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Jan. 7, 2010 6:57 pm 
Updated: Jan. 26, 2010 3:28 pm
Tonight was the night for Italy. What a night! I recieved a compliment from my husband, the likes of which, I would have never expected to fall from his mouth! But I'll get to that.
Did you know that Italy's highest peak is Gran Paradiso which is 13,323 feet high? I didn't, either, but know I know! I read online today that Italian people take "tremendous pride" in their cooking. And after tonight, sitting here at the laptop and glancing up at one satisfied, fat and sassy, full husband, I think to myself that this is what they mean by that! I started prepping everything earlier this afternoon and got the Twinkie Tiramisu, Trailer Trash Style into the fidge. And then the rest sort of just came together after that! I gained a new appreciation of something tonight that I never really had in the first place, it was just something to add to spaghetti sauce and beef stews and that would be red wine! Never thought this day would happen...I like my bourbon, vodka and beer...none of that wine junk for me...but tonight, that has changed!
Italian food is greatly varied by region...amazing seafood on the coast, ribbon-shaped pastas in the north and macaroni with tomato sauces to the south. Wine is served with every meal except breakfast. Now this is a country that I would like to go and stay a couple of years! In Italy the heavy meal is eaten at mid-day...I bet they take a nap afterwards too!
My menu  tonight was: Caesar Salad, Chicken Picatta, Sicilian Spaghetti and my version of Tiramisu! I started out with the Tiramisu...I was having problems parting with the money for a huge package of ladyfingers when there are only 2 of us and I have absolutely no room for storing leftovers, so I posted on the exchange and Keri came to the rescue. She suggested using Twinkies instead and just scoop out the filling. Ok, knowing how I am, that's so far out there and too freaking funny not to give it a try so I did. I didn't wind up scooping out the filling because, if you've ever sliced a Twinkie in half before, you'll totally know what I mean...the filling oozes out the side, so I left it in. I used 2 Twinkies per coffee cup. I doused those suckers with coffee flavored liquor...I know, you're supposed to use coffee, but what can I say, I like to booze things up! Then came the marscapone mixture....referring back to the compliment from my husband...he said that he worked for an electrical contracting company years ago in the San Diego area, the guy that owned it hailed from Sicily and his name was Joe...Joe's wife made him authentic Tiramisu one night for dessert and he told me my Twinkie Tiramisu, Trailer Trash Style was better than hers....WOW! Whodathunk it on the Twinkies???
The Sicilian Spaghetti recipe was from AR and I followed it to a tee...I'm not sure I liked it so much, but his Majesty loved who cares if I cared for it or not! I get more satisfaction if he likes it! The Chicken Picatta was also an AR recipe...I read the reviews and some of them said to double the sauce because it wasn't lemony enough...I zested 2 baby lemons and added half the zest to the flour mixture that I breaded the chicken with and the other half to the sauce and then added another teaspoon of lemon juice to the sauce..his Majesty said it was just a skosh too much lemon, so next time I'll do the zest thing, but not the extra teaspoon of juice and it should be right on. The Caesar Salad was my absolute hands down favorite. I love anchovies! I could have sworn I had red wine vinegar, but, for the life of me, I couldn't find it anywhere! After about 10 minutes of frantic searching in that black hole that I call a cupboard, I gave up and used one capful of white distilled vinegar instead. You know, it might have tasted even better with the red wine vinegar, but I thought it was pretty frickin good with the regular stuff, too. I subbed a butter lettuce mix for the romaine, just because it was too good of price to pass up. So, as I drift off to sleep tonight in this little cramped rv, I'll think of Italy---75% of it mountainous, beautiful coastlines, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sistine Chapel, Tuscany, Sicily........what can I say? It's gotta be on the top 10 list of places to see before you die! And, as I was reading this aloud to my husband, he told me I did have red wine vinegar and told me exactly where it was....ain't that something?
What I see out my window! How could you not have a great day waking up to this? 1-7-10
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Twinkie Tiramisu, Trailer Trash Style!
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Sicilian Spaghetti or in this case...Whole Wheat Linguine!
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Caesar Salad, Chicken Picatta, Sicilian Spaghetti
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Homemade Caesar Salad Dressing complete with Anchovies!
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Smoke on the Water...Fire in the Sky...
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Jan. 7, 2010 7:06 pm
love the twinkie tiramisu!! didn't read the whole thing will have to come back... italy looks great in an rv
Jan. 7, 2010 7:16 pm
Great blog WW! I've mentioned before but I went to Italy for 2 weeks back in 2002 and it IS a must to do before you die. It is beautiful there and I will go back some day. The food is better the futher south you get in my opinion. We had our best meal in Palermo Sicilly.
Jan. 7, 2010 7:16 pm
Sounds really good witchywoman! The twinkie tiramisu sounds great actually. Glad your hubby appreciated you hard work :)
Jan. 7, 2010 7:40 pm
Way 2 go,WW! Now I want to make the Chicken Picatta;bet I wont say the same about the half a Sheep next week !! Sleep well...
Jan. 7, 2010 7:47 pm
Shhhh....I am dreading Mongolia...even though there is no way I can get a half a sheep for an authentic BBQ, and I'll have to sub beef or pork...that boodog is giving me nightmares! I'm thinking about checking at the Mexican grocery store for pork or something that I can use!
Jan. 7, 2010 8:33 pm
*lmeclbo*, WW! You Rock, Girl! Wish I could have dropped in for dinner tonight! (Once, instead of red wine vinegar, I mixed wimpy white vinegar and red wine -- I think my measurements were off, but it was good!)
Jan. 7, 2010 8:33 pm
Not mentioning Mongolia :D
Jan. 7, 2010 10:24 pm
looks like it all came out great!
Jan. 7, 2010 10:31 pm
who needs ramikins when you have coffee cups!
Jan. 7, 2010 11:59 pm
Good for you girl - and I love the pics outside your window. You crack me up... smoke on the water, fire in the sky. I sing that song to myself everytime I get shampoo in my eye "soap in my eyeballs, water in my ear". So, you gonna try to visit Italy for real? I've always wanted to see a city on the water. Thanks for sharing all the cool info.
Jan. 8, 2010 4:07 am
It looks great! So romantic!
Jan. 8, 2010 4:08 am
It looks great! So romantic!
Jan. 8, 2010 4:18 am
Great post! We've been to a couple cities in Italy, and I remember thinking I never knew an olive could taste so good! Will have to try the Twinkie Tiramisu!!
Jan. 8, 2010 6:42 am
YUM, sounds amazing!
Jan. 8, 2010 6:49 am
Decaf...I don't know that I'll ever go for real...but at least we experienced food last night that neither of us had really tried before and while we were eating I had my little summary notes about Italy facts and so forth and it was soooo much fun! At first, my husband said that he didn't like the tiramisu, that it was horrible...I was eating mine at the same time and I was in heaven over it, I asked if he were serious and that's when he gave me the compliment...what a great night...we both passed out form Italian food coma!
Jan. 8, 2010 6:50 am
And you even do research into the country you are honoring! Wow! I'm impressed! And congrats on liking red wine in food. (This comes from a wino!)
Jan. 8, 2010 7:16 am
ROFL! I'm so glad my Twinkie idea worked!!! I honestly don't know where the heck that came from. It just popped into my head and my fingers typed it and hit "post" before I could stop myself LOL! I guess my subconscious knew it would work out in the end. Now I'M going to have to try it!!
Jan. 8, 2010 7:21 am
The food sounds delicious, bravo on the tiramisu. (which means "turn me upside down" because of the alcohol usually in it in Italy, or at least that's what I was told) You are right about the naps. I lived in Italy for 4 years while in the Air Force. I was stationed at Aviano in northern Italy and absolutely loved it. A wonderful Italian family adopted me and would feed me the most awesome foods and wines and then send me off to bed for an hour or so. Not sure why we don't adopt that policy here, guess maybe because not much gets done when everyone takes a 3 hour lunch. ;-) Northern Italian spaghetti sauce was something I could never find a way to duplicate until one day I tried ground pork ... it was perfect. Just the pork, tomatoes, olive oil and garlic with a bit of Italian seasoning. Yum!!
Jan. 8, 2010 7:56 am
WW: Sounds like a very special evening at the RV! Will you be submitting the Twinkie Tiramisu recipe for publication? I can picture it now. "Using a serrated knife, slice Twinkies lengthwise. Place in unmatched coffee cups..." Love it!
Jan. 8, 2010 8:00 am
I did submit the twinkie tiramisu's in my recipe box if you want to serrated knife here, c'mon..I'm trailer trash! LOL!
Jan. 8, 2010 8:23 am
What a post! I love Italian food in all forms. I think we are all going to try the tiramisu :)
Jan. 8, 2010 8:50 am
As again, WW, fabulous! Great blog. You bring a smile to my face when I read or see anything you make. I love to vote on photos, picture perfect to put in a cookbook. But yours are truly REAL(not saying others are fake), made with soul, and cooked with love. And a gorgeous sight out your backdoor :)
Jan. 8, 2010 8:51 am
Excellent blog! I'm impressed with the "researching where you're eating from thing". I'm heading straight to your recipe box and getting the twinkie tiramisu recipe. Thanks!
Jan. 8, 2010 11:00 am
Once again, I love your blog! It's really cool that you're learning fun facts about the countries and sharing them with us, too!
Jan. 8, 2010 12:05 pm
Awesome blog post! I love it! I love your blazing honesty - about your food and your husband, LOL! ;) That is neat how you research the countries that inspired the dishes you prepare. I would love to drop in for dinner some time too, lol. Bravo! Two thumbs up! You are my kind of cook. :)
Jan. 8, 2010 2:03 pm
You have inspired me WW.... do you mind if I copy your idea? Maybe I can do some of the countries you're for thought...get it??? ♥
Jan. 8, 2010 4:11 pm
Your blog was wonderful. I guess your next project will be to get your passport ready for your world tour,because I can see there will be a lot more places you'll want to visit.
Jan. 8, 2010 7:32 pm
Great blog WW! Glad you liked the Italian night. Since I'm 1/2 Italian-I do love the food!
Jan. 9, 2010 7:38 am
oh i just love your food ..looks great ,i will br making this meal...thanks
Jan. 9, 2010 10:23 am
jackieo, I think that's a great idea! You could take Mongolia, if you'd like....JUST JOKING!! quilter: maybe one of these days, there's still a lot I want to see of THIS country first! mauigirl: BOOK IT! I'm totally in!!
Jan. 9, 2010 12:27 pm
Great blog WW. Wish you lived close to me and I would gladly be your "taste tester"!! You Italian dinner sounds wonderful and I loved the Twinkie Tiramisu sounds great!
Jan. 11, 2010 6:02 am
Stay tuned for Mongolia in the next couple of days!
Jan. 26, 2010 3:28 pm
Us Italians love our tiramisu, and yours gave me a great laugh. I enjoyed your post. Your dinner sounds great!
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