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Braised Balsamic Chicken

Reviewed: Sep. 9, 2014
Wow! Talk about lip smacking flavors. I made as is, and have made it again with personal preferences which are a very small departure from the original recipe. As stated many times, if you go for the cheap balsamic vinegar, then expect a meager outcome. This ingredient is the main focus of the recipe; might as well not skimp on it. The first time I made as is, even my kids liked it. They made a little face on the first bite but the tomatoes and spices really balanced the vinegar. The only things that I have changed thereafter is really simple, 1- Added three cloves of garlic when cooking the onions 2- Combined the tomatoes, vinegar, and spices in a bowl and then added to the chicken. It just kept all the ingredients together and coated the chicken better in my opinion. I have made this several times and will continue!
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Midwest Loose Meats

Reviewed: Jul. 24, 2014
I made as is. Some of my family members don't like pickles so I had some with and without. Since I tasted both, I have to admit that the pickles give it a nice kick. While doing AS IS, I thought that the meat had a nice flavor but could need extra seasoning or oomph. I think that some of the suggestions of onions, garlic or garlic power, or others could help it out. However, this is a quick slap it together meal and I am ok with not really tweaking it. I would highly suggest going through the step of putting the sandwiches in the over for 10 minutes! It takes the crumbly mixture which would normally fall out of the sandwich and nicely blends it with the bread. Great idea!
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Sangria by the Pros

Reviewed: Jul. 20, 2014
Are you bloody kidding me?! This was incredible! I used to have bartender made sangria all the time in bistros in Quebec City. They were delicious. Then when I moved to Colorado, it was not served and lost touch with this excellent elixir. Move forward almost 15 years later, I go back to Quebec City just to realize that most people use a prepared mix (like margarita mix) and just add wine; what a travesty! So I looked up this recipe and...WOW! For those of you who have read some of my reviews I always make the recipes AS IS, at least the first time. Well, in this case, I could not find fresh pineapple and did not want the canned version, so I unfortunately had to leave it out. The outcome.... even a doubled recipe DISAPPEARED in less than a half-hour! Now I call that a stamp of approval. Here is a nice little trick though. If you've macerated the fruit in the brandy for the required amount of time, and don't server a lot of them in the actual drink, you can make a new batch in a pinch. Ok, it will not be "as good" as the first one, but it is better than not having sangria!!! Thank you so much for the recipe and having rekindled my love of sangria.
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Angel Chicken Pasta

Reviewed: Jul. 15, 2014
What a simple & delicious dish for a quick preparation meal! As per all the recipes that I try out, I make AS IS at least the first time around. This one really needs no change. I would disagree with people that substituted anything for the wine; it really adds a nice aroma and taste. Use a wine that you would drink with the meal. A cheap wine could ruin this one. I have to admit that I had never used/heard of golden mushroom soup. Although it gives and interesting color, it is exactly what the recipe needs. Do not substitute for cream of mushroom soup! I used Philadelphia Chives and Onion cream cheese as I did not find the chive-only kind. I would keep it next time around. If anything I would agree that one could cut down the butter in half (i.e. 1/8 cup of butter). I only used half a pound of the angel hair though, and it was just fine. This is more a question of portion control that how the recipe would have turned out. On another note, I see several people cutting their chicken since they don't find that the sauce makes it into the chicken breast. Just for calibration, a "normal" chicken breast is between 4 to 6 oz. If you buy the "mammoth" breast that are sold (at around ~12 oz each), they are so thick that the flavor doesn't get through. At six chicken breasts, you should be buying 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 pounds. Do either one of two things: buy six "healthy" portion of 4-6 oz each or buy three mammoth ones and just cut/butterfly along its thick side.
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Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs

Reviewed: May 27, 2014
So simple and so good! I did AS IS, and don’t think I would modify it. When these babies hit the BBQ, the smell was heavenly. The chicken was moist, tender and the rosemary really came through. My two little ones gobbled their portions up. The combination of all the ingredients was spot on! If I had to change anything, I would experiment with different brands/types of ranch dressings. Since it is a prominent part of the recipe, I am sure that one could find nice little twists for this great recipe. Although marked as optional, I added half of the proposed sugar, which I will leave out next time. Also, I would not marinade much beyond an hour or the lemon juice and vinegar would start over tenderizing the chicken.
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Mama's Italian Wedding Soup

Reviewed: Dec. 11, 2013
Success all around as per the recipe! As with many soups, there is definitely seasoning preferences that one could apply to this recipe. However, made as per the recipe, my wife came by the kitchen as I was making this and said:”Wow! I can’t wait to taste that! It smells so good!” Well it is a keeper. My two young boys just gobbled it, and they did not even notice the spinach! The preparation work is pretty much spot on: it took me about 20 minutes. To save time on slicing all the spinach, you can do a chiffonade. Just stack a bunch of the leaves, roll the pile lengthwise into a fairly tight cigar shape, and slice across the cigar in close cuts. It seriously makes those two cups processed nicely in a jiffy!
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Easy Chicken Marsala

Reviewed: Oct. 25, 2013
Is it impossible to make an easy gourmet dinner in a flash during the weekday? Not with this recipe!!! Wow! That is all I have to say. Again, I am a purist and usually do the recipes as they are written the first time around. The recipe was definitely very good as is and deserves all the stars. If and only if you decide to “augment” it, here are my suggestions: 1- Lightly dredge the chicken in flour before sautéing it. It gives it a little crust which I like. 2- Remove the chicken from the skillet and reserve in a plate before step #2, and only put back the chicken after adding the cream in step #3. This will ensure that the chicken is still tender. 3- Triple the sauce (i.e. 1 cup of Marsala and 1 cup of cream)!!! It is the best attribute of the recipe! Since there will already be a lot of cream, you don’t need the milk. I just omit it now. 4- Make sure you take the time to cook down the Marsala wine, which is why it should be boiled for 2 to 4 minutes as per step #3. Marsala is a nice fortified wine but can be a little overpowering for kids and people that don’t especially appreciate alcohol. That being said, I’ve served this over pasta, rice, and mashed vegetables and I’ve only had rave reviews. Thanks Sal!
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Easy Vegetable Pot Pie

Reviewed: Oct. 10, 2013
Great and quick comfort food with only five minutes of preparation! As per what I usually try to do, I followed the recipe as is. It was just perfect. I had to increase my cooking time by 10 minutes to get the correct crust doneness, but that was it. It had the really good “pot pie” taste minus the meat. I could even see myself just adding some chicken next time for the more traditional recipe. The kids just loved it! I am actually going to buy small ramekins and make individual portions for their lunches. Thanks KDCG!
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Easy and Elegant Pork Tenderloin

Reviewed: Sep. 3, 2013
Is this tender or what?! I have to admit that the limited ingredient list worried me a little but then again, it is what intrigued me. I would highly suggest that you do the recipe “as is” the first time and not modify it to a point that it is not longer the same recipe. I even broke my rule and decided to tent it for half of the time, after reading some reviews. I did not come out as “crunchy” as I would have like. So next time, and there will be a next time, I will not tent it. However, that did not dent my reaction to how moist, tender, and good this simple recipe was. Awesome!
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Squash Casserole II

Reviewed: Aug. 20, 2013
Delicious and quick to put together! My two young ones actually ate all of it before touching their main dish. Pretty much kept to the recipe except for substituting the bread crumbs for the Club brand crackers. To be quite honest, I will just use the recipe ingredient as is next time. With the mayo, butter, cheddar and French fried onions, I think there is enough taste (and calories) in order to just stick to the bread crumbs. However, THIS MAKES A LOT OF FOOD. I should have read the recipe more closely when it said that I needed a six quart casserole dish. I halved it (or more precisely, made two batches) and had more than enough for our little family of four. Thanks for the recipe!
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Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken

Reviewed: Jun. 6, 2013
RATING AS PER ORIGINAL RECIPE= AVERAGE. I made this recipe only looking at the rating and number of reviews; I should have known better. The “most helpful” reviews all modified it in one way or another. In the end the recipe does need to be modified because it is bland and the “crust” doesn’t come out crusty at all. All the reviewers made modification to remedy these aspects: change to panko, Italian breadcrumbs, drizzling oil to moisten the bread crumb mixture, double the oil and garlic mixture, or add mozzarella. It wasn’t bad, just really ordinary. I could make several modifications and make this more appealing as per the reviews. That being said, I would rather keep a similar but better recipe in my recipe box, for which I would not have to keep notes as to the substantial modification that it needs.
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Savory Bacon Cheddar Corn Muffins

Reviewed: Jun. 5, 2013
Five stars due to the fact that it is such a simple, quick and savory side dish! Judging the recipe AS IT IS, I would say it is very good. Yes, it is a corn muffin and thus could potentially pale in comparison to more elaborate side dishes. However, for a weekday “oh my, what am I going to put on the side with my main dish?!” option, this hit the spot; after all, how can you go wrong with bacon and cheese? I am sure that one could oomph it up with more herbs or spice. I would say that tarragon, oregano or basil would give it a little more finesse. Personally, next time I might just add about ½ teaspoon of either smoky paprika or chipotle powder. I think the most important aspect is that my 1.5 and 3.5 year old boys really liked it, which is reason enough for me. I must say that two muffins magically disappeared in the process of taking them out of the over and putting them on the plate…
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Salisbury Steak with Mushrooms

Reviewed: May 17, 2013
Thank you ESKARINA! I was in a rut with my weekday dinner rotation and was wondering how to use some ground beef I had. This was perfect!!! I dislike when people rate a recipe with so many changes that the original recipe is barely recognizable. I did it as is with all the same ingredients and proportions. HOWEVER the second time around, I felt that the recommendation in step #2 to remove the beef patties when they are browned, sauté the onions and mushrooms, put back the patties and then proceed with the rest of step #2, had the best outcome. The salt and pepper quantities might changes with the type of broth that you use (i.e. its sodium content) but the salt to pepper proportion was just right for this dish.
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Cheese Crackers

Reviewed: Mar. 25, 2013
I did not really know what to expect and decided to make these. I must confess that since my three year old was going to eat some, I originally omitted the pepper flakes; that dulled the flavor. Once I added some flakes to mine, I can say that the spiciness really helped. I also dusted some of them with smoked paprika: wow! I will definitely make these again since I pretty much ate half the batch by myself.
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Baked Pork Chops II

Reviewed: Mar. 21, 2013
I didn’t feel that this recipe deserved four stars. I only modified the recipe by swapping tomato sauce for diced to tomatoes. Either way, the internal temperature was reached way before the hour (more like ½ hour) and thus I had to thicken the sauce in a pan on the stove. I wouldn’t say it was bad. I was intrigued by the fact that such a simple recipe got such a strong rating for a “quick fix” meal, and thus was looking forward to the practicality of making this in my rotation. I will make again, when considering pre-prepared meals or delivery though.
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Easy Chicken Parmesan

Reviewed: Feb. 28, 2013
Nice and amazingly simple dish to whip up and serve. After reading a bunch of reviews I ended up breading and sautéing the chicken just a bit before putting in the sauce. I simplified the whole cheese process by just buying a 2 cup bag of Italian Blend. Since the recipe is so simple, I did assume that seasoning would be necessary; and it was. I sampled half-way through cooking and felt that it needed it. I added some garlic salt and a few herbs. Although I gave it four stars, I will make it again for sure when in a pinch. It definitely beats meals in a jar or “meal helpers”.
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Mini Meatloaves

Reviewed: Dec. 12, 2012
Ideal for kids and freezes well! I make these for my sons’ lunch all the time. I use the ingredients as per the recipe BUT put the individual potions in a muffin pan greased with PAM. I have a simple food scale and make 3 oz patties. I add the sauce equally over all the portions. Obviously, I make these when the little ones can have it as a meal. But this recipe is so easy to make in a big batch, that I can make more and freeze them in individual containers (two per container in this case) that can be sent to school with him for a reheat. UPDATE: My boys were getting tired of big meat patties. I now actually just scoop one tablespoon of the mixture, roll it into a meatball and then when all the meatballs are formed in a oven safe dish, I just dress them with the sauce. Bake for only 30 minutes and watch them gobble them up. Also served as appetizers and people who did not like meatloaf gave me compliments!
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Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta

Reviewed: Dec. 12, 2012
Great recipe and so quick to do! My wife, who is not a fan of “slap it all together” food, actually asked me how hard it was to do since she would like to make it again. The changes I made are very simple: reduced butter to 4 tablespoons, all fresh veggies, and could not help myself to up the calorie count by adding two crumbled pieces of bacon at the last step with the salmon (yumm!!!).
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Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue

Reviewed: May 31, 2012
Fantastic!!! My wife is not really even fond of BBQ. Well she said this recipe was a keeper! I took heavily in consideration the two “Most Helpful” reviews. First I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Original BBQ sauce. I can see that a subpar sauce would really mangle this recipe. As per the suggestion, I used fresh chicken breasts, used the same other ingredients as per the recipe and added 1 cup of diced onions. Cooked for three hours on high, shredded the chicken and then put on low for one hour. Wow! This will definitely be on rotation. Oh and my picky three year old loooooooved it! Enjoy and thanks for the recipe!
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