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Easy PHILLY OREO Cheesecake

Reviewed: Feb. 19, 2009
Good for starting out, but the actual cheesecake filling needed something extra. I added some sour cream and heavy cream to the mixture since it was just cream cheese, knew it needed something else to provide a better, creamier cheesecake. I still think I should have added more, possibly another brick of cream cheese as well as more sour and heavy cream. I made a choc. drizzle for the top of 2 oz. melted semi sweet choc. and 1/3 c. heavy cream. After setting in the fridge the choc. was hardened a bit and I think it really helped the flavor of the cake. I think the recipe is a bit too plain written as-is, needs a bit of doctoring.
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Turkey Veggie Meatloaf Cups

Reviewed: Aug. 10, 2011
Awesome and tasty! Mine turned out just barely a tad mushy (fresh out of the oven only), which I think is my fault since I nearly liquified the veggies in the food processor, which the directions clearly state NOT to do. I did use breadcrumbs instead of couscous b/c that's all I had on hand. Leftovers re-heated GREAT in the microwave and were not mushy at all. My DH has been cringing all week thinking about this meal, NO ONE thought it would taste good and EVERYONE loved it. I can't complain a bit, this was delicious and I will make these often. I had enough to do a full cupcake pan (12 or 15?) plus I have a pan of 9 in the freezer. I did add 2 cloves fresh garlic when processing the veggies, and some salt and pepper, and did a 1/2 ketchup/1/2 BBQ/worshestire/red pepper flake topping instead of plain BBQ sauce, we like to spice things up in my house. Served with pierogies and veggies.
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Fall Festive-tini

Reviewed: Oct. 13, 2008
OK-for all you who think this is too sweet...since AR editted my recipe, it's supposed to be made with DIET ginger ale, and clear schnapps, not the thick syrup-y kind. This is why your drink was way too sweet. I use Absolut Pear as well, and rim your glass with cinnamon sugar before pouring for an added touch!
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American Chop Suey II

Reviewed: Jun. 21, 2011
This is my great-grandma's goolash recipe :) She lived through the depression so I have lots of these easy, Campbells soup recipes from that time, and remember how often her and my mother made these meals when I was little. It's wonderful, cheap and easy. You cannot sub the soup for marinara sauce, it is NOT the same thing. * Also, you kind of have to appreciate this meal for what it is, a basic and cheap, depression era meal that serves a big family for pennies, this is not a gourmet meal. If that is what you are looking for please spare this a bad review and look for something else.* I usually season my meat with season salt, pepper and garlic, maybe some other stuff if feeling fancy but that will do. Sometimes add a can of diced tomatoes or peppers as well. I usually save just a little of the tomato soup for the leftovers, as they tend to get a little dry, so I save just a little to spread on top before sticking in the fridge.
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Slow Cooker Corn Chowder

Reviewed: Dec. 30, 2010
Excellent. Only made minimal changes; first I did add a can of creamed corn to more creamy corn flavor. I was hesitant to add all the water called for b/c of other reviews, but I did add enough to cover slightly and ended up adding a bit more since there was so much stuff in the crock, it really needed the liquid to be a soup instead of ham and veggies floating in a teeny bit of water! Also added just a bit of garlic but other than that wonderful flavor, I don't think it was bland at all (making sure you have adequate chicken boullion, salt and pepper) it tasted exactly what I was hoping a corn chowder would taste like, corny and creamy! I also did add diced carrots with the celery, I thought they were on there but when I went to make it apparently there are no carrots called for. Added barely a t of cornstarch, maybe 1/2 t, before done just to make sure it was nice and creamy, not overly thick. I will definately make this again and again! Was a breeze to throw in the crock in the morning and have a great hearty chowder when I came home. Also did not peel potatoes, completely unneccessary and a waste of time I think.
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Torta Rustica

Reviewed: May 11, 2011
This was delicious and gets 5 stars for the leftovers. Fresh and cooled, same day, this gets 4 stars. I was so worried it would get soggy over night if made the day before, so I woke up early Easter to assemble and bake this for brunch. It was really delicious and easier to make than you think (I prepped all the night before, assembly in the morning was quick and easy would recommend this for everyone). BUT BEWARE- I asked everyones advice and came to a conclusion it would be soggy leftover and best eaten same day, BUT it was sooo much better the next 2 days. The flavors were not melded when eaten on Easter, and although it was good, it was much better after sitting a day in the fridge and slighly warmed up. The flavors really came out after a day or so, and I wish I had made it the night before it would have been much more flavorful for the in-laws I was trying to impress. Was still good, but much better the next day. I did use the whole jar of peppers, was not much so I assume only using 1/2 is not enough. Take a risk and use all the red peppers. I also added provolone and did an Italian 5 cheese blend instead of just mozzarella.
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Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Reviewed: Jan. 18, 2011
Fantastic and super easy! I have everything on hand to make this whenever the black bananas come calling! I had no yogurt so I just used applesauce with a little milk and it turned out perfect. I doubled the recipe but seems as though I didn't get nearly 32 muffins... maybe I filled the batter too high. I also added a few choc chips to the top of each muffin before baking to make them extra decadent and chocolatey and they turned out great! More dessert like than muffin with the extra chocolate. Everyone loved them!
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Creamy Lasagna Casserole

Reviewed: Jun. 3, 2009
This was fantastic! I was super skeptical and was anticipating a sloppy, runny mess and was nervous to serve this to my fam before trying it myself. OMG my fam said it's the best lasagna they have ever had! During prep I didn't think this was going to turn out like lasagna at all with the odd cheese/sour cream mixture, but it was just like lasagna only with a much better cheesy mixture that everyone liked way better than the norm ricotta/cottage cheese mixture. My mom hands down makes the best lasagna I have ever had and my dad told me he liked this much better. It also held together very well, not what I expected. The best part was that my fiance hates lasagna and won't eat it, but he actually tried some leftovers last night and like it!
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Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie

Reviewed: Oct. 26, 2009
YUM! Best pot pie recipe ever! Will def. make again, as requested by hubby. Felt it needed more veg so I added broccoli and mushrooms instead of peas (along with some pepper and garlic) and it was fantastic. Used Pilsbury refrig. dough to make it easier, and def. needs to bake longer than 35-35 min, mine was in almost an hour, maybe next time will up the temp a bit.
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Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Reviewed: Jan. 26, 2011
First I thought this was a bit bland but after cooking all day and sitting in the fridge over night it was MUCH better! I used less water and added more cumin and chile powder, and also black beans, but did not have a bay leaf. This soup definately gets better each day it sits, as a lot of tomato things do. My intention was to re-create a tortilla soup I had in Mexico and I totally failed...not because it was not tasty it just wasn't the same. When I had my first bowl I was really dissapointed but I think it's b/c I was looking for a specific flavor and did not accomplish it, rather than it not being a good soup. I chose this recipe from reviews that claimed it tasted the most authentic, but unfortunately I do not think this was anywhere close to the taste I got in Mexico. Don't get me wrong this soup does taste great, just not what I was looking for. In Mexico they had avocados and chunks of queso fresco, so of course I had to buy these items. They was great but maybe next time I will skip the expensive cheese (or make my own) and stick to whatever cheese I always have in the fridge. Also do not skimp on making your own tortilla strips, this was one of the best parts and it's probably cheaper too than buying chips. I sprayed mine on both sides and stacked 4 at a time and cut thin with a pizza cutter and baked. Also added fresh cilantro on top (a must!) with a touch of sour cream.
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Apple Bavarian Torte

Reviewed: May 18, 2010
I was super excited to try this recipe, but was bummed by the results. I give this 3 stars based on mine, but since I altered the recipe based on other reviews I had to provide an extra star for making (unneccessary) changes. I think it would have been better written as is. I decreased the apples and doubled the cream cheese filling as recommended by so many, but wasn't nearly as impressed as I was expecting. Not enough apples and too much cream cheese, almost like a bland apple topped cheesecake (made with above changes). I think it would have been much better, and the apple torte I was hoping for, by leaving a thinner cream cheese layer and loading up more apples on top, probably exactly as written. This is the first time I made a recipe based on recommended changes, and then found it was probably better as is written. This was for in-laws Easter brunch... I am the dessert master queen and try to live up to my expectations every time I make them something and was almost dissapointed to be serving this the way it turned out. * PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A GOOD RECIPE, I SHOULD HAVE TRIED AS IS FIRST BEFORE MAKING CHANGES. I will try again as written and make a better review then, probably better!
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7-Layer Taco Dip

Reviewed: Oct. 24, 2008
EXCELLENT! We are cheese lovers, so after spreading the sausage/bean mixture in the bottom of that pan we added a ton of cheese and baked it for a bit just to melt the cheese, then added the rest of the ingredients on top. Only 4 of us sharing the dip and we were scraping the dish!
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Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Reviewed: Sep. 23, 2011
VERY good, in fact this was excellent. I will make this often. I had no idea chicken and dumplings could be so easy. I did use a small can of chicken broth and one can of water instead of all water, and did add garlic and some chopped carrots and celery, and only used about 1.5 cans of biscuits and there was still plenty of dumplings. I am excited for the leftovers for lunch! The recipe said 8 servings, although after dinner last night for just hubby and I there is really only 1 good bowl leftover. When I make this again I will double it so we have enough left over for a couple more meals.
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Cheese Soup with Broccoli

Reviewed: Oct. 4, 2010
The best brocolli cheese soup! A lot like Paneras. Followed the recipe to a T except I added 2 cloves fresh garlic when cooking the onions in the butter because I love garlic and it goes in everything but dessert! Awesome, and was not too cheesy as I was expecting it to be.
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Beefy Baked Ravioli

Reviewed: May 1, 2009
To the person who rated this as "This is not a recipe, it's directions for opening cans" obviously you must have time on your hands to make food from scratch every day, breakfast to dinner. For those of us who have lives and live in the real world, it's nice to have an easy "semi-homemade" meal to turn to on a busy day, most of the time there are things in life that are more important to spend time on than making a meal from scratch every night.
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Chantal's New York Cheesecake

Reviewed: Oct. 27, 2008
100% the best! I made this as a surprise wedding cake for my cheesecake-loving brother and sister in law. They raved more about this cheesecake than any other desert I have ever seen them eat. This turned out PERFECT, not a single crack, no bubbles, it cut, came out and held together perfectly. I made a couple slight changes based on other reviews. I baked the crust for about 15 min. and also added some sugar and increased the butter to 1/2 cup, which made a perfect crust. Also reduced the flour to 2 heaping Tblsp. I baked at 325 for 50 minutes, then reduced to 250 for another 20-30 min, cooled in the oven for over an hour, removed to cooling rack, covered for bit, then uncovered, then finally to the fridge about 2 hours after it was done baking. This made a perfect cheesecake- no browning on top, perfectly set, no cracks, and did not fall apart once cut and served.
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Saltine Toffee Cookies

Reviewed: Sep. 26, 2008
These are the best! They never last long in my house and my mom makes them all the time! Super easy to make. Sometimes we sub the saltines for non-sugar/cinnamon graham crackers, and also use finely chopped almonds instead of pecans. JUST BEWARE- the bubbling hot cracker/butter/sugar mixture is dangerous coming out of the oven, be careful!
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Buckeye Cookies III

Reviewed: Sep. 4, 2008
I usually add crushed graham crackers to the peanut butter mixture, this adds a slight crunch and holds together better. Also- to fill in the ugly holes left behind by the toothpick, dab just a small drip of melted butter in the hole, this will fill in the hole and make them much prettier once cooled and set.
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Grecian Pork Tenderloin

Reviewed: Nov. 2, 2007
The recipe was absolutely fantastic! I have never grilled OR cooked a pork tenderloin before, so this was the perfect, easy way to give it a try. I took advice from previous reviews and roughly halved the marinade ingredients and had plenty. This was so flavorful and juicy, I can't thank you enough for this wonderful recipe! It will be used over and over again! PS to other readers- my marinade was a bit too tangy/limy for my liking before I combined it with the pork, but I ran out of olive oil. After cooking I discovered that most of the tangy lime flavor cooks out leaving a delicious flavor to the pork, so dont be worried if it's a bit too tangy or citrusy before cooking!
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Zippy Chicken Coleslaw

Reviewed: Oct. 29, 2011
Fantastic! Very good and different than the norm. I did have to nearly triple the dressing but added extra chicken (I used pulled meat off a whole chicken did not cook as stated in recupe) so that could have dried it up a bit. Dressing was very tasty, used 1 chicken packet and 1 chili packet which gave it just enough kick. I will make this often, a good potluck dish or summer dinner.
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