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Here's An Introduction To Our Future Kitchen 
Nov. 5, 2012 7:46 am 
Updated: Nov. 15, 2012 1:41 am

Two weeks ago, we were at the miniMI and had great conversation with each attendee. That memory was extended the next weekend when we had the great pleasure of having an evening dinner with Bellepepper and Mr. Bellepepper. Our conversations were interesting and diverse with no empty spots. Thank you, Bellpeppers, for a fun evening! We are looking forward to our next meet-up! (I remembered to take my camera with me and, of course, I never snapped even one photo.)
Mwchef and Mr. mwchef were going to meet with us, too, but an illness interfered with that pleasure. We'll be back in the Columbus area soon. Maybe we can meet then.
Mauigirl and Cat Hill have each announced the dates of their roundups. (The Maui Roundup is October 17, 2013 and The Midwest Roundup is June 21 thru 23, 2013.) I want to go to both as well as the MiniMI. Oh, yeah! There's GDerr's Southern Roundup and The Ohio Bash to consider, as well. Time will tell if I can handle all of them. All these trips are dependant on what money remains after our kitchen rebuild. Money just isn't doing as much as I want it to.
About that kitchen. When it was built (1956) it was as modern as any kitchen you could find in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. But 56 years has a way of dating things and that mid-century marvel has become an efficiency albatross. We have agreed that modern efficiency will be our goal and if the kitchen accidentally looks nice, well, that will be a bonus. Included in the rebuild plan is a new utility (laundry) room. Featured in each room will be pantry styled cabinets for storage. and, in the kitchen, there will be base and OH cabinets, too. Plans are being drawn as we discover new ideas and equipment to include. This is a rebuiling , not a remodel. Everything is coming out from floor joists to ceiling rafters. Walls will be stripped to the studs and one wall is coming out to make space for those pantry cabinets. Electrical will be upgraded and modernized, plumbing redesigned and replaced including a water purification point and an air exchange/filter system installed. Two windows will be enlarged and set closer into the SE corner and will be the greenhouse style of windows. Lighting will be integrated with the design of the kitchen from the ceiling, walls and under cabinets. It will be useful lighting and not accentual. We will use a gas "set in" range and two electric wall ovens giving us a total of three ovens. One of those wall ovens will be a smaller one similar in use to a toaster oven but larger capacity. Refrigerator will be a french door model with drawer freezer. We'll even install a dishwasher. We've never wanted one but modern kitchen designs demand that one be present. We want zero countertop storage.
One of the pantry cabinets will house a "Wellness Center" because the kitchen is the primary room where wounds and burns and other calamity can occur. It will enclose a complete accessible first aid kit, fire extinguisher, OTC meds and, in an enclosed shelf, prescription meds.
The utility room will have our freezer, dryer, washer, household business center, pantry cabinets, open shelving laundry table and ironing center.
We are keeping the kitchen compact to eliminate unnecessary steps. We believe big floorspace is beautiful but can be a waste of effort if not correctly applied.
This question just popped into my thinking space. Your answer may just improve our plans. What is your favorite kitchen feature, idea or wish? Mine is excellent lighting. My wife's is taking the fewest steps in her work.
Nov. 5, 2012 8:05 am
What type of sink(s) are you going to put in?
Nov. 5, 2012 9:18 am
My favorite kitchen feature is a huge, deep, single basin sink that I can fit large pans in with room to spare.
Nov. 5, 2012 9:26 am
Hi, Fabius! The sink will be in that corner wher the greenhouse windows will be. It will be a single sink with a smaller prep sink next to it.
Nov. 5, 2012 9:29 am
Hi, Marie C.! You and Fabius have brought out features I dide didn't tell of. Yes, we are going to use a deep one for the same reason as you. We will have a pot filler at the range, too.
Nov. 5, 2012 9:37 am
I also love a fitted sink rack/grill so that nothing sits on the sink surface.
Nov. 5, 2012 9:39 am
Oh! If I could have my druthers, I would include a cozy seating area like in Bavarian kitchens of old with a gorgeous ceramic tile wood burning stove. Who needs a living room with that arrangement?!? Your kitchen rebuild sounds amazing!
Nov. 5, 2012 9:46 am
Great idea, Marie! We have picked out a "granite" sink and that would be good protection and wouldn't be in the way.
Nov. 5, 2012 9:50 am
Doc, our dining room is involved with this rebuild in a minor way. Your suggestion has given me a picture that I will spring on my wife. Thank you!
Nov. 5, 2012 10:13 am
Would love to see before and after pics - we're saving to do the same thing to our 55-year old kitchen! Good luck with yours!
Nov. 5, 2012 10:21 am
Oooh, rubbing my hands with glee, what fun! A must is some roll-out shelves. Who wants to get down on their knees to "find" the right pan that's hiding toward the back of the cabinet. I love my roll-out shelves. I also have them in one of my pantries.
Nov. 5, 2012 11:01 am
WOWSERS Mike, that sounds like quite the overhaul. I loved/hated redoing our house in '97. Same idea, everything was stripped to outside stud walls, ceilings and flooring all gone. I could plan anything I wanted and move any moveable wall 1 time. RNGrampa said when he rebuilt the walls and laid the flooring things had to stay. I love both good lighting and few steps in the kitchen. Add 2 more electrical outlets than you think you need-always need more of those. Shelves and pantries are also important to me. The triangle idea-stove fridge and work space on the counter is helpful for the flow of work. This should add great resale value to your home. I never heard of a wellness center before-we have a shelf by the door with all these items, also holds my INDOOR tool kit. Enjoy!
Nov. 5, 2012 11:03 am
if you are planning an island, add elctrical outlets under the counter top-sort of upside down, or inside the cupboard
Nov. 5, 2012 11:29 am
Spot on, Boysenberry! I just need to get myself retrained to use my camera! Thank you and good luck on your project!
Nov. 5, 2012 11:33 am
Magnolia Blossom, my nemesis! You are absolutely correct. We'll even have one of those shelves for a Kitchen Aid that pulls out and up with the KA in position.
Nov. 5, 2012 11:51 am
Hi, gramma! We have encountered the problem of too few electrical outlets too many times. Yabetcha, we'll have plenty. I demanded and got into the plans, one quad outlet every three feet of counter space and one double outlet every four feet of baseboard space. It did force us to upgrade to a 200 amp service so we could have four circuits for the kitchen plus three dedicated for the nuker, fridge and freezer. ... An island would be great but we decided that, for our space, it would be in our way because we would be walking around it too much.
Nov. 5, 2012 1:11 pm
Hang the blasted thing around your neck and look like a dweeb! The camera that is :) I swear that is the only way to get photos. OH, I am so envious of a kitchen redo! Given the way I cook and how much better I am at it then when my kitchen was built, I would change in mine-better lighting with more windows, make it BIGGER, have space for friends and family to sit and chat while the cook works, have a well designed place for compostable things to be stored...maybe a hole in the counter where chopped veg & such could be shoved so I wouldn't have to do something right that minute and fruit flys wouldn't appear. It sounds like your kitchen has been well thought out. I do hope to see you next year. Somewhere! Nope, not there where it requires a plane ride :)
Nov. 5, 2012 2:17 pm
My camera was hanging on my neck that whole evening with the Bellepeppers, Cat. I just let myself get lost in the company I'm with. ... We are in the planning stages yet so we are able to add to the plans easily. Given the suggestion of Doc Simonson, I think the rebuild will get extended into the dining room, too.
Nov. 5, 2012 4:19 pm
Oh my gosh, Mike - that is very exciting. Sounds like you covered everything and it surely will be a dream kitchen! As you mentioned, lighting is my priority also! Are you going to have a pull out garbage cabinet - I do like that. Glad you had an evening with the Bellepeppers - they are great company!
Nov. 5, 2012 4:20 pm
Hi Mike. Insist on a vent over your stove that vents outside. We remodeled 2 years ago and they added it above the stove, I can now cook anything and not smell it upstairs for a couple of days later. If I get a chance I will post a few pictures. I added a garden window over my sink, I love it. Love my kitchen too. The only thing I would do differently was put in a big double sink instead of the small double sink we did put in. I can't get my roaster pan in the sink, makes it a big pain to wash.
Nov. 5, 2012 4:22 pm
How cool. Good luck :)
Nov. 5, 2012 4:26 pm
Cat, your kitchen is a good one. It has a good layout and fairly spacious. Remember, you, Brenda and I were all working there and we didn't get in each others way. If you were to put in windows, you would lose valuable cupboard space. Have you considered skylites or light wells? They would be a huge benefit. They are a problem to correctly install so hire an experienced installer. If you need better evening light, consider a couple banks of the new LCD fixtures. They are giving off plenty of light and don't add to the electricity usage to any noticable degree.
Nov. 5, 2012 4:26 pm
You guys have a lot of good ideas . . . you seem to have it covered, but ample storage space, with sliding drawers, would be at top of my list. I would add a laundry tub in the utility room . . . and when doing the electrical, I would wire for internet use and sound (music) unless you've already got that covered in another room. If I was stripping down to the studs, I would use greenboard (moisture resistant drywall). You'll be a really happy camper when this project is completed . . . probably never have time to visit AR.
Nov. 5, 2012 4:30 pm
Hi, Maggie! We've been thinking and talking about this for a very long time. Hopefully, by this time in 2013, it will be realized. It sure was nice seeing you again and meeting Dennis. You two are fun to talk to!
Nov. 5, 2012 4:38 pm
Hi, DeniseY! We will vent into an air filtration system that cleans the particulates from the cooking and sends the air into the heating/AC for recycle. This will reduce some work on the HVAC because it will be reconditioning air that is nearly the same temp. The good thing about this system is it uses typical plumbing pipe and is site built.No retailers!
Nov. 5, 2012 4:39 pm
Thank you, Celeste!
Nov. 5, 2012 4:52 pm
Good ideas, Conky Joe! I didn't consider greenboard but it makes sense. I'll specify it. Our code requires 5/8" drywall in the kitchen and utility areas for fire resistance but adding moisture/bacterial resistance is better yet!
Nov. 5, 2012 6:49 pm
Mike, love the idea of the Kitchen Aid pull-out. If you're heading to Cat Hill's in June, our doors are open to travelers!
Nov. 5, 2012 7:05 pm
Sounds wonderful, Mike! I love having drawers rather than cupboards. Have fun. Also, put patience into a saving mode so you can capture all you can muster! We'll want photos! Before and after!
Nov. 5, 2012 8:00 pm
I saw those in a woodworking calog, MB. Told our son about them and he said they had been installing them for several years and they work very good. ... Don't know if I can make Cat's unless I pitch a tent at the pond. Don't know as I could stand another trip in your trunk so I'll drive- if I go. A stop over in IL would be welcome, thank you.
Nov. 5, 2012 8:07 pm
Hi, Marianne! My wife wants the drawers and pull outs anywhere they will work and, I confess, I do too. As for the before and after photos, I'm not too fond of showing off what we have right now. Hmmm. But it will make the after photos look even better, though. Now, to start practicing remembering to take photos.
Nov. 6, 2012 3:07 am
Your dream kitchen sounds nice. I like a pantry and I know you said you have one. A client of mine has a pantry that folds. You open the door and the shelves are folded. It is so cool! Everything is at your finger tips. I also like a good light fixture. Be sure there's light under the cabinets. Sometimes when I'm chopping/slicing I can't see as good. Be sure there's light over the stove. Not sure what range you have or if you have vent or microwave above the stove. I agree with others, take pictures! Enjoy your mew kitchen!
Nov. 6, 2012 4:02 am
Good morning, luv2cook! I have seen those folding pantrys but forgot about them. Now that you have reminded me, I will get them into the planning. Thank you! I share with you the need for under cabinet lighting. The venting system is a new idea and the local code compliance official is supporting it because it makes so much sense and takes up little head space.
Nov. 6, 2012 4:50 am
Gosh Mike, your kitchen plans sound wonderful. Did you mention built in trash and recycle bins? Possibly a trash compactor? Another thing that you be good for the utility room is a fold up ironing board. They are not that pricey and although I hate to iron, it is nice to have the board and iron ready to go and put away so easily. I have to replace my under cabinet lighting pretty soon, are the LED lights bright enough? I love the french door refrigerators - make sure that you get the outside measurements of the fridge and ovens - our fridge space was framed a bit too small (both depth and width) which really limits the fridge that will fit. What kind of counter top are you looking at?
Nov. 6, 2012 5:25 am
All my suggestions were covered but some of these also gave me a new idea to add to my list. I don't like the big sink in the kitchen, I use it too rarely and it's not very efficient for me. I think if the utility sink is set up correctly it could do dual purpose for large items like roasters that aren't used often enough here to warrant being part of the "main plan". But that may just be due to our cooking style. Also, my sister has a three part sink that I love. Two "normal" size bowls and a raised smaller bowl in the center that also houses the disposal drain. It doesn't get in the way of dishes and makes it easy to deal with that last dish that mysteriously appears at the wrong time. :)
Nov. 6, 2012 6:04 am
Thank you, Baking nana! I'm glad I posted this before the plans left the grid paper. A lot of good ideas have been suggested. I allowed space for recycle items and trash. Our recycle is, by far, the largest bulk of the household cast-off. The collection for both is in tip out bins located under the sink that are plastic and lined with bio-degradable plastic bags. A trash compactor never entered my mind. I think I will talk with my wife about including one. A fold away ironing board is included in the plan. ... LED lighting can be very bright. It is intensified by fresnel type lenses (like a lighthouse would have). It is a different type of light that does not emit heat which makes all of believe it is dim and undesireable. A high quality LED fixture will be very satisfactory. Our fridge will not be enclosed at its sides and is located at a walkway to eliminate the need for a specific size. We haven't decided on a counte top, yet. We are leaning toward granite, soapstone or concrete but have not ruled out anything. I know the TV decorators hate laminate but we have several reasons to like it, also. ... Whew! I'm done, now.
Nov. 6, 2012 6:14 am
Good morning, linda2d! Because our sink will span a corner, we have elected to have a single sink with disposer. We chose a deep sink simply because it would be available if we needed the depth for anything. We have the three ovens to satisfy all of our cooking. The smaller one for those quick meals and flat breads. The gas oven in the set in range for normal cooking and baking and the larger electric wall oven for stuff that we like browned or crusty. As for that mysterious last dish? I wish I had an answer for that rascal. I thought it was our attic ghost having it's fun with us. Maybe you have an attic ghost, too?
Nov. 6, 2012 7:23 am
WOW Mike! What a project! Let's see, I love our under the cabinet lighting and I love our pull out garbage can cabinet. We had a great time with you and Mrs. Mike Harvey and hope that we can do it again sometime. Don't forget the Buckeye Bash. It will be sometime in June! Keep us posted on this project and good luck!!!
Nov. 6, 2012 7:29 am
Hi Mike, your kitchen rebuild will be one of the best things you ever did for your house! You'll will be so pleased and LOVE being in your kitchen when it's done. Wen we did ours, I wanted: 1) lots of light...we installed 17 canned lights plus under cabinet lighting. I especially like the UC lights in the morning when I first get up or late at night when I have to have a snack. They give off enough light without putting your eyes out. And sometimes I turn on all the lights. (It's dark here in the winter, even during the day) Plus, it seems the older I get, the more light I require to do just about anything. We also enlarged the window to 6 feet wide above the kitchen sink. 2) lots of outlets. I have electrical outlets everywhere. You cannot have too many. 3) room for more than one cook in the kitchen... I love to cook with my husband and my children and grandchildren. It was imperative that I could have 3 or 4 or 5 people in my kitchen at one time and not be crowded. 4) roll out or drawer type cupboards below with glides. LOVE those! W also bought the "French" door type frig with the bottom drawer freezer. I love it! I loved getting my kitchen rebuilt and it was very worth it. I can't wait to hear about your progress Mike.
Nov. 6, 2012 7:49 am
Oh, I wanted to mention flooring. We put in a high grade vinyl. I insisted on it being one big sheet with no seams and installed under the cabinets. I've seen waaaay too many houses with vinyl floors curling at the base of the cabinets, especially at the sink and on the seams. I wanted NO seams and wall-to-wall flooring. Note: it's not customary to install vinyl in this manner and you have to plan for it. i.e., floors in before cabinets. It did cost a bit more, but I'm very glad we did it this way. Another tip.... Absolutely consider differing floor levels. Flooring contractors will want to out new sub flooring right over the old giving you an elevation of 1/4 inch (and sometimes more) from the room next to your kitchen, then placing a transition strip between the two. TRIP HAZARD!!! During our home remodel, we made sure there were NO tradition strips from room to room. I think that's my favorite thing of all in my house. Especially now. Orange just had a total knee replacement and our floors will pose no threats for tripping as his navigates the house with his walker.
Nov. 6, 2012 8:02 am
I'm so glad you posted this, Mike! We're currently planning a remodel. Home Depot has been out, but they simply asked what we wanted, didn't offer suggestions that would make things better. This gives me some new ideas, and I plan to head to the guy who did my sister's remodel to see what he suggests.
Nov. 6, 2012 8:49 am
Hi, bellepepper! We began talking about this project a few years ago but the problems between then and now held it back. It is a huge project but we'll be away from it during the demo part at the Maui Roundup. Hopefully, that is!
Nov. 6, 2012 9:02 am
I am looking forward to those undet cabinet lights for the same reason you enjoy them, Candice. We are still shopping the flooring and haven't picked any particular direction. We are facing a delima of different floor heights. The kitchen is an addition to the house and it's floor is about 1 1/2 inches lower than the original structure.
Nov. 6, 2012 12:00 pm
Hi, Elle! Keep an eye on my blog posts. I hope to add more information as time progresses. The rebuild will begin in October of '13. I'm glad I posted this early in the planning stage because I now have several more ideas that can be worked in. If you copy/paste this post and the comments, you'll have the benefit to begin your own plans.
Nov. 6, 2012 12:45 pm
So, now's the time to correct that. I obviously don't know your particular situation, but you could have NEW subfloors installed right over the old floor to bring the level up. Something to think about anyway Mike. Tell Linda "hi" for me.
Nov. 7, 2012 4:39 am
Unfortunately, it isn't that simple Candice. Beginning at the back entrance and continuing through the utility room, it seems the floor joist must be removed to make the floors even. That is complicated by a supporting wall in the tearout zone. We are hoping for the best and planning for the worst. Material wise, it would make little difference what we have to do, but the labor factor will be huge.
Nov. 10, 2012 4:05 am
Hi Mike! A new kitchen.... Oh how lucky you and Mrs. Harvey are!!! I read thru all the comments and sounds like everything is covered. The lighting is important. I would also add a wine rack somewhere. Currently I have a small one that takes up counter-space and I keep my "spare" case in the hole of my indoor grill that is cut into the fireplace in my kitchen. You may remember our complete rebuild of our livingroom a year and a half ago. While it was fun planning I was very nervous it would never get done because my dear hubby did all the work. For once he made me worry for nothing - he and our son completed the job in less than 2 weeks! Now we're doing a lot of work on the outside of our house thanks to the giant oak that fell in September. At least insurance is paying for all of that!!
Nov. 15, 2012 1:41 am
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