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Toasted Garlic Bread

Reviewed: Sep. 22, 2005
Yummy! I used all of these ingredients, but assembled and baked it differently. I sliced the loaf (1/2 loaf of Italian Herb Bread I from this site) in half lengthwise, like splitting a roll. I spread the butter mixture on both sides, then put them together and baked, at 350 in foil for 20 minutes. Then I added the cheese and baked the bread open-faced until the cheese melted. Served with Chicken Milano from this site. I used fresh oregano. Very good- I usually make my own garlic bread but this recipe is great. I love the olive oil addition- I had never thought of that before!
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Focaccia Bread

Reviewed: Aug. 29, 2005
Great flavor, but the directions could use some help! I read some reviews that helped me. I proofed my yeast with the sugar and (115 degree) water first for 10 minutes, then added the salt, oil, and herbs (using fresh basil). Then I stirred in the flour (using one cup whole wheat flour, the rest unbleached white). Kneaded for about 5-6 minutes, and let rise for about 40 minutes. I then shaped the dough into a rectangle on a greased cookie sheet and let it rise for 30 more minutes. Then I brushed on my olive oil, and sprinkled on my parmesan cheese. Skipped the mozzarella, but I'm sure it's good that way too. Baked at 400 for about 20 minutes. Delicious!!! Served with Rich and Creamy Tomaoto Basil Soup from this site, and a layered lettuce salad. Beautiful! I had no problems with it not rising, and it tasted light and yummy, even with the whole wheat flour.
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Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

Reviewed: Sep. 8, 2005
Five stars for quick, easy, and tasty. Plus, I already had everything in the house. I left out the beer and used one cup homemade chicken broth instead. I used two chicken breasts and that seemed like a good amount. I also used fire-roasted frozen corn from Trader Joe's (instead of canned). Garnished with light sour cream and fresh cilantro, and served with tortilla strips for dipping! Yum!
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Fry Bread Tacos II

Reviewed: Jan. 12, 2008
Five stars for the actual fry bread. I did make a few small changes. My mom learned how to make fry bread from a Navajo woman and she gave me a few suggestions. Add a little bit of fat to the actual dough to make the fry bread tender- I used about 1-2 tsp. olive oil (not authentic, but oh well). Also, instead of just a depression in the center, she always makes a small hole. This allows it to cook evenly. I fried in a mix of canola, olive, and coconut oil (ran out of canola). I made 6 fry breads out of this recipe (some smaller than others). I used my instant-read thermometer to measure the the temp of the oil. These turned out perfect, and so yummy! The topping was only 3 stars, at best- it's a little bit bland. Next time I would just make my own thick chili to top these with. I thought kneading the dough would be difficult, but it really wasn't. It was a little sticky, but I only added a couple pinches of extra flour and it handled just fine- turned into a nice, silky dough. I enjoyed making these! I ate too many, and I don't make fried foods often (harldy at all) so I'll probably wait a little until I make them again, but I really enjoyed them!
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Blueberry Crumb Bars

Reviewed: May 12, 2006
Really yummy! I used butter instead of shortening, and used frozen berries. I cut the recipe in half too, and used part whole-wheat pastry flour. I did the "dough" in my food processor, and it never really came together, it was just a powdery mixture. I thought it wouldn't work, but went ahead with it anyways and it all came together during baking. These turned out really well. For those of you that said the dough part didn't have any real flavor, it's probably due to the shortening. Shortening has no real flavor (plus it's yucky and bad for you). Try butter, it's so much better!
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German Potato Salad

Reviewed: Aug. 25, 2006
Good basic recipe. I had to change it a little bit, because when I got my green onions out, they had gone bad, so I used part of a sweet Walla-Walla onion instead, and sauteed it in the bacon grease after taking the bacon out. I also used white balsamic vinegar, which added a little more sweetness. I used 2 extra bacon slices too, but took out some of the grease. The dressing got really thick; not sure if it was supposed to or not, but it stuck to the potatoes this way which I thought was good. Since I didn't have the green onions I used about a TBS. of dried chives for color. I also used red unpeeled potatoes. Had this with grilled sausages on wheat rolls and fresh corn on the cob. Very good!
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Crustless Cranberry Pie

Reviewed: Nov. 14, 2005
Oh wow!! What a sweet surprise!! This was SO GOOD! It was yummy cranberry goodness surrounded by a tasty, tasty cake-thing. I would describe the texture of the "cake" as a cross between a cake and a brownie (non-chocolate, of course). I think the almond flavoring really ties it all together, and the nuts are essential too. As I usually do, I used 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour in place of the white. My husband was really blown away by this; he wasn't looking forward to "cranberry pie" but said it was one of the best things he's ever had!
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Quinoa and Black Beans

Reviewed: Sep. 27, 2005
My husband loved this! I decided at the last minute to use only one can of black beans. I put the first one in, and it seemed like another one would be overkill. I've never cooked quinoa before, but my husband has, and he says this is a great recipe. I did use the veggie broth, but may use chicken broth next time. Served with salsa chicken from this site, and they blended well together. I mixed the cooked salsa "juices" into the quinoa for a great taste experience. Also served with an avocado and sour cream. Delicious!
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Hudson's Baked Tilapia with Dill Sauce

Reviewed: Jul. 6, 2006
I loved the dill sacue for this recipe. The fish itself was ok, and it would have gotten less stars had it not been for the dill sauce. It was great, and I only made 2 fish fillets but kept the dill sauce the same so I could use it on my steamed asparagus. It tasted great on both the fish and asparagus. I used plain fat-free yogurt instead of sour cream, and light mayo. That way I could feel better about eating so much of it. ;)
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Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach Blue Cheese and Bacon

Reviewed: Oct. 4, 2005
You know, I was actually going to make up a recipe for spinach and blue cheese stuffed chicken breasts, but came here first to see if there was a reicpe for what I had in mind. This is almost it! These are my changes: I only had fresh spinach so I wilted it in the micro (one-minute intervals...man that stuff shrinks!). Mixed it with blue cheese (for hubby, I did shredded mozzarella and a bit of light sour cream cause he dislikes blue cheese and I just had the mozz on hand). I then pounded my chicken breasts, spread the cheese mixture on one side and rolled it up, wrapping two whole, raw bacon slices around it. Didn't even need toothpicks. Pretty easy to prepare too (I prepared the cheese/spinach mixture ahead of time and put in in some tupperware in the fridge). I skipped the browning with flour and olive oil- as the bacon cooked in the oven it took care of that part. I loves this dish! Tasted hubby's and it was good, although not as good as mine, because I LOVE blue cheese!
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Steak Tip Marinade

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2007
I converted this into a crockpot recipe by making about 2/3 of the marinade, but cutting the Wor. sauce way down, to only about a teaspoon (because of the salt) and adding about 1/4 cup water. I used some round steaks and poured the sauce over them, added a small sliced red onion and a small bag of baby carrots. Cooked everything all day on low. Thickened the liquid at the end with a flour/water slurry, and served this with Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes and toasted Challah bread and butter. Good and really easy!
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Reviewed: Dec. 24, 2005
These are very yummy. My candy thermometer doesn't really work, so we just cooked until it reached the firm ball stage (a drop of the mixture forms a firm but pliable ball when dopped into ice water). It took approx. 30 minutes of cooking and stirring. It is very helpful to make this with someone else, that way there are 2 people to get everything ready and take turns stirring, etc. Don't do what we did and line the pan with foil before pouring the caramel in... it stuck badly to the foil and we almost had a caramel disaster! We had to fill up the sink with hot water and float the pan of caramel in the hot water in order to loosen the foil enough. Then we eneded up losing some of the caramel, because it still stuck to the foil. My fault though! This caramel tastes so good that we couldn't stop eating it! Perfect flavor and texture. ******** Made these again a few weeks later but only had 1/2 cup corn syrup. So I used honey for the rest, and they were absolutely amazing! So much better than before, and I didn't think that was possible! ;) I may try them again sometime with even more honey. The texture is a little softer, but I like that anyways.
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Baked Chicken Nuggets

Reviewed: Dec. 30, 2005
These were very good and tender! I didn't want to use all of that butter, so I used two beaten eggs mixed with a splash of olive oil. I was running short on Parm so I used half the amount. Served with Honey mustard dressing- very tasty!
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Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Reviewed: Oct. 27, 2005
These are so yummy! I roasted my head of garlic early in the day because my oven was going to be busy all afternoon. I just squeezed it out into an air-tight containter and kept it covered, on the countertop for a few hours. I used a mix of Yukon Gold and Red potatoes. (I just don't like russet). I also didn't measure the milk; just did it until it seemed right. The garlic flavor really mellows out when it's roasted, so next time, I might even add more garlic. Crazy, I know! I might incorporate the roasted garlic part of this recipe into my fave taters from this site, Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes. Served with Roast Sticky Chicken from this site. Sooo good!
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Tomato Basil Pasta

Reviewed: Sep. 14, 2007
I really loved this. It was so good I could hardly stop eating! I used Trader Joe's multi-grain flax spiral pasta, and chose to sautee the onion a few minutes. I left the garlic raw, however, as I enjoy that flavor. I added a little more fresh basil and an extra tomato too. I cut down on the oil by 2 TBS, and added two splashes of red wine vinegar. I loved how the feta tasted with all the ingredients. Great recipe!!
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Oatmeal and Wheat Flour Blueberry Pancakes

Reviewed: Nov. 17, 2005
Even though I made some changes, these still deserve 5 stars. The major change I made was using buttermilk in place of soy. I would have used soy, but I don't really have any other uses for it, so decided to go w/the buttermilk I already had instead. I used whole wheat pastry flour, and next time, will probably just use that and cut out the white flour altogether. I used old-fashioned oats because I don't keep quick oats on hand. They were great! I also added a little bit more blueberries. They were light and fluffy with a great texture inside and out!
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Chicken Broth in a Slow Cooker

Reviewed: Nov. 4, 2005
Good recipe. I used thighs, and didn't bother skinning them. After cooking all day, I let it sit in the fridge overnight and skimmed off the large amount of fat on top. I used some in Vegetable Couscous from this site, and froze the rest in 1-cup portions to use in recipes. It has a nice deep, rich flavor and made the couscous taste wonderful. I have done this before with a chicken or turkey carcass. I added a bit of salt (not too much though, I hate how salty store-bought broths are, even the "reduced-sodium" varieties...) Will make again!
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Creamy Homemade Chicken Stew

Reviewed: Feb. 21, 2007
I don't know how many stars to leave, because I admit I really changed this recipe, but I had to in order for it to work. One unwritten rule of crockpot cooking is: don't leave dairy products (namely milk or cheese) in the crockpot for extended periods of time. It will separate and just not work. So here's what I did. I put the chicken (used one large boneless chicken breast) in the crockpot with 3 cups of broth and all of the veggies except peas (omitted mushrooms). 3 cups of broth worked well- I don't see how it could have worked with 1. About an hour and half before we ate, I shredded the chicken and added the frozen peas (2 cups, not thawed). Then 30-45 minutes before we ate, I mixed one can (forget "one cup") of 2% evaporated milk with the flour in a large liquid measuring cup. Added that in and turned the slow cooker to high. Cooked until thick enough. Served with Butter Cresents from this site- yummy, good, comforting and filling! With my changes it's a 5, but as written, I'd say 3.... so I guess I'll give it a 4.
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Wassail Punch

Reviewed: Oct. 23, 2005
I love how this recipe doesn't require any sugar and uses only juice and spices. I had everything on hand, and I even used a chunk of peeled, fresh ginger instead of the dried. I made it Sunday morning (in the crockpot) and we had it after dinner when we got home from church. Very yummy!
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Moroccan Lentil Soup

Reviewed: Dec. 10, 2006
This is good, and so easy. I did it in the crockpot, and didn't sautee anything beforehand, just threw it all in (no oil). Sadly, I forgot to buy fresh ginger so I just used dried. I had brown lentils, so I used those instead, but am interested in trying the red. I used 4 cups (a carton) of veggie broth and 2 cups water. Cooked in my crockpot for about 12 hours on low, and it was perfect. Thick and yummy. I added an extra 1/2 tsp. of garam masala because I love it. I only used a sprinkle of cayenne. Served with warm mini wheat pitas from Trader Joe's.
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