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What It's Like to Live Now, with Gratitude

Living In Gratitude 
Nov. 7, 2012 9:06 am 
Updated: Nov. 15, 2012 1:37 am

Oprah started all that "gratitude" stuff back in the ninety's. I took it to heart. It has been a blessing in my life. Especially when I was feeling "down". I've had a lot of feeling down, as probably have most of you. It's my belief that everyone is carrying a burden of some sort. Some you can see, others you cannot. Some are a heavier load than others and on some blessed days, you're even able to forget about your burdens for a bit. Be kind to each other. Smile. It's easy and costs you nothing. It may even help you feel better.

Thank you again, my Unknown friends, for your generosity. It has caused me to spend some time pondering how I should/would like to proceed with my AR blog. Thank you to all of you who responded to my request on the Buzz. 

When I first came to AR, I had been unemployed for just over a year, just starting the second half of my fifth decade on the planet. Still recovering from a divorce, after 21 years of marriage and the shattered  dream of a lifelong partnership, a broken vehicle, a broken oven. . .a "Brokedown Palace", a teenaged son (17) and a daughter (21) just returned home from another state. I learned how to fix my broken oven. . .not so much the vehicle. I've learned to dream new dreams and clean up a broken life. My "Brokedown Palace" is still that. But I love my home, broken she may be, we are trying to help her along.

I am grateful for my home, health, meager retirement funds and possibilities.

I have one comment here about divorce. Divorce is an ugly thing. Don't do it unless it's impacting your health (mental and/or physical) is my advice. It's like dying, only you don't. You will not come out the other side without damage. Recovery is long and hard. But you CAN regain your health, mental, spiritual and physical, and make your own happiness and contentment. 

All my houseplants died except one African violet. She still blooms for me on a regular basis.

Our beloved dog Samhain had to be euthanized in Dec.  2005. My initial reaction to this was I don't want another dog EVER. After crying for two solid weeks, every day, the only solution I could see for my recovery was to find another companion. So, I found my buddy Ripple. I feel that was when I made the turn to getting my life back. And even then, it was a slow process.

In Aug. 2006, I hurt my knee and had to have knee surgery. I'm not a "Dr." type person, but thankfully, medicine can "fix" so many things! Before this surgery, I understand how people  would have been permanently disabled, walking with a cane and in pain for the rest of their lives. I'm grateful for beneficial medical progress. 

I was still beating myself up for not having a job when I came to AR in 2009. With the help of all you wonderful folks, I'm happy to say, I'm over that. 

My friend Ms.Blume asked me to share her feelings with you. When I speak to her of all of your kindnesses to me, she is moved to tears. She wants you to know that through you, to me her hope for humanity is restored.

My whole house was a wreck. My back yard was a thistle garden. I know that sounds bad, but even that had it's "perks". Thistles are really beautiful when they bloom en masse like that and we had the BONUS of a backyard full of yellow finches. They were EVERYWHERE! 

Today, things are much improved. My DS says "Why don't we have any BEFORE pictures of the stuff you've done?" I think to myself, BECAUSE you don't want anyone to SEE any of that. (Although, I do kind of regret not having shots of the thistles and the finches.) 

It's funny, but it's not. It was a testament to sadness and despair and that's NOT what I want my life to be about.

So, I'm going to share some photos of my plants, my front room and my entryway "in progress". I say that tongue in cheek. Everything is "in progress". Which is a GOOD thing :).

I mostly stood in one spot to take all these pictures. A couple of them were taken awhile ago and I decided to include them. To the left of this picture is the wide entryway. We call my room "The Library". This is the south wall.

 This is the west wall, various close ups of certain spots. I think this wall is due for a change. I'm thinking red. Also, the kids don't want the TV cabinet in their room anymore so I will probably take it and slide it under those shelves.

 Crochet pattern bookshelf.

My chair and "table" and current crochet project (a cardigan for my sis for Christmas). 

 This is the NorthWest corner. We heat room by room in the winter so that curtain only hangs there in the winter. My computer room is through there.

 All the plants in the Library are in front of east windows.

Given to me by a friend whose mother picked this up in Mexico after her passing.  

 Long view of what's on top of the North wall shelves.

We have a separate dining nook. This is my personal table in the library. I can listen to cd's or the radio and have my coffee. Although, I frequently have my coffee at the computer. I work the Sunday crossword here. And feed my friends.

 These plants are all in the computer room. Note the PVC budget hanging rod. I did use a stud finder to place the hooks because I didn't want the whole works to come crashing down.

 These sit on an octagon garage sale find table.

These are on an antique ironing board. These are all in a West window.

 These are in the dining nook. Another west window.

 Looking out my kitchen window (also a west window). Notice the paintball target. That's a prayer plant hanging. It leaks when watered so it must hang here until next spring when it can be re potted.

 Wisdom rocks from IndianaPeggy and my after dishwashing hand cream.

 My sparkle ornament. Hangs on the cabinet next to the sink.

My entryway in progress. I'm laying linoleum through the entire downstairs. It's inexpensive, looks ok, and easy to clean. I'm piecing the edges with what I have left. It will never be seen when it's finished. I've become quite good at laying linoleum.  

This is what you get when you have a drool flinger. 

This is the best clean up for drool flinging. 

I have a hard time getting rid of books, but I've decided these must GO! Seriously. I still have piles in my room *the shame of it all*.

What I'm reading now.

Nov. 7, 2012 9:06 am
I am sorry for the tiny font. I do not know how to fix it.
Nov. 7, 2012 9:25 am
drool flinger? oh my! Great pics to show us your world. We are all broken in one way or another. 2 steps forward, 1 step back, keeps us all humble and thriving. Keep blogging, it is Chicken soup for the soul in a way. If not for you, then for us:)
Nov. 7, 2012 9:47 am
Thanks RNG. I was reminded how aggravating it can be to try to blog. And WISH I knew how to make the font bigger.
Nov. 7, 2012 9:52 am
Bravo!! Beautiful Blog ... I love it. When I got divorced from my first husband I couldn't see - refused to see what I was loosing and only saw everything there was to gain and what doors of opportunity would open. It wasn't easy for some time after and I worked hard to rebuild and couldn't be happier to have escaped the cess-pool of crxp he created. Peace is priceless.
Nov. 7, 2012 9:55 am
Idea for the books. When I read books and am ready to pass them on I write a note in the cover ... a quote I like, a saying, a thought ... and think about all the people who might read it when the book is again passed on.
Nov. 7, 2012 9:59 am
Thanks Linda! I love your idea!
Nov. 7, 2012 10:02 am
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your world, past and present. Your advice and "voice of experience philosophy" will not fall on deaf ears! Much wisdom is learned "in the kitchen". Thistles, then finches - what a glass of lemonade you had!
Nov. 7, 2012 10:08 am
You are a book person! I love book people! That is a cosy place you have there. The type of place that wraps its warm arms around you and takes care of you. I love it!
Nov. 7, 2012 10:10 am
forgot to mention, divorce? It was the best 180lbs I ever lost. I was the dumper. Life moved forward, found RNGrampa and have never looked back.
Nov. 7, 2012 10:20 am
Hey Sparkle! Loved it! I read drool finger and had to go back twice LOLOL. Tiny font...I write mine in Word with a bigger font, then c&p into the blog here. Old eyes, bigger is better. :)
Nov. 7, 2012 10:22 am
Thank you Mamaw! Yes, it was a tasty glass of lemonade. The following spring I was purchasing leather work gloves to pull those thistles, LOL!!
Nov. 7, 2012 10:24 am
Oh DFH, it's nearly a sickness that I can't recover from. Indeed, I am a book person. I've already sent a couple of boxes to the Salvation Army and I'm still trying to thin out this ridiculous accumulation. Thanks for visiting my cozy place and your lovely comments :)
Nov. 7, 2012 10:25 am
well RNG, I was also the dumper but I would have rather not have experienced it. My well being was compromised and I feel I had no other choice.
Nov. 7, 2012 10:27 am
Thanks sassy! I first did it on blogger because I can manipulate the pictures but I can't figure out how to make the font bigger (frustrating). I might have to try something else and pray that I can figure out how to do pictures. One would think it would be much easier than this.
Nov. 7, 2012 10:35 am
Forget the font! Just tell us old farts to grab a magnifying glass and get over it! Or tell them this is a test to see if it is time to go get your eyes checked out. It is your blog. You control it baby!
Nov. 7, 2012 10:51 am
LadySparkle,really enjoyed your blog,ilove books also,when i'm done with them i pass them on to my coffee buddies,or the women i used to work with,we all enjoy reading.You also crochet,i do also,mostly blankets,keeps your fingers nimble.I had to look twice at the drool comment,to funny.I look forward to reading more of your blogs.Take care.
Nov. 7, 2012 10:56 am
Fantastic! A lovely look into your life! I wonder why fonts have such a hard time coming over from somewhere else but I am not the person to ask about that :) I liked Linda's idea for the books. Do you have a thrift store to donate them to? I have found all kinds of book there. Thanks for blogging!
Nov. 7, 2012 10:58 am
hahaha DFH, I AM ome of those old farts of which you speak! And squinting is sooo bad for the wrinkles! LMAO! Thank you manella! I think I may send some of these to my DD in Reno :)
Nov. 7, 2012 10:59 am
Hey Cat! I'm impatiently awaiting the mail today *squeal* :) I could be moving on to a new project :)
Nov. 7, 2012 11:34 am
Oooooo I can't wait to see it! And yep, squinting is bad for wrinkles!
Nov. 7, 2012 1:15 pm
I tried blogger so I could do the pics in with the blog, just couldn't figure it out. Even though everyone says it's easy. Har!
Nov. 7, 2012 5:24 pm
Nice to see you back on the blog! Recently, I had the displeasure of sorting out my books. I felt I was betraying their trust. Most of them found their new home more than satisfactory, though. They have thousands of friends now in the local library. Others found their way into the library's book sale and went on to new homes.
Nov. 8, 2012 5:34 am
Good morning LS. I enjoyed the view into your life. I can just see the field of thistles - symbolic of divorce don't you think? As prickly and ugly as they are they hold an inner beauty when allowed to bloom. Of all the things that I parted with when we downsized the books were the most difficult. Like Mike many of mine went to the local library but it was hard to say goodbye.
Nov. 8, 2012 7:35 am
Mike Harvey. . .I know EXACTLY that feeling of betrayal! Therein lies the struggle :) . . .you know that Bing toolbar? This is going to sound really weird, but your name is on my Bing toolbar. How do I change that? LOL!
Nov. 8, 2012 7:40 am
B'Nana! I LOVE your latest blog :) Thank YOU sO MUCH!! XOXOXO The thistles were a sight to behold. Fortunately the dogs made path's through the jungle of thistles. And the bees loved them too :). I also, purposely leave several milk weeds in my yard, flower beds, because the Monarch caterpillar feeds on them. I've seen many caterpillars but never found a chrysalis. . .YET! :) Some of those thistles were taller than me. I was a little scary, LOL!!
Nov. 8, 2012 8:25 am
PS. B'Nana, I could also use a tutorial on bigger fonts?? How do you do it?
J. Dub 
Nov. 8, 2012 8:45 am
What a nice blog, LadySparkle. I'm going through a very humbling time right now myself. I just tell myself everyday that while this experience this heart-breaking and difficult, I'm learning some things that can only make me a better person. It's the silver lining to my cloud. Hang in there and try to focus on the positive of life.
Nov. 8, 2012 10:12 am
Lady Sparkle, I know you feed your friends in that little dining nook, cause I've been the welcome recipient! Love you gal and can't wait for our next adventure.
Nov. 8, 2012 4:10 pm
I loved your blog and showing us about yourself and your life. Sharing your life with us is a blessing to me, it helps one to realize, we are all the same with life struggles and pleasures. My porch looks out onto the pasture and there are those ugly thistles, but I love the yellow finches they atttact. Please keep writing. BTW I live in southern indiana.
Nov. 8, 2012 4:34 pm
Some lady programmer at Microsoft must be infatuated by my beaming persoality and captivating good looks. I can't think of any other reason for my name to be imbedded in the toolbar. ... I don't use any toolbars because they are spyware/tracking tools. Same goes for coupon printers.
Nov. 8, 2012 5:57 pm
Thanks for your message LadySparkle. I have been having a hard time lately understanding my husband and we have been married 19yrs. I appreciate your being honest on how hard divorce can be. It encourages me to keep trying. I am sorry for your situation but I'm proud of you for doing the right thing for yourself. Sounds like you are doing a great job. I loved seeing your plants.
Nov. 8, 2012 5:59 pm
Forgot to mention the books. I have a book problem too. I love reading and hate parting with them. It helps me to share them with my mom and friends. That way I don't keep them but I feel like they are making other people happy too. When they are returned to me I donate them to the library or to the thrift store where they can be shared some more.
Nov. 9, 2012 6:23 am
J.Dub, my thoughts and best wishes to you. I am a very optimistic person. It actually "pains" me to share the down side, but as you said, those are the moments that shape our lives. Thanks for visiting and best of luck to you.
Nov. 9, 2012 6:24 am
MB!! I will call you today! I love you too! :) XOXOXO
Nov. 9, 2012 6:25 am
bett! Thank you! If at all possible it would be so fun to meet you if Mags and I make a return trip to So. Indiana!
Nov. 9, 2012 6:26 am
Mike. . .I would LOVE to get rid of the tool bar but I don't know how. . .
Nov. 9, 2012 6:28 am
iceemama, I hope somehow both you and your husband are able to get through this. I pray for understanding for both of you. Thank you for your kind words. XOXOXO
Nov. 9, 2012 6:31 am
Oh Lady Sparkle - loved the blog. Loved the pics - your home just looks so cozy. Book addict here too but am on a purge binge and it is tough..but since I buy a lot of used books, I know they are appreciated. Journey on & journal on!!!!
Nov. 9, 2012 8:46 am
Try right clicking on the tool bar and you could get the nessage "Remove this toolbar" or in the tools heading at top of IE, uncheck "Bing Bar".
Nov. 9, 2012 8:48 am
That's right click the tools heading at the top of IE.
Nov. 9, 2012 6:13 pm
LS, your home looks cozy and friendly. Thanks for sharing with all of us. It was fun to see a couple of my rocks on your shelf! Hope we get together again and that others in the area will join us!
Nov. 10, 2012 6:15 am
Hi Maggi! The "book purge" is going to last a looonnnggg time. . .I just keep finding them. :) Thank you!
Nov. 10, 2012 6:16 am
Mike I'm sure your beaming personality and stunning good looks have captured someone's attention. Thank You! I am using Google Chrome, but I DID manage to make the Bing bar go away. :)
Nov. 10, 2012 6:17 am
Hi Peggy! I LOVE my rocks :) It was so fun to meet you and I hope we get a chance to visit again! :)
Nov. 11, 2012 4:24 pm
Hi, Sweet LadySparkle! I finally had a little time to myself, and look what I found! Thanks for sharing your life and your home. Love your blog!
Nov. 11, 2012 8:00 pm
Hi LadySparkle- Thanks for sharing your life. This is a great site. Comfort and fun for all those who want to find the happiness.
Nov. 12, 2012 3:18 am
Hi Marianne! ((hugs!)) I know what you mean! I grab minutes as I go! Thank you for visiting :). XOXOXOX
Nov. 12, 2012 3:20 am
Hi Rohnda! It truly is a great community of wonderful folks. Thanks for stopping in. ;)
Nov. 12, 2012 1:19 pm
I have never been through a divorce. In fact we just had our 50th last month. Then last week I almost lost my husband. He quit breathing and had to be put on a ventilator. That 3 days of not knowing if he was going to make it was an eye opener for me. I just can't imagine my life with out him. he has so many health issues, I know I am not going to have him for a long time more at this point. A divorce I hear is just like a death of the other person. I am glad you have come out the other side in a much better place than you were before. If God brings you to it he will bring you through it. Sounds like he has.
Nov. 12, 2012 8:22 pm
LS, I very much enjoyed reading the poignant reflection of your life and the courage you have to share with us. You share with a grateful heart and that's SO you!! Your awesome, but you know how much I adore you. You're full of grace and kindness. And, I'm blessed to call you friend. Hugs to you. BTW, I love seeing all those books. I find people who read to be so interesting.
Nov. 13, 2012 2:03 am
char, thank you for visiting. I'm glad you've had your life long partner. I pray for both of you, as time passes. The folks here have a great way of soothing your soul in times of need. Blessings to you.
Nov. 13, 2012 2:07 am
Candice! ((Hugs)) Thank you for visiting and your kind words. . . I'm so grateful I found AR. I would have a poorer life with out all my friends here. XOXOXOX
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