January 13, another 35 charts and three tapes.  (180+ charts and 14 tapes in four days.  And all this from only one of the eight partners.)  On top of this, the phone calls started at 11:00 on the 11th -- anywhere from 3-10 a day depending on how busy he was, "So!  Is my stuff done?" 
"Are you done yet?" 
"Can I get my stuff, yet?" 
 "Where's my stuff?" 
"You know I need my stuff ..." 
"But I'm going AWAY in two days  ..." 
*lol*  On the 13th, I told him, "Every time you call, the girls will buzz me.  I have to pull the earphones out of my head, talk to them, find out you're on the phone, take my fingers off the keyboard and pick up the phone, and speak to you.  Let me work.  Let me get your stuff done." 
He responded, "But you still type while we talk." 
"Yes, but sometimes I end up typing our conversation and have to re-do so it's really not time-effective and my ears get sore so it's not financially-effective if you have to pay for work-induced medical leave."
"We don't pay medical, do we?"
"No.  I was being funny."
(Through a little chuckle) "It's not working!"
"No.  And neither am I -- at the moment.  You'll get your stuff." 
But the phone calls continued.  I started not to mind, it was a fun, work-related break.  The guy is so bright, he stimulates my brain in an otherwise intellectually stagnating work environment, and I get him laughing by "going blonde" on him (his words -- until I told him it was offensive to his wife, and four daughters and anyone else who, physically, are "real" blondes.  "Not if they don't hear it," was his quip, but he has watched his language around me ever since). 

On January 8, I started almost a week of breaking the cardinal rule with Hubby.  As a reforming Workaholic, I have promised not to bring work home.  Our home is our refuge from the outside world and its woes, and work is a four-letter word.  In 13 years, I have done well -- for the most part -- but last Friday I knew I was going to be in trouble if I didn't, so I brought work home -- and did it.  January 11, 12, and 13, were the same, but by Friday, I was almost caught up.  I have 15 charts, two tapes and about 4 hours worth of work left to do for BB.  He should be happy -- Now if I could only help him get a better golf score, I woud be indispensible.

"What's this got to do with G-F or food?"
Oh yes!  That's what this blog is about. 

I figured that the only way I could do this is to get back into planning ahead.  So, on Saturday, I took my mother grocery shopping, and killed five birds with one stone.  1) I blew next week's budget the week before pay-day on 2) groceries; 3) My 80-year-old mother blew her non-existent funds on 4) her groceries; and 5) She tied me down into a chair for two hours afterward so that we could have a visit.  Then I went home and the REAL work began. 

I put away the groceries and started the Overnight Caramel Pecan Rolls in the breadmaker, started marinating the Chicken with Buttery Lemon Cream Sauce and made the Gluten-Free Seven Layer Bars (all from this site).

The dough for the Caramel Rolls is incredible!  I made them for Hubby with whole wheat flour (have to use up the stuff somehow) and made the dough in the breadmaker.  Every 15 minutes or so after the kneading cycle, I had to punch it down because it kept blowing the lid off the breadmaker!  (I had fun, but as I have only one cookie sheet, had to put the rest of the dough in the fridge for a later date!)  We had the chicken for dinner at around 9 p.m.  Didn't have coconut, nuts, or butterscotch chips for the Seven Layer creation, so subbed G-F oatmeal for the coconut, and white chocolate chips for the butterscotch.   

All-in-all, it was a success!  Harley did not run off with the chicken (I had a spot already cleared in the fridge for the two-hour marination), and Hubby prefers the Seven-Layer Bars, which are wa-a-a-ay too rich for me, over the Rolls. (Oh, yes, he liked the chicken, too, although somehow it turned out differently than the last time.) 

Yesterday, I started the Sourdough Starter (one week later than planned), made the No-Peek Beef Stew (for dinner last night with the gravy thickened with Brown Rice Flour), Potato Salmon Patties (with G-F bread crumbs) for lunches throughout the week, (all three recipes from this site), and the Gluten-Free Breakfast Bars (a recipe given to me "way-back-when") (for a "Grab-and-Go").  I have no idea how I used to do one week worth of meals in one day.  (Although there is enough stew for four more meals for two, we're not going to have it every day, Hubby would revolt! *lol* -- so leftovers are in the freezer!) I must have been incredible!  I like to blame it on the kitchen.  This is the smallest kitchen I have ever worked in.  Yeah!  That's it! Blame the architecture!  (Not the fact that I can't work fast any more, or that I can't stand on my feet for more than 15 minutes at a time without falling over due to the damaged nerve, or that I need to rest every half hour or so.)  It's the freakin' architecture!  (or maybe the 1960's architect?) 

Anway!  Monday, my favourite day of the week (NOT!)!  And BB is off on the Golf Course, and I'm late for work!  Grab and Go!  (I'm going to actually miss the phone calls! *lol*)
Jan. 18, 2010 9:34 am
LOL I squealed when I saw my name. Glad to see my leftover frugality guilt is slowly making you gluten ill lol! I love your rambles I could read them every day. So proud of you for achieving all those recipes with your gluten intolerance in mind. I don't know if I could do it!
Jan. 18, 2010 2:28 pm
*lmbo*, Amber! Thank you! You are so-o good for my ego! (Not good for my brevity, but hey! Isn't that why they give us unlimited blog space for?) :D Gluten-free's not bad once you plan ahead. (One of these days, I'm going to experiment and find a way to make a handy-dandy rye bread that actually tastes good, then I will be all set!) If I can do it, anyone can ... you could, if you had to! It's actually more nutritious than eating processed wheat flour and usually less calories, although, if you tried, you could probably hit 1000 calories per serving on a g-f recipe -- wouldn't be surprised if the way I made the Seven Layer Bars hit the 1000 calories per serving. *lol* It's too bad Hubby likes them. I will probably never try them again! They are so-o-o rich!) Thanks for dropping by once more! How's the puppy?
Jan. 21, 2010 6:10 pm
Hey my grandma is gluten free! so I think I will read your blog till you stop doing gluten free stuff!
Jan. 22, 2010 4:23 am
Thanks, Jrcook! I have to keep doing gluten free stuff to keep healthy. I plan to adapt my favourite recipes to Gluten-Free and post them, so I will blog and keep you updated! Let me know if your grandma misses any food on her gluten-free journey (that she used to have and really likes, but doesn't eat any more on the gluten-free food plan), and I will see if I can adapt the recipe so us gluten-free-ers can enjoy it.
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