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Buttermilk Pie III

Reviewed: Jan. 29, 2008
Oops...I goofed. This is a wonderful, old-fashioned pie. I made it yesterday, and when I came back today to rate this recipe, I realized I made a mistake, but it worked well. I added 3 TABLESPOONS flour, and mixed it in after creaming the butter and sugar. Then added the remaining ingredients. My pie turned out great, very custardy, and I have had very minimal liquid run-off because of the extra flour. No floury taste or consistency, however, and I think that's because I creamed the flour into the butter/sugar mixture thoroughly before adding the eggs, vanilla, and buttermilk. I'll definitely make this again! Thanks!
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Overnight Berry Coffee Cake

Reviewed: Jan. 14, 2008
This gets my smack-your-grandma award, which is my highest rating, because this cake is so good you will want to smack your grandma after the first bite. Very easy to make. I doubled the amount of berries, and used both red raspberries and blueberries. I also doubled the topping, but only used about 1-1/2 the amount which was plenty for me. Oh, I threw some coconut in the topping, also, because I had about a cup I wanted to finish using. I mixed the batter just as instructed in the recipe, and the cake had a wonderful texture. I can't imagine that the B&B's coffee cake was any better than the recipe you devised. I will definitely make this again!
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Egg and Sausage Casserole

Reviewed: Nov. 3, 2007
This was easy to make. I took some tips from other readers, and reduced the amount of cheese and added some half-and-half to the eggs (sorry, I didn't measure at 5am). Thinking I was being clever, I cooked the sausage the night before, and then forgot to add it! So, mine was a meatless breakfast casserole, and it was quite good. I used Italian seaonings, and prebaked the crescent roll crust about 5-7 minutes before adding the egg-cheese mixture. Started with oven at 350 for 20 minutes, and 300 to finish. I'd make this again; it was a breeze.
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Coconut Cake IV

Reviewed: Aug. 28, 2007
This cake is very easy to make, and it is moist and delicious. I used 1-1/2 cups sugar as another reviewer suggested. Next time I will use 2 teaspoons coconut extract, and I'll run the flaked coconut through a processor to see what happens. I got a wild hare to make this about 9pm last night, and it went together so quickly that I was in bed by my regular time, with the cake finished and in a cake carrier, and the kitchen all cleaned up. My cake baked in 50 minutes, but that's probably because my bundt pan is professional-grade heavy cast-aluminum. In any case, I advise testing the cake at 50 minutes, because you don't want it to be dry. I took this to an early morning meeting, and everyone loved it. Thanks for the recipe!
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Orange Slice Cookies II

Reviewed: Aug. 25, 2007
STICKY FINGERS!!! This recipe makes a good cookie. They are easy to make, but cutting up the orange slice candy is tedious and sticky, but not difficult. I cut the regular sugar to 1/2 cup, since the candy and the coconut add sweetness and sugar already. One trick that worked well for me was having the bowl of sifted dry ingredients handy when I cut up the orange candy. I dropped the cut candy into the flour mixture which prevented them from clumping when I mixed the batter. I dipped my fingertips in the flour and that helped to keep the candy from clinging to my fingers. I also added the coconut to the flour mix, and tossed it all together before adding to the sugar/egg mixture. It's nice to have a cookie recipe on hand that doesn't have nuts, since so many people are allergic to them these days. I like nuts myself, and think that chopped macadamias would be good in these for some crunch and another hint of the tropics.
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Extra Gingery Bread

Reviewed: Aug. 11, 2007
This is a superb, easy recipe that goes great with a cuppa joe. I've added this to my recipe box, because I'll be making this again. The fresh ginger adds extra zing and just a bit of bite. I made this in a 9x13 pan, because I like to cut my gingerbread in squares. I used one cup of white sugar and 1/2 cup brown sugar, added an extra teaspoon of ground ginger, and used two cups of white flour and one cup whole wheat. I couldn't find candied ginger, but I'll bet that would add a nice flavor note. Next time I'll try adding a half stick of butter to see what happens. Thanks for the excellent recipe!
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Blueberry-Lemon Pound Cake

Reviewed: Jul. 7, 2007
I love pound cake, and I have tried a bunch of recipes...this one makes a beautiful cake. The cake rose right to the top edge of the tube pan, but I did have to let it bake about 20 minutes longer than specified, so be sure you test it with a wooden skewer before assuming it's done. I followed the recipe as written with only a few minor changes: added one teaspoon vanilla extract in addition to the lemon flavoring, didn't measure the lemon zest - just used the zest of one large lemon, and added about a cup of diced fresh cherries I had and needed to use. I tossed the fruit with flour, and this kept them distributed throughout the cake without sinking. The cake has a wonderful flavor and texture, and is easy to prepare. This is a good basic pound cake recipe, and you could experiment with other extracts and berries. I'm adding this to my pound cake repetoire!
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Fudge Brownies I

Reviewed: Jul. 2, 2007
This is a very good basic brownie recipe, full of chocolate flavor and nice and chewy. They go great with a cuppa joe. I made these for a meeting and everyone liked them. I followed the suggestion of a couple other readers and used two eggs. I baked these in a 9x13 pan, which made them thin, probably about 1/2 inch thick, so if you want a thicker brownie use a smaller pan. The bottom of the brownies baked quite firm before the center was set, but if you like a high stick-to-your-teeth factor this will not be a problem. I'll make these again, and will try a 9x9 pan to see what happens. I also think these would be good with some instant coffee granules thrown in. Thanks for the recipe!
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Chocolate Sour Cream Cookies

Reviewed: Jun. 29, 2007
These cookies are great! The sour cream gives them a velvety softness, and the cookies are a nice compliment to a cup of coffee or a cold glass of milk. I added about a tablespoon of cocoa baking powder and approximately 1/2 cup white chocolate chips. Yum! I took these warm from the oven to a meeting, and they were gone in no time. Next time I think I'll try adding some instant coffee granules or flaked coconut for a different twist. Thanks for the recipe; it's really easy and quick to make, and would be a good way to introduce children to the fun of baking.
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Dutch Apple Loaf

Reviewed: Jun. 25, 2007
This makes a delicious loaf of bread. I followed the recipe as given except I used half white flour and half whole wheat. I didn't have walnuts or pecans, so I used sliced almonds. The streusel topping is excellent; I may use brown sugar next time. I'll certainly make this again! Thanks for the recipe!
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Seafood Lasagna I

Reviewed: Jun. 23, 2007
WOW! I made this while on vacation with friends on the Outer Banks. Everyone loved this. I added a few things, which turned it into a mega-lasagna, or The Lasagna That Ate New York. I used a pound of lump crab, bay scallops, and shrimp in separate layers. I also added a layer of ricotta cheese mixed with a couple of beaten eggs. For the sauce I took the water I used to boil the shrimp, added a little white wine, and reduced it to about one cup. I started the sauce with the butter/flour roux, gradually added milk, shrimp reduction, and half-and-half. I also added Old Bay seasoning, paprika, a few dashes of Tabasco, and some basil. Total liquid was approximately five cups, but I was making a big lasagna. I added the grated parmesan to the sauce last. I layered in this order between the pasta: crabmeat, ricotta, scallops, shrimp. The scallops were small so I did not need to pre-cook them. It's important to let this rest 15-20 minutes after removing from the oven so your lasagna squares will hold together when serving. This made a fantastic dinner with garlic bread and a mixed green & romaine salad. Thanks for making everyone happy at the dinner table!
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Mocha Nut Bread

Reviewed: Jun. 17, 2007
I baked this to take on vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Unfortunately, just as the oven timer rang, I was called out on an emergency. The bread was not quite done, so I turned the oven off and left. The loaf was done when I returned, but was a bit dry. It would have been great had the baking conditions been right. I added about a cup of dried cranberries. I also used half white flour and half whole wheat. I'll make this again, but will add more of the instant coffee granules for a more intense coffee flavor. I also omitted nuts, because one person in the house party has a nut allergy. All in all, a very good quick bread recipe. Thanks!
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Whole Wheat Snickerdoodles I

Reviewed: Jun. 15, 2007
I would call this a milk & cookies recipe. I prepared them exactly as the recipe was written, but I did add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon to the dough. The whole wheat flour gives a nice slightly nutty taste, and - hey - it's good for you, right? Eat as many as you want. In fact, I will make these again, but I will double the recipe. I made these today for a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina tomorrow, and they will probably be gone by tomorrow evening. Baking them exactly eight minutes should give you a crisp cookie edge, and a soft middle (the cookie, not you - remember these are GOOD for you). They flatten nicely by pressing with the bottom of a drinking glass, and rolling them in sugar/cinnamon gives a sparkle to their appearance. This is a great easy anytime recipe. Thanks!
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Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Reviewed: Jun. 2, 2007
WARNING: YOU MUST REALLY LOVE CHOCOLATE TO ENJOY THESE COOKIES!!! I made a batch to take to a meeting tonight. It's very important to thoroughly chill the dough, not just for easier handling. The first batch I baked tasted kind of floury, so I had to eat them myself ;). I think letting the dough rest helps absorb the flour and baking powder. I dropped by tablespoons and adjusted the baking time accordingly. I also sprinkled some cookies with sliced almonds and some with cocoanut...nice appearance. If you want cocoanut flavor, you'll need to mix some cocoanut into the dough. Sprinkling on top just gave a bare hint of cocoanut flavor. This is a very good recipe, and not difficult to make!
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Jesse and Steve's Fresh Strawberry Cake

Reviewed: May 28, 2007
Great cake, and easy to make...don't let all the ingredients fool you. I gave this a 5 because it's one of the few cake recipes that call for fresh strawberries, not jello or a box mix. I made this for friends, and everyone loved it. I only made a few changes. I tossed a handful of sliced almonds in the batter instead of toasting them and putting them on top. I added a teaspoon of almond extract to the batter, and a squirt of red food coloring to give the cake a nice deeper pink color. I had to bake the cake an extra 15-20 minutes; maybe that's my oven's fault, it's old. I put the glaze in a sandwich bag and piped it on the cake. The glaze adds a nice tartness. Next time I'll probably cut the sugar in the batter back to a cup or less. Thanks for a nice cake recipe that travels well!
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Glazed Apple Cookies

Reviewed: May 6, 2007
This is a great tasting soft cookie, cakelike rather than crispy. They remained soft even after leaving them out awhile to let the cookies cool before glazing. The cookies also stayed out on the racks to let the glaze harden so I could pack them safely in a container to give to friends (I kept a few for myself, just for scientific purposes), and the cookies still remained soft. I always enjoy reading member feedback, and went with the following suggestions: used equal parts shortening and butter, coursely grated one Granny Smith apple, and reduced oven temp to 350 adding a couple of extra minutes for baking. I don't eat much salt, so I went with a scant 1/2 tsp, used pecans I had on hand instead of walnuts, and used golden raisins instead of regular raisins. I liked the idea of a decorative glaze, but really the cookies are sweet enough without it. I made a thick glaze, put it in a small ziploc bag, and snipped off a tiny corner at the bottom of the bag. Starting at the center of each cookie, I squeezed out a spiral design. The cookies look nice and it minimizes the amount of glaze so it doesn't overpower the cookie. I made the amount of glaze per the original recipe, and only used about half of the glaze. Thanks for sharing a very good cookie recipe that stands out in the crowd. It's nice to find a recipe that uses fresh apples!
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Harvest Loaf Cake

Reviewed: Oct. 26, 2002
Wow! My house smelled great while I was baking this! I substituted raisins for the chocolate chips. This makes a big, heavy, delicious loaf of bread. Thanks, Marsha!
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Chicken Cheese Ball

Reviewed: Aug. 24, 2002
I took this to a dinner party, and it was a total flop. I think I was the only one who had more than one taste; I had to have two or three crackers of the stuff just trying to figure out why it was rated so highly. I was very disappointed, because this recipe had so many rave reviews. It was salty, and the ranch taste was overpowering. In fact, no one could tell that there was chicken in it. It was simple to make, and the ingredients are easy to keep on hand, so I guess it might be a good recipe to have for emergencies.
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