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Cinnamon Rolls I

Reviewed: Feb. 5, 2002
I almost passed this recipe up because I read that it is made the night before. I didn't like the ingredients in the other recipies (boxed cake mixes, etc) so I came back to this one. I made them yesterday and am making them now as I write this. I didn't store them, I made them the same day. I let the dough rise til doubled and then punched it down and rolled it out. I then let it rest and rolled it out again before continuing. The bread is tender. My old recipe came out as hard and that's why I was searching for a new recipe. This is it. I have no need to look for another cinnamon roll recipe. I did have to use a larger then 8 X 8 pan. Thanks Sharon for this recipe.
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No Bake Fudge Cookies

Reviewed: May 30, 2005
This is the No Bake cookie recipe I grew up with minus the raisins. Be sure to boil at a full rolling boil for the 1 minute or they will not harden. If that does happen, have fun eating with a spoon. (Can you tell it happens to me every once in a while? I also live in a humid climate and that might contribute to those times).
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No Bakes

Reviewed: Jul. 23, 2000
be sure to bring to a rolling boil.
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Baked Kale Chips

Reviewed: Sep. 26, 2009
I got this recipe from a Jacques Pepin cooking show. It was awful in that it was bitter. There are ppl who like bitter but it's a bad word to me. I do strongly suggest you try it once however, as the health benifts would be awesome (in regards to snacking), if you lucky enough to like them. The need for crunch is so hard to meet with a healthy option. I'm completely baffled by the person who says "similar taste to potato chips.". Taste buds are funny creatures tho. To help keep the kale cook evenly and be crispy, cook on a rack (I think that's what it is called) on top of a cooking sheet. That way the air circulates around the kale. Baked chicken should be done this way too.
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Butter Cake

Reviewed: Sep. 2, 2003
Butter and eggs are what to look for in a cake recipe. This isn't a light froo froo cake. Use good quality ingredients like real vanilla and it's great. (I often add more vanilla than a recipe calls for) Someone said it was like corn bread, it's dense like corn bread but soft, not grainy and it certainly did not taste like flour, it tasted like a vanilla flavored cake (sweet). This cake will hold up to shaping. It is great alone but frosting is always nice too. The only difference in my ingredients, is I don't ever have milk on hand, I used powdered milk, not really a difference. Do not make if you like lighter than air, froo froo cake.
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Sugar Cookie Drops

Reviewed: Dec. 28, 2000
Don't be surprised at the greasy feeling of the dough. I will chill it next time to make it a little easier to handle. I forgot to press down with a fork and just waited for the dough balls to flatten and it was a perfect indication that they were done. I used this recipe for Christmas and rolled a few in red sugar, a few in green sugar, a few in white sugar and a few in cinnamon and sugar. I am keeping this recipe. I do wish I had made half a batch.
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Zucchini Chips

Reviewed: Apr. 12, 2013
I don't do this recipe but I use a dehydrator set at around 135F. I do not know how long it takes for them to crisp. I suggest using 4mm blade in a food processor to cut them. Also, cut the zuc in half and then lay them long wise down in the food processor. The first time I made them, I used 2mm and cut the standard rounds. They were too thin and small to pick up. They just disintegrated. These are a great crunchy snack that is low glycemic, slightly sweet. I think yellow squash would work great too so whatever is on sale or that you grow. Children will even love this snack. I suggest everyone try it once.
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Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Reviewed: Oct. 27, 2008
I wish I could write a review without rating. I may revisit this rating. I made these as I was out of molasses for another recipe. I thought the butter and oil ratio seemed high but as a knitter, there is a saying: "Always trust the pattern". When my dough was mixed, it was extremely gloppy and could not be rolled into balls properly. I did separate the dough into individual portions and 'rolled' into a cinnamon and sugar mix. I love cookies with oil in them as that gives them a 'melt in your mouth' quality and one can make a crispy outside by rolling in sugar. One can take some sugar from the recipe and put it on the outside if one doesn't want to add more sugar to an already sweet recipe. I disagree with calling these "Cinnamon cookies". The amount of cinnamon in the recipe does not lend to these tasting of cinnamon. I added a Tbs of cinnamon in the dough and rolled them in cinnamon and sugar. They still were not very strong tasting but were very good. I know I'm all over the place with this review. Basically, as the recipe is written I would not make again. I would, however, tweak this recipe and perfect it, except, one can find another oil cookie recipe here on AR and add cinnamon to taste. I'd rather not give a bad review for how a recipe tastes. Each has her/his own preferences and how can one rate on that? It was how the dough consistency turned out for me, that I am not happy about. The final product, tho the dough was irritating to work with, was a mel
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Momma's Poor Man's Lasagne

Reviewed: Sep. 17, 2011
I've made a variation of this for years. Although mine is fairly different, I wanted to suggest using a 14.5 oz can of fire roasted tomatoes. One can drain it and reserve the liquid, freezing it in an ice cube tray for other uses. I then blend the tomatoes as I'm not a tomato fan, and add it in replacement of the tomato sauce. I use fire roasted tomatoes in a can for everything that requires sauce or canned tomatoes. Thank you VH for posting this recipe.
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Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Reviewed: Jan. 5, 2011
These are perfect for decorating.
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Colored Sugar

Reviewed: Jan. 23, 2012
What's also great is one can make the color they want for the theme they are working with. Use black color paste (not sure if that's what it is called) for example if one needed black sugar. A lovely lilac instead of just purple, or a deep blue.
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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Reviewed: Nov. 9, 2009
I agree with the person who said just use choclate and add nothing. Also, I am baffled that people are able to use toothpicks. Mine fall out but maybe it's due to the fact that I don't use shortening. I just use my hand to hold them. This is a easy, inexpesive treat. Guys, make this for your girls on Valetine's day and she will think you are one of a kind! PS. Many people think coconut oil is healthy so one may substitute that for the shortening.
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No Bake Cookies I

Reviewed: Dec. 1, 2013
If you've tried the others & are disappointed in the flavor, try this one. My recipe is just slightly different so I figured I'd review this one instead of posting another recipe. When one uses too much sugar i.e. 2 cups, it waters down the flavor. I use 1 1/2 cups of sugar. I prefer to use the 1/4 cup measuring cup for the cocoa powder. I use smooth peanut butter & I use regular oats. Make sure to have the oats measured out into a bowl & the peanut butter measured out into the measuring cup before hand & a measuring tsp ready to measure the vanilla. Have your wax paper, foil or parchment paper ready before starting too. I use about a foot & a half long piece. If the cookies are boiled correctly, they will not spread & you can place them about an inch apart. Bring the mixture to a full rolling boil, then start the count down to 1 minute. If you have bad luck with them setting up, add 10 seconds to the count down. If they do not set up, they are still quite edible with a spoon. I use a flatware tablespoon/serving spoon, heaping, to scoop these out. I get 22 cookies with my recipe which is 1/4 cup of sugar smaller than this recipe. If this recipe isn't working for you, it's you, not the recipe ratio. Possibly humidity or altitude is affecting your results. Adjust boiling time based on your results. FYI This cookie does not taste overly of peanut butter, didn't know PB was in it first time I tasted. If one can not have PB, use almond or nut butter. Allow 45 minutes to set up.
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Molasses Cookies

Reviewed: Oct. 10, 2011
The reason why I'm giving 4 stars is that I didn't make it exactly to recipe. One person I'm cooking for doesn't get along with ginger so I omitted it. I'd have doubled it if I were making it for myself alone. I doubled the cin. I usually shun margarine due to my upbringing but I know the crinkles & that lovely texture come from margarine (or lard; gasp!) so I used it. I wasn't sure what size to roll the balls to get 30 cookies so I just did the often standard walnut size. About the size of a quarter but a titch smaller. It made 56 cookies which I think is great + if you are doing these for a holiday where there are other sweets, then it allows for more sampling. Muahahaha. Ahem, anyway, I rolled them in brown sugar as I didn't have coarse sugar on hand. Also could have done it with colored sugar(s). I almost added cinnamon in the coating as well but decided not to this first time. I also didn't roll into sugar for about 1/3 the batch as a favor to a friend of mine who prefers way less sugar than is natural. These are my kind of cookie, crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. I cooked mine for 9 minutes & immediately placed then on a wire rack to cool. They are sturdy enough to be able to do that. Edit: I made these again today. I didn't have margarine so I used butter. I did my little tweaks. I ended up making them about golf sized this time & ended up with 19 cookies. These taste better cooled than hot & even better the next day to allow spices to infused.
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Whole Wheat Pumpkin-Applesauce Muffins

Reviewed: Dec. 14, 2010
I will be making these again, today, with some tweaks. I did not make the recipe as listed so let me give the details. I made a test batch 3 days ago. I am making a batch today for a holiday party tomorrow, hence the test batch. I used 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 all purpose flour. For the party I will be doing that again but hope to make them with 100% whole wheat for here at home someday soon. I don't stock pumpkin pie spice so I added 2 tsp cinnimon, 1/2 tsp ground ginger and 1/2 tsp ground nut meg. I knew from experience this wasn't enough spice but my brain was mushy that day and I didn't listen to myself. The muffins turned out wonderful in a light pumplin flavor and I adore the dense texture. However, the spices probably need to be trippled to be tasted. No spice taste what so ever with the small amount I used. The muffins were even more flavorful (but not spice wise) the next day. I see that I could have stretched, if needed, the recipe into 18 muffins. I really like the texture and the generous size the 12 muffins it makes. As with most recipes one should make them their own with personal tweaks. This recipe is a keeper for me with some tweaks I plan on making in regards to the spices. Thank you for posting this whole wheat recipe.
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Condensed Milk Chocolate Frosting

Reviewed: Mar. 7, 2010
In all fairness, I only made this once. I cooked it for 12 minutes, stirring frequently. It has the consistancy of water. I didn't get to the point where one is suppose to add the water or the vanilla as I knew it was a bust. I don't think I did anything incorrectly so I won't be trying to make this again. I do hate to give low ratings. If you are not very experienced with this kind of thing, I suggest you keep looking for an easier recipe.
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Pumpkin Smoothie

Reviewed: Jul. 21, 2010
I haven't tried this but didn't want to lower the rating so I rated it 5 stars. One can sub Greek yougurt for the milk or some of the milk to up the health benifits and hide the taste of the Greek yogurt. I can't have pumpkin due to the glycemic index however I bet this smoothie is delicious.
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Michelle's Famous Washed Cranberry Sauce

Reviewed: Nov. 26, 2009
This recipe is close to the one I've always used. The one I used uses only 1 cup of water but sub cranberry juice and don't add any sugar as my BF dislikes anything remotely sweet. So if you like it less runny, only use 1 cup of water. Please do try this recipe if you've only had canned "cranberry sauce".
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Eggplant Burgers

Reviewed: May 3, 2009
I can't eat bread. But if I could, I'd toast the hamburger buns. I might also add some garlic to the buttered buns before toasting to make a garlic toasted bun.
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Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

Reviewed: Dec. 15, 2006
These are close to my Nonnie's sugar cookies. Her's takes cream and not cream cheese. I could not taste the cream cheese however there is a bit of an advantage as the dough is easier to work with. One does not have to refrig over night. Once the center of the dough is the temp that the refrig is set at, there's no need to take longer. My recipe calls for 1 hour so I suspect 2 hours is enough but over night is fine if you are too busy to make the same day. Set out for about 15 minutes and kneed to make soft enough to roll out. Mine spread just a little bit which surprised me so be sure to have 1" between cookies. I think this is a nice recipe however I'm sticking with mine as I also use cream for the frosting as well.
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