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Easy Morning Glory Muffins

Reviewed: Jan. 1, 2012
DANG, so good! First, just FYI: I filled my muffin cups FULL, zero space at the top, and I got a full 18 muffins. Plan accordingly! These have a texture full of crunchies and sweet bits of fruit that I really enjoy, and my tops turned out with a shiny little crust that's a little crisp on the edges. All that in a muffin flavored little like spice cake or gingerbread. LOVE. Like lots of other reviewers, I couldn't handle the idea of a full cup of oil - but I had no applesauce, so I substituted about half of it with plain Greek yogurt plus a little splash of milk (I was worried the yogurt would be too thick, but I probably didn't need it, based on the final batter texture). I only had sweetened coconut, but it doesn't seem overpowering. I also used golden raisins because that's what I had on hand, but I love that flavor so I'm sure I'll continue to make them that way. I will also use more walnuts, and use larger pieces next time. I just spied some leftover dried cranberries in my pantry, and I might even toss those in next time. Love this recipe as-is, and also for the possibilities!
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Margarita Pie

Reviewed: May 19, 2001
This is a great pie! For extra flavor, I added 1/4 cup tequila to the filling - very tasty. I found that chilling in the freezer was the only way to get this firm enough to keep its shape for serving, and it makes it even more refreshing. Also, I used a 10" pie plate and still had leftover crust (enough to make a miniature pie for the kids with no tequila). To make (2) 9x13 pies, triple the filling and only double the crust. Garnish w/salted lime slices (1/4 rounds) and a little dollop of extra CoolWhip. So pretty! Be sure to NOT just dump the pretzels into the food processor - you could end up with ALL the loose salt from the bottom of the bag! You want salty, but not THAT salty! Learned that one the hard way. :)
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Red Snapper

Reviewed: Jan. 30, 2007
Just discovered this (at a bar) via my ex-husband. Holy moley, that is one TASTY cocktail! I've always seen it served as a shot. Don't be askeert of the amaretto if you don't like it (I don't) - the flavor doesn't stand out.
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Pancho Villa Baked Tilapia

Reviewed: Feb. 6, 2011
I was snowed in the day I tried this, so I had to make do without cilantro or foil; I simply sprayed the bottom of a 9x9" baking dish; lightly added salt, pepper & very little garlic powder to the fish; spooned on the Rotel (I use the mild version that has cilantro & lime) and topped with lime slices. Baked with no cover, it was still tremendously tender and ridiculously yummy! The tomato & lime juices in the bottom of the pan end up basically poaching the fish, and the taste is awesome. Although I love fresh tomatoes and will probably try that version, this was an amazingly simple and delicious (and healthy, bonus!) way to get dinner ready in a big fat hurry. WIN.
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Simply Lemon Baked Chicken

Reviewed: Sep. 20, 2009
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet - I've made this lots of times over the last few years! I am a fiend for anything citrus, so I hardly ever use just one lemon. Today I made it with two big lemons and a lime, which was delicious and adds much more flavor to the end result. One thing that never made sense to me was the order of the ingredients. Now I always start with the salt on the inside, then juice the lemons onto the chicken, then pat the outside with salt, and then SPRINKLE the outside very generously with the paprika; I much prefer that to the smeary wet paprika that results from patting after the chicken's wet with juice. I also just pour the water into the pan. Why wash off the paprika?! Today I used a covered roaster without basting at all, and it worked wonderfully - but that cuts the cooking time a LOT. Mine was already over temp when I checked it at 2 hrs (but still plenty juicy, thank goodness). A quick zap under the broiler to crisp up the skin, and I think it turned out great. I'll check at 1.5 hrs next time, though! I served it with asian-style shortgrain rice that had chopped cilantro, lime juice and lime zest mixed in, which was a really yummy combo. I spooned a little bit of the pan liquid, with most of the fat skimmed off, over it all. YUMMY!
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Praline cookie!

Reviewed: Apr. 23, 2010
Om nom nom.
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Party-Size Greek Couscous Salad

Reviewed: Apr. 24, 2010
This is FANTASTIC! I was picturing a much bigger mound of food, so I'm a little relieved - perfect amount for sharing at a picnic or potluck! I used a roasted garlic couscous, quartered my grape tomatoes, scooped my cucumber seeds out, and forgot the bell pepper so I just omitted it (next time, when I DO get one, it'll be an orange or yellow one - those colors would be a great addition). I was debating tomato basil feta but in the end decided that between the couscous, olives AND dressing, there were enough bold flavors already. And yes, definitely used Absolutely Fabulous House Dressing... it's my favorite anyway, so why not! :) This was delicious exactly as written, but my little girls & I made the executive decision to increase the veggies, parsley & cheese by half again, and I'm SO glad we did!! Taking to a party this afternoon, IF we can stop sampling it. We've been scooping out the dry pre-dressing mixture then adding just a little drizzle to the bowl, which is how I think we'll do it every time we make this for just us at home. Thanks so much for the recipe! **ETA: we made again, and using just two boxes of couscous but the written veggies/parsley/feta amounts is the PERFECT ratio. Left out the bell pepper again; I think it's even better that way!
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Kentucky Biscuits

Reviewed: Dec. 24, 2013
This is a nice soft biscuit - not flaky but tall and pillowy with a nice crunch to top and bottom. Kind of like a KFC biscuit but not full of chicken fumes, or like a 7Up biscuit but not sweet. I tried the grating frozen butter trick one reviewer mentioned but just gunked up my salad shooter - woops! Will try again with a longer freeze time because it's pretty nifty having little butter noodles to incorporate rather than breaking down a whole cube. Overall, a solid contender for a go-to biscuit recipe!
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Mom's Baking Powder Biscuits

Reviewed: Oct. 11, 2009
Exactly what I was looking for! No-screwing-around plain old breakfast biscuits... and really good ones, at that. Hey, I love an orange-scented twice-sifted fancy-pants gourmet biscuit as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just have to get back to the basics - and this is it. I made these half an hour ago, and they have been eaten with just butter, whipped honey-margarine, grape jelly, actual honey, and with a sausage patty for a sandwich... all delicious. They are light, fluffy, soft inside and just awesome. I made mine with unsalted butter (and left the salt as written, but probably should have increased a tad), 1 full Tbsp of baking powder, and did not dip the biscuits AND! I didn't realize we were out of milk, so I used a powdered buttermilk product with water per their instructions. These were perfectly done at just 13 minutes, so check at 10 and then watch closely - biscuits turn color very rapidly at the end. FYI, these were not the layered flaky style of biscuit, although I did knead at least 20 turns. I'll try the butter-flavored shortening sometime to see what that does differently. Give these a try!! Now get off my computer so I can go eat more biscuits. :D
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Barbeque Pork Two Ways

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2003
This recipe made my house smell just like a BBQ restaurant! I used boneless country style ribs and sliced diagonally, then packed the sugar VERY lightly and used 1 cup BBQ sauce and 1 cup ketchup. (I used the crockpot method). We ate our sandwiches on lightly toasted bolillo rolls with lots of dill pickle slices. These taste like the real deal, and would be a very low maintenance, low stress way to feed a crowd. We'll be using this again very soon!
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Pecan-Oatmeal Pancakes

Reviewed: Apr. 7, 2007
Yum! So hearty, and just sweet enough with the tiny bit of brown sugar and the pecans. I agree that it doesn't look promising when you first scoop the batter into the pan - you have a tiny mountain of crunchy stuff with a puddle of runnier stuff around it. Two hints: tap down the mountain with the bottom edge of the measuring cup you're pouring from; it will give you a less crazy-looking finished pancake! Also, the non-crunchy portion of the batter seemed to get a little thicker over time, so let it sit a few minutes before starting to cook. These are very filling, (seem) really fancy-pants, and are not a bit more trouble than plain from-scratch pancakes. Next time I'll try making them with a little cinnamon or a good-sized glug of vanilla. Enjoy! **Added later: I did try these with two capfuls of double-strength imitation vanilla for a half-batch of pancakes - SUPER YUM!
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Easy Herb Roasted Turkey

Reviewed: Nov. 5, 2006
This makes the yummiest, really moist and tender (as in falling off the bone, literally; if you need your turkey to be pretty, keep a sharp eye out) Thanksgiving bird. Definitely make gravy from the herb-y, flavorful drippings - it completely kicks you-know-what, too. Can't say enough good things about this one. I used softened butter, which is tasty and easier to handle, and put most of the mixture under the skin. My roaster doesn't have a lid, so I tightly covered with foil; it worked just fine. In other words, you can't go wrong! **Added later: well, I've made this several more times in different ways - In the oven with a turkey bag, in a countertop roaster, all olive oil instead of butter, sprinkling generously with paprika after pouring on the herbs (to enhance browning - but don't baste or the "fake tan" will wash off!)... turns out great every time. Made Thanksgiving lunch this year ('07) for 50+ people at work, including this turkey, and it was rave reviews all around! ** Added '08: I've made this about six times now, so I've decided that this is the magic combo: use olive oil as written; use most of the mixture under the skin with just enough outside for pretty; don't use an oven bag; after the herbs are poured on, add a generous coating of Paprika and skip the basting (don't need it anyway!). Cooked again for work - well before noon at least 10 people had walked up to me with shiny fingers and half-full mouths, saying "that turkey is so GOOOD!". 'Nuf said.
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Thanksgiving Yams

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2003
These are really really tasty, and so darn fast! I was pretty skeptical, but the gingersnaps add just the perfect flavor. I had baked sweet potatoes on hand (1 hr 40 min @ 350 degrees), so I substituted an equal measure for the canned; I too put the warm sweet potato mixture in a serving container and then browned the (small sized) marshmallows with a quick zap under the broiler. I noticed the first time I made these that they hold their shape upon serving, which gave me the idea to use this as a super-quick easy cheater version of sweet potato pie - just put the mixture into a graham cracker crust, top with marshmallows brown. Really yummy! If you won't be serving the whole pie the same day, I suggest washing it with egg white baking (to seal out the moisture from the filling). Definitely a must-try.
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Prize Winning Baby Back Ribs

Reviewed: May 22, 2002
I must say I was a little skeptical, as I've married into a family of Texans and have heard stories of all the steps a proper rib cookout should entail - well, these were really great! I actually just used an inexpensive, store-bought (gasp!) BBQ sauce, but next time I'll plan ahead and make some of Bubba's Best BBQ Sauce (here on and really knock 'em dead. Great ribs!
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Urban Legend Chocolate Chip Cookies

Reviewed: Aug. 30, 2002
The funny thing is, I don't really like chocolate chip cookies all that much - I just wanted something for my kids to send to my husband (who was working out of town), but DANG these are good! They stay dense and moist, not fluffy and cake-y like other recipes I've tried, and it's all chunk with a just a little cookie holding it all together!! The last time I made them, I used 1/2 cup each of walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts, and substituted almost 1/2 of the semi-sweet chips with a Hershey Bake Shoppe product called Almond Toffee Bits - basically the inside of a Heath bar, but in perfectly uniform little chunks and with no mess and frustration of chunking up the candy yourself. Really great! Oh, and if you really want to go overboard, make an ice cream sandwich with a couple of these bad boys!
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Irish Cream Truffle Fudge

Reviewed: Jan. 4, 2003
YUM! This is really very easy, and the results are super impressive! Instead of all semi-sweet, I used half-and-half milk chocolate and semi-sweet. It was still very rich, but that just made you happy with a smaller piece! (But that doesn't mean you can resist going back for another piece in a few minutes...). **One note: This was very boozy (but good!) the first day, but I think the flavor mellowed a little as it sat; try to make it a day ahead (if you can resist).
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Absolutely Fabulous Greek/House Dressing

Reviewed: Aug. 30, 2002
HO-LEEE MO-LEEE! Man, this stuff is GOOD! Don't let the seemingly common ingredients fool you - this is incredible on any salad (let's put it this way - I've had salad twice a day since I made this, including a breakfast salad!!). It's exactly the way I think dressing should be - so tangy, packed with flavor and EASY. I love that I can store it out in my countertop with my olive oil and vinegars (I put it in an empty balsamic vinegar bottle - very cute!). **For an extra-tasty Greek salad, put the desired amount of dressing in a small bowl, and add at least 1/2 the amount of feta you plan to use. Stir gently, then let it sit 15 minutes or more before adding to the traditional salad ingredients. Very yummy! **ADDED LATER** Made as directed, this dressing will separate very quickly and very thoroughly! Here's how to lessen that: You will have to scale back quite a bit - play with the recipe scaler until the oil and the vinegar together equal an amount that will fit in your blender and still leave mixing room. Then, put everything BUT the oil and the herbs in the blender and start 'er up - medium high should do it. Very slowly drizzle in the olive oil until it is all incorporated. Woohoo! You just emulsified! Stop the blender, add in the herbs, pulse once or twice. Just mix in the herbs, don't chop them - it's prettier. Problem solved!
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Artichoke Dip II

Reviewed: Feb. 3, 2008
This is very similar to the recipe that I have used for years. I can't believe this calls for a full CUP of mayo, though! That sounds like complete overkill, and I think the parmesan could be a little much, too. After draining the artichokes - USE REGULAR ARTICHOKE HEARTS IN WATER, two 14oz cans - I usually run a knife through each can several times to give the hearts a rough chop. I've also started using two cans of chilis (don't bother to drain - that's FLAVOR you're putting down the drain!), and the mayo (usually light - fat free is the work of the devil! :p) is eyeballed, but definitely not even half a cup. Start with about a quarter to a third of a cup, stir it up and adjust until it's a fairly loose, creamy consistency - but not gloppy. I usually use about half a 6oz. tub of shredded parmesan, with an extra handful across the top before baking. And don't forget the Wheat Thins - for some reason, that is the accompaniment that tastes the best with this! Enjoy the dip - I guarantee you will crave this version time and again!
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Perfect Baked Potato

Reviewed: Mar. 20, 2008
It's, you know, a baked potato. But a REALLY good one. I used Kosher salt on mine and was pretty generous with the olive oil. I love the crispy skin, and the inside was pretty fluffy but not dried out. I had some pretty big potatoes, so I upped the temp to 385 and just let them go until they were done (per the time-honored squish-test); for me it was just under 2 hours. My kids were all over it, too, so I guess this one's a winner! **Added later - my sister reminded me about the baked potatoes from a steak house she served at years ago: coated in freakin' BACON GREASE, fresh ground pepper and kosher salt. They were good. I mean GOOOD. Try it if you dare.
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Ranger Joe Cookies

Reviewed: May 26, 2010
So, usually if I drastically change a recipe I'll wait to review it until I can talk about it as written (or close to), but this is so ridiculously good, it's just not happening this time! As I was pulling the ingredients for this one, the Nutella was right next to the PB, practically staring me down. Once you spot the Nutella, how is regular PB going to satisfy? It's not! So (Nutella in hand), I realize that a little cocoa powder will probably keep the Nutella from getting lost in the other ingredients. Awesome, I had Hershey's Special Dark! I just subbed about 2 Tbsp cocoa powder for that amount of flour and subbed equal parts Nutella for PB. Dang! Using golf-ball sized scoops (flattened slightly works best), I pulled mine at 11 minutes; they were super tender and still moist inside, but with a little chewiness. I love the crunch from the rice crispies, and the slight crackling on the outside. I'm plotting additions of coconut, pecans, maybe even hazelnuts to hang out with the Nutella! Sorry that I don't know how they compare to the as-is version, but Chocolatey Joe is my new best friend.
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