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Dry Onion Soup Mix

Reviewed: Dec. 3, 2011
I was saddened to learn that due to gluten allergies I could no longer enjoy my favorite California Dip, which everyone knows is just Lipton onion soup dip. There isn't another brand that comes close for superb onion dip. I'd rather pass than eat another. So I was skeptical, but decided to make this anyway, thinking it might be good enough. Well, it wasn't good enough. It was spot on, exactly the flavor of Lipton. Perfect as is, nothing to add or delete. I'm a very happy camper! I'm off to search for recipes that call for onion soup mix...
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Best Baked French Fries

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2013
First, let me state that I hate oven fries. Most are a pale imitation of french fries and just not worth the effort. These are not like the others. They're super easy and quite tasty. I'm a french fry purist so only used salt to season, along with the oil and sugar. The flavor is spot-on french fry, no sugar flavor at all. I cut mine into batons and some came out tough on the outside. All of them were creamy on the inside, like a good fry should be. I'll keep playing with the cooking time to get the outside perfect. If I can do that consistently, I'll rate this 5 stars. I served them alongside Crispy Fish Filets (AR recipe). The fish cook so fast that there isn't time to mind another dish at the same time. I really appreciated being able to stick these fries in the oven and set the time. Fish, fries and no stress, it doesn't get much better!
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Jeannie's Kickin' Fried Fish

Reviewed: Dec. 13, 2011
A hit! I'm not the biggest fish fan and have nothing but praise for this easy recipe. I cooked this tonight using Panko crumbs to which I added Italian seasoning. Everything else was per the recipe. All of the spices blended beautifully, and even though I used liberal pinches of red pepper, it wasn't at all hot. It was just nicely seasoned, perfectly cooked and wonderfully crunchy. A definite winner, I'll make this spice blend part of my regular fish rotation. Thanks, crabbyjean! Update: I've made this many times now, and have found that letting the fish rest for an hour in the fridge makes the coating stick even better. I make a big batch of the coating mix using gluten free panko crumbs, Italian seasoning and all the spices so I always have it handy. It's great for coating chicken, too. BTW - I now love fish!
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French Onion Green Bean Casserole

Reviewed: Nov. 26, 2011
Why are there only 5 stars? This recipe deserves 10! So much better than the canned soup version. Everyone declared it a hit, and hubby said it was the star of the meal. Made this exactly per the video instructions, and will do it again next year. I assembled it the day before, brought it up to room temp. while the turkey baked, then added the topping and popped it into the oven while the bird was resting. Gluten free Panko crumbs worked perfectly. Do use good quality Parmigiana-Reggiano cheese, it matters in this recipe. Kudos to Chef John for updating a very tired classic. Thank you!
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Easy Chicken Taquitos

Reviewed: Oct. 19, 2012
These are good, and much healthier than my usual fried version. I did think they needed a kick, more seasoning on the chicken. But they're sure quick and easy to assemble, great for a last-minute weeknight meal. All in all, a nice base recipe, easily tweaked.
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Flavorful Beef Stir-Fry

Reviewed: Jul. 12, 2012
I'm rating this for the beef sauce, which is simplicity itself and lent a wonderful flavor to my stri-fry. I used different veggies, no water chestnuts or cabbage, and omitted the 4-minute simmer because we like our veggies tender-crisp and there was no liquid in the pan anyway. Because I was using dryer veggies I should have doubled the sauce and will from now on. The sauce makes a great base for beef stir-fry and couldn't be easier. I wasn't serving wine tonight, so used mirin for the wine and it worked well. The sauce is my new base recipe for beef stir-fry. Thanks!
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Lime Cilantro Rice

Reviewed: Jan. 5, 2012
Eep! I've been making this for months and forgot to review it until now. Anyway, this rice is so good. Very light and yet still lots of flavor. Excellent flavor profile for all kinds of dishes, from Mexican to Island to Asian. It's just really bright and as simple as plain rice. Try it! My little twist is to give the rice a VERY quick sauté in 1/2 Tbsp. evoo before cooking. It makes it extra light and fluffy.
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Spicy Grilled Chicken

Reviewed: Aug. 17, 2011
I always cut chicken breasts in half so they're thinner, and this recipe rewarded that, because with just 2 hours marinating the flavors really came through. I'm so tired of chicken marinades that don't really permeate the meat, but not here. The lime, garlic and pepper were very present. Sadly, the pepper flakes only ended up on half of my piece. Next time I'll use cayenne or hot sauce to make sure I get an even coating of spice. I served it with rice pilaf and grilled pineapple spears and was told to "Make this again!" We loved it! ****Update***** Made this for Mom and she only let put in a dash or two of hot sauce, afraid of too much heat. It was much worse for the change, tasting like lime chicken, with not much else going on. Do not omit or reduce the pepper flake or sauce, it's really needed to make this dish shine.
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Mushroom Sauce

Reviewed: Sep. 23, 2011
Normally, I don't give 5 stars to recipes that I tweak. However, this was so well-received it warrants an exception. I added about a 1/4 cup of cream and doubled the cornstarch (no arrowroot) to thicken it up a bit. Served over chopped steak and smashed 'taters. This was SO good that my mother's husband, who is on hospice care and has zero appetite, cleaned his plate. The man is also a VERY critical foodie. He now says that I'm an excellent cook. Thank you, Jimmi. You made my dinner!
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Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce

Reviewed: Jan. 7, 2013
I made this for the Redskins vs Seahawks wildcard game, and it did come together nicely, but it was deemed a bit bland. Most of my guests added some of the fresh diced jalapeño I had sitting beside it. It was nice and creamy when freshly made right before the game, but by half-time it was grainy and just awful, after sitting in a 2-qt slow cooker on "warm". Not one I'll make again, a rare miss from Chef John.
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Chef John's Tomato Sauce

Reviewed: Dec. 1, 2013
I've made this twice exactly as written, and it is excellent. I like to add a bit of brown sugar near the end of it's simmer time to counter the acid and add a mellow note. Then I began to play with it. Balsamic vinegar (white or red) is a nice substitution. I was out of celery once and no one noticed, so I don't bother with it anymore. They're also just as happy with my quick-cooked take on this which uses (don't judge!) dried minced onions and only simmers for 30 minutes. It's more of a dump-and-cook affair. It tastes almost exactly like the longer-cooking original with much less time and effort. Most of the time I do it quick, but sometimes I bring the love with fresh onions and let it simmer it all day. Fast or slow, this is amazing tomato sauce, on par with the best of the restaurant sauces.
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Golden Sweet Cornbread

Reviewed: Sep. 4, 2011
**Update** I've been making this for over a year now and have found new ways to use it. For corn muffins, don't use paper liners. Instead, use cooking spray and be generous. Then pour the batter right in. Your muffins will have a nice crisp browned crust. Yum! I also jazz the muffins by adding leftover pulled pork or (in mini-muffins) bits of hot dogs. The pulled pork muffins are amazing, thanks Chef John! Keep mustard on hand for dipping mini corn dog muffins, Kids gobble them up. Both are major winners! ** Original review - Made this tonight, subbing a combo of GF baking mix and GF bread flour for the AP flour. Everything else per recipe. Whole family loved it. DH loves Marie Callendar cornbread and said this is one I need to make again. BTW - I'm the only one who eats gluten free, the rest of the pack, DH, DS, DDIL and grands are all wheat-eaters. Even the 2 yr-old loved it. A definite winner. Thank you!
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Summer Corn Salad

Reviewed: Aug. 22, 2011
The best way to make this salad sing is to make the vinaigrette separately; whisk vinegar, basil, salt/pepper, then slowly whisk in oil, THEN pour over the salad. The dressing holds together better, and all the vinegar droplets get the benefit of the spices, making sure every bite is well seasoned. It's about the spiced vinegar being suspended in the oil. Just my 2 cents, but it makes a taste difference. I make a similar salad, but use green onions. And lemon in the vinaigrette. Otherwise, it's the same, and VERY tasty, especially if you dress it about 15 minutes before serving to let the flavors do their thing.
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Crispy Fish Fillets

Reviewed: Aug. 4, 2012
Seriously crunchy fried fish - love it! I've made this twice now with the addition of a flour dusting before frying. The mustard takes fish to a whole new level of yumminess that will please both adults AND kids. A major plus is that by using GF flour to dust the fish, this recipe is GLUTEN FREE! I've made it with tilapia and grouper, both worked well. The first time, I prepped all the fish, then put them into the pan. The second time, I had more fish, so dropped each one into the pan as soon as it was coated. That was a mistake. The coating came off a few of the fillets and what remained was little gummy where it met the fish. So for fish perfection, dust all the fillets in flour, then run them all through the first dip/potato dredge, then all of them through the second dip/dredge, then finally fry them up, in batches, if needed. The short resting times between the steps made a REAL difference in finished quality. I let the fish rest on a wire rack, which helps a lot, too. The top of a broiler pan would work as well. The second time I made them I added cajun spice from the recipe for Maple Cajun Mahi Mahi and loved that, too. I put the spices in the mustard/egg dip. Terrific! This is a perfect base recipe for fried fish. The bottom line - the potato flakes, mustard, and rest between steps results in perfect fish! **UPDATE** Made tonight with GF bread crumbs and flounder, only 1 coating. Still super crispy.
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Creamy Slow Cooker Chicken

Reviewed: May 16, 2013
We were laying tile in our home all day, and I didn't want to cook dinner, so started this in the morning and cooked some curly noodles to go with it at dinnertime. I took note of other reviewers who commented on the saltiness and used Italian spices instead of the salad dressing. After tasting it, I thought it was still salty, so didn't salt the noodles during cooking. That took care of the salt problem. I didn't feel like making a salad, so I nuked some mixed veg and added them to the sauce. It is certainly easy and filling, but nothing to write home about. Hubs said it reminded him of chicken pot pie. I thought it tasted like dressed-up canned cream of chicken soup.
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Sweet Corn Tomalito

Reviewed: Oct. 31, 2012
Love, love, love it! I served this as a side with beef enchiladas and a salad. I was shocked to find just before dinner that I was out of masa harina, so took a chance and used GF Bisquik. No worries! It was perfect. I followed MCKARIN's method and nuked it. My microwave may have higher wattage (or maybe it was the Bisquik) but I did have to add more milk to keep it from getting too dry. So simple, so tasty, even with my major error. Winner!
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Baked Slow Cooker Chicken

Reviewed: Jul. 13, 2012
I made this for dinner tonight, using suggestions of additional spices and 2 cups chicken broth in the pot. First, the foil balls kept the bird off the bottom of the pot. The flavor was delicious, and would have been very good using just the as written spices. That said, my 3 1/2 pound chicken was dry. I was very glad to have the broth in the pot. I simply defatted the broth and added a cup of it to a roux, along with a pinch of pepper. The gravy was PERFECT! I will certainly make this again, cooking on low for 7 hours. The remaining broth is in the freezer for a night when I need amazing gravy. So 4 stars. With an onion and some poultry seasoning, plus a timing adjustment, this is worth 5 stars. Thanks!
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Island-Style Fried Rice

Reviewed: Sep. 6, 2011
Very good. Used leftover rice, SPAM lite, no sausage, fresh pineapple and sadly, had no GF Oyster sauce, so subbed GF soy sauce, sriracha and a little honey. Added some peas for a veg. Was a little dry, but I blame the pineapple, no juice. Plus, as the entire SPAM-eating world knows, SPAM has to be cooked crispy. Will for sure make again, after I cook up some GF Oyster sauce. Will be super with that and canned pineapple with juice, plus mixed veg and double the onion! Thanks, Chen, for an easy complete meal. It's a winner, and so easy to tweak to taste.
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Maria's Mexican Rice

Reviewed: May 25, 2013
Delicious! Perfect rice. There are many Mexican rice recipes out there. THIS is the one that's spot on to the best of the family-run restaurants I used to visit when I lived in San Diego. Really, if you want authentic Mexican rice, look no further, you've found it!
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Irish Shepherd's Pie

Reviewed: Feb. 10, 2013
I've never had a cottage pie that I liked, they're always too bland, but made this one tonight on a whim, just because CJ hardly ever disappoints. I used ground beef and mixed veg, omitting rosemary and cinnamon, as they seemed more suited to lamb than beef. After tasting the beef mix, I wanted to boost the beefy flavor, so added 2 teaspoons beef base. Perfect flavor! I was worried that the beef mix was too thick, but after baking it was just right. I might add more cheese to the potatoes next time, or even toss some in with the beef. The bones of this recipe are great, producing a perfect pie that holds together but isn't dry at all. It could be easily adapted to other cuisines, using Mexican spices and topping with cornbread, or using soy sauce, Hoisin sauce and wasabi mashed potatoes for Asian flair. Finally, a really, really good gluten-free casserole! Thanks, Chef. And thanks for a new trick to remove oil from ground meat. I'll never try to drain hot oil again!
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