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Absolutely Fabulous Greek/House Dressing

Reviewed: Aug. 30, 2002
HO-LEEE MO-LEEE! Man, this stuff is GOOD! Don't let the seemingly common ingredients fool you - this is incredible on any salad (let's put it this way - I've had salad twice a day since I made this, including a breakfast salad!!). It's exactly the way I think dressing should be - so tangy, packed with flavor and EASY. I love that I can store it out in my countertop with my olive oil and vinegars (I put it in an empty balsamic vinegar bottle - very cute!). **For an extra-tasty Greek salad, put the desired amount of dressing in a small bowl, and add at least 1/2 the amount of feta you plan to use. Stir gently, then let it sit 15 minutes or more before adding to the traditional salad ingredients. Very yummy! **ADDED LATER** Made as directed, this dressing will separate very quickly and very thoroughly! Here's how to lessen that: You will have to scale back quite a bit - play with the recipe scaler until the oil and the vinegar together equal an amount that will fit in your blender and still leave mixing room. Then, put everything BUT the oil and the herbs in the blender and start 'er up - medium high should do it. Very slowly drizzle in the olive oil until it is all incorporated. Woohoo! You just emulsified! Stop the blender, add in the herbs, pulse once or twice. Just mix in the herbs, don't chop them - it's prettier. Problem solved!
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Burrito Pie

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2003
This recipe was good, but I know I will make several changes next time: I too will use taco seasoning in the ground beef(no water), and I won't mix the beans in with the meat mixture - makes it too gloppy & all one texture. I like the idea of spreading the beans on the tortillas, and will definitely use zesty beans. The new layering order will be: meat, cheese, beany tortillas (bean side down), meat, cheese, beany tortillas etc. I'm also going to split this into two 9" disposable pie pans - bake one & freeze the other for future use (this is a VERY big recipe). It was pretty good the original way, and I know we'll really like it this way. Can't wait!
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Easy Herb Roasted Turkey

Reviewed: Nov. 5, 2006
This makes the yummiest, really moist and tender (as in falling off the bone, literally; if you need your turkey to be pretty, keep a sharp eye out) Thanksgiving bird. Definitely make gravy from the herb-y, flavorful drippings - it completely kicks you-know-what, too. Can't say enough good things about this one. I used softened butter, which is tasty and easier to handle, and put most of the mixture under the skin. My roaster doesn't have a lid, so I tightly covered with foil; it worked just fine. In other words, you can't go wrong! **Added later: well, I've made this several more times in different ways - In the oven with a turkey bag, in a countertop roaster, all olive oil instead of butter, sprinkling generously with paprika after pouring on the herbs (to enhance browning - but don't baste or the "fake tan" will wash off!)... turns out great every time. Made Thanksgiving lunch this year ('07) for 50+ people at work, including this turkey, and it was rave reviews all around! ** Added '08: I've made this about six times now, so I've decided that this is the magic combo: use olive oil as written; use most of the mixture under the skin with just enough outside for pretty; don't use an oven bag; after the herbs are poured on, add a generous coating of Paprika and skip the basting (don't need it anyway!). Cooked again for work - well before noon at least 10 people had walked up to me with shiny fingers and half-full mouths, saying "that turkey is so GOOOD!". 'Nuf said.
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Summer Corn Salad

Reviewed: Sep. 13, 2002
A very summery flavor! We use less onion, and use a sweet variety - and the longer it refrigerates, the better it tastes. I use this trick for cutting the corn: set a bundt or angel food pan on the counter (open side up, as if to pour batter in), then rest one end of the cob in the middle hole. No slipping around as you cut, and the kernels fall right into the pan!!... and you feel ever so clever.
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Christmas Breakfast Sausage Casserole

Reviewed: Aug. 6, 2002
So tasty, so easy, so great!! I've made this three times (for a houseful of company each time), and it's always a hit. (It's also really nice to be able to visit in the morning instead of standing at the stove.) These are generous servings, and thank goodness - everyone goes for seconds! I've tried the half regular/half sage sausage combo as suggested, but my favorite is to just use Jimmy Dean Maple flavor sausage - HEAVENLY. This is my go-to recipe to impress for breakfast or brunch!
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Chicken Tortilla Soup II

Reviewed: Nov. 4, 2002
YUM, so great!!! One note: about HALF the oil is plenty. For ease of preparation, I got a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the deli counter instead of the chicken breasts - way faster and easier, and the meat is really flavorful. Just take it off the bones, give it a rough chop and you're done. My no-nonsense, meat&potatoes husband requested a big batch of soup to take camping! Nice and sniffle-inducing spicy; adjust the cayenne or serve with a big spoonful of sour cream for the faint of heart. I've already sent the recipe to four people; my family loves it, and so do my husband's camping buddies. This will go into heavy rotation for us! Garnish with any combo of: crunchy tortilla strips (save a few tortillas to make some fresh-sprinkle lightly with onion powder); some remaining cilantro; sour cream, shredded cheese; avocado; and whatever you do, don't skip a squeeze of fresh lime!
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Oatmeal Banana Nut Bread

Reviewed: Nov. 6, 2003
Really good, classic banana nut bread taste. Use lots of extra banana, especially if you are generous with the nuts - they seem to cut a little of the banana-ness from the flavor (I doubled the recipe and poured the first loaf without nuts before adding them to the batter for the second loaf. The no-nut version, although the very same batter, was much more banana-ier!). I also followed the suggestion of an earlier reviewer and sprinkled the batter with extra oatmeal before baking - what a pretty touch! We will definitely use this recipe again.
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Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Reviewed: Mar. 4, 2003
This is really good old-school macaroni, the type that basically keeps its shape when you serve it - exactly what I was looking for. I only added a few things: I stirred 1/4 tsp. creole seasoning and about 1/8 tsp. cayenne along with the salt & pepper in the milk mixture. I used colby-jack cheese and reserved a little handful to top the macaroni before going into the oven. After baking for 30 minutes, I topped the macaroni with buttered Italian-style bread crumbs (almost a cup of crumbs and 2 Tbsp. melted butter) and baked the last 10 minutes. Zippier than average macaroni, but still recognizable and very comforting. Perfect!
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Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff I

Reviewed: Jan. 29, 2002
This tastes really good, but I found that because I floured and browned the meat (which naturally thickens the sauce) and added fresh mushrooms (which absorb a LOT of moisture), I increased the water to a full cup and still would have been happy with a thinner sauce. I liked the flavor enough to give this another try - this time no mushrooms and with a full soup can of water. I also think I'll use traditional sour cream instead - the cream cheese tasted very good, but I think the texture of the sour cream will suit my tastes better. That's the beauty of this recipe - it's a great place to take off & tinker to your preferences!
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Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Reviewed: Nov. 21, 2004
Five stars because this is very easy, really tasty, super economical, can feed a crowd, and makes great leftovers. By the time all the ingredients were added, my 4-quart crockpot was completely full. This is a HUGE amount of food! All I had on hand was chicken taco spices, but it worked just fine (with a little extra salt & pepper while browning the hamburger). We topped ours with shredded Colby-Jack and lite sour cream, and warmed our tortilla chips on a cookie sheet at 350 for 3-4 minutes for extra crunch and flavor. YUM!!
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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies I

Reviewed: Jul. 15, 2005
These are so chocolatey it's ridiculous! Not a bad thing, but I'm definitely going to add more nuts next time. They aren't dense, and they stay very soft. The only change I made to this recipe was to follow the suggestion to use 1 cup white and 1/2 cup brown sugar (light brown, very lightly packed), and it's perfect. Co-workers are giving thumbs-up!
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Crispy Herb Baked Chicken

Reviewed: Jan. 15, 2003
This is a great starting-point recipe! I added Italian seasoning, a tiny dash of poultry seasoning and a healthy pinch of dried rosemary - crush it in your palm before adding to the mix, which will release the flavor as well as saving someone from getting a giant pine needle stuck in their teeth! I sprinkled the leftover potato mixture over the top of the chicken pieces in the pan, which made for extra crispiness and flavor. I can't wait to try this with flavored potatoes as another reviewer mentioned. Super fast prep, and a tasty dinner.
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Easy Roasted Pork

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2003
An instant hit! Next time I will double the sauce ingredients because it is so yummy - the sweetness of the sauce went really well with my tangy mashed potatoes (I use hardly any butter and lots of lite sour cream). I did change the recipe a little bit: instead of flouring the bag, I put the flour on a plate and put a little of the measured ginger in the flour before putting the rest in the applesauce. I dredged the roast in the seasoned flour and browned the roast on the stove. I stirred the remaining ginger/flour into the applesauce (you could end up with a dry floury lump if you don't stir) and proceeded normally from there. One of our new favorites. Thanks for the great recipe!
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Overnight Apple Cinnamon French Toast

Reviewed: Feb. 22, 2003
The flavor of this french toast is really great, but you really need to make sure this is cooked completely through! At 60 minutes, mine looked done, but was still very wet at the bottom of the bread layer. We had to do a little improvising under the broiler, but all reviews were still very positive! This is a keeper for sure... longer cook time and maybe a little less milk. Yummy!
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Grandma's Sweet Slaw

Reviewed: May 22, 2002
This recipe makes a LOT of slaw! I thought we could enjoy it over the next few days, but it got very watery and limp after just a few hours in the fridge. Okay recipe, but I guess we're just not huge fans at my house.
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Eileen's Spicy Gingerbread Men

Reviewed: Nov. 6, 2003
These turned out really well, and my kids loved cutting them out and decorating them. (**Don't be discouraged by the amount of dough - it makes a LOT more cookies than it looks like it will.) After adding the ginger, I substituted an equal amount of Pumpkin Pie Spice (2 tsp.) for all the other individual spices, and it worked perfectly. I will be pretty generous with the spices next time, though - by the time my 14-year-old worked in enough flour to handled the dough, it was a little bit diluted. Still yummy, and we'll probably make them a few more times this holiday season. **Just remember to use a pastry brush to get all the excess flour off your cookies (top AND bottom) before placing them on the baking sheet - prettier and tastier!
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Barbeque Pork Two Ways

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2003
This recipe made my house smell just like a BBQ restaurant! I used boneless country style ribs and sliced diagonally, then packed the sugar VERY lightly and used 1 cup BBQ sauce and 1 cup ketchup. (I used the crockpot method). We ate our sandwiches on lightly toasted bolillo rolls with lots of dill pickle slices. These taste like the real deal, and would be a very low maintenance, low stress way to feed a crowd. We'll be using this again very soon!
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Thai Peanut Chicken

Reviewed: Mar. 26, 2003
This is so delicious, and very fast & healthy to boot! I followed the suggestions of previous reviewers and doubled the sauce, added pea pods to the mix, and also scaled the cayenne back a bit for my kids. I will probably use the suggested amount next time - I think it will be zippy without being unbearably spicy. With those adjustments, I was really enjoying my plate of chicken (on a bed of rice, of course!), but then I went from great to *PERFECT* with the addition of a handful of fresh cilantro leaves. Could not be better; forty-seven stars!
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Lemon Pudding Cake I

Reviewed: Mar. 9, 2002
YUM! My plate hasn't even cooled off yet & I've already e-mailed this recipe to three people!! This is so good, I don't even know how to describe it - it's like the very lightest angel food cake ever, drenched in lemony sauce. My kids LOVED it (12 yrs and 2 yrs), and even the picky husband said it was good! Just be aware that it gets fairly brown - mine was quite dark on top after 38 minutes, but wasn't actually burnt. Trust it! **added later** If you don't have a microplane zester (well, first - get one! Cheap & awesome! 'til then...): before juicing the lemons, use a vegetable peeler to take strips of JUST THE YELLOW part of the peel (no white if you can help it) and whirl those with the sugar in a food processor until they're all blended in. Add that during the sugar step, not the zest step. Works like magic!
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German Baby

Reviewed: Dec. 5, 2007
Yum! I've always heard this called a "Dutch baby" - my sister first introduced me to this at a breakfast restaurant near her home in Vegas. I was so excited to try this recipe! Thank you so much to SemantiTheft who advised warming your eggs and milk - I did, and it puffed like crazy! I don't have a microwave right now, so I just put a few inches of hot water in the sink and put the eggs and the big measuring cup of milk in there while the oven was preheating. Worked like a charm!I also add a capful of baker's vanilla - clear instead of brown; won't darken the color of the batter - into the milk. Adds a tiny hint of sweetness which I like. This was so easy, and so much fun to watch while it's in the oven - and really fun to eat, too! I don't have a cast iron skillet, so I just used my regular (oven proof) pan the same size, and it worked just fine! I used margarine instead of butter, and the edges seem to be a little salty, so I think I'll try unsalted butter next time, but completely delicious even so! I debate reducing the butter every time, but I think those little pools in the middle are part of the magic! :)
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