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Return from the Loonybin 
Sep. 27, 2011 7:12 pm 
Updated: Sep. 29, 2011 3:44 pm
Well, folks, I'm happy to report that I was released yesterday... perhaps due to the fact that I didn't have to throttle anyone... not that both sis and I weren't tempted many a time!

Friday came and went wonderfully... short of the "issues" of a mind that repeats itself every 20 mins!  Mom had no idea that Wendy and her beau Juan were coming...  Much of Friday morning, mom kept asking... "do you think that we can go see Uncle Mort today?"  Well, I couldn't tell her "NO, Wendy's coming..."  Thus, I just kept putting her off... again, and again.... and AGAIN!  The rest of the day went as follows...

At about 12:30pm Wendy and Juan arrived.  Mom saw folk coming up her walk, whether or not she'd recognized or not, I don't know.  The plan was to "surprise" her, before we made an excuse to take her to see Anne, the apt. manager...  (She'd planned cake and ice cream for 1pm.)  Wendy urged mom to head thru the door first, and about 20 "old ladies" broke out into "happy birthday!"  My afterthought was, it's a wonder the TWO big shocks didn't cause her to have a heart attack!  Plenty of cards and gifts, all with mom the center of attention - a position she tends to "favor."  (over the course of the next few days we heard just what a wonderful birthday it was.... about every hour or two!

The remaining afternoon was spent at mom's "new bank," as Wendy had already spent 2 hours at the old one, arguing with the idiot branch manager...  Twice, to the tune of almost $1500.00 mom had been the victim of fraud, and the bank didn't seem to want to offer any assistance, or compensation!  We now have her at one bank that Wendy and I both bank with (among others...)  Mom was instructed that she would no longer have a checkbook, as the fear was that somehow her acct. # had been given out...  Now she has only a "credit card," which she insists she'll never be able to use, despite much coaching, and even using it a time or two!  Give me "strength!"

Saturday, we all piled into Wendy's rental, and off we went to see Uncle Mort and Aunt Donna.  We had a nice visit for a couple of hours, unfortunately, Mort is near blind, and deaf, thin as a rail, and awaiting death.  Donna is on major heart meds, and is also simply going thru the motions until the grimm reaper comes for her, also.  From there, we trekked another hour to a cider mill called (I believe,) Bowens Mill.  While we didn't stay long enough to see a demonstration of the mill, which was built in the mid 1800's (if I recall correctly...) and the covered brige which spanned the river less than a "stone's throw" up river (?)  My bad... I guess I should have paid more attention, but having not eaten all day, I was a tad distracted - not that I was all that hungery!  For .50 cents, I did eat a rather tasty "mini" cinnamon doughnut!  So, we left mom's at about 10am, and didn't get back to town until dinner time!  An interesting day, but I was certainly thrilled when Wendy pulled into a restaurant near mom's... FINALLY, food! 

Though tedious, the travel itself wasn't too hateful.  6 hours + to get there, and near 10 to get home (due to a flight delay.)  Nervous as I was about flying, I was surprised at how well I did, even with the patches of rough air, which in my day was called "turbulance."  For 10 mins at a time, on 3 of the 4 flights, the plane shook, rattled, and rolled!  I closed my eyes, and attempted not to be concerned that my stomach was doing summersaults!  The final leg of my  trip, was delayed for some time.  Finally a plane arrived 90 mins late.  The thing was HUGE!  I sat row 34, and swear that there must have been 10-15 more rows behind me!  Today I did a little "reading," and found that the Boeing 757 frequently accomodates around 275 passengers.  Leaving Minneapolis, we were warned to expect rough air, but the craft simply wavered a tad, and jumped up and down a couple of times!  Take off was a breeze, and surprisingly, our landing here in Phoenix was one of the smoothest I believe I've ever experienced.  The quietest, also... there was none of the sound of engines reversing and screaming to aid the brakes... we simply touched down, and the craft slowed and finally "taxied," much as you might expect a car to do, as it approaches a red traffic light! 

All in all, the trip to "the loony bin" was not disasterous, but I fear that I may have to return next spring, to begin "removing" some of mom's JUNK!  For instance, she has 2 microwaves.  One she says doesn't cook evenly, and the other (which didn't work when it was given to her,) is full of old mail...  I'd be surprised if she could get into either of the double closets in less than a day, as she's got so much junk piled up in front of the doors...  "Well, I need to sort all that stuff so I can donate it!"  A song she's been singing for 2-3 YEARS! 

Upon my return to the house, as Kenyon (the Afghan hound) usually does, he poked his nose between the slats on the living room window.  It didn't take him long at all to recognize me, and his whole rear half began to shake, rather than just wag his tail.  I wasn't sure if either of "the boys" would let me past the living room!  Once the ruckus had subsided, one by one the kitties all came to say hi, and see just who I'd "been with" while I was gone!  Ahhh, it's good to be HOME! 

I won't bore you with the details of returning, and spending most of the day "cleaning," but I do hope that "crazycook" might return tomorrow... tho if it's not too hot, I might just go to my fav nursery, as it's time to plant my "winter" flowers!  My poor "private" patio is so sad looking... my remaing 3 green plants are looking near dead, and all of the planters I had going some time back, are mere dirt and dead growth.  I do believe that it's time for my geraniums and petunias... I'm also thinking that the planter containing my asparagus fern might benefit if I can find some coleus for a bit more color.  I also put the remaing two leaves in the dining table this afternoon, and laid out the comforter and the two pieces of the duvet that I've been working on for what?  A YEAR?  Laying the "top" out, and the "bottom" as is, on it, I'm actually much closer to being able to sew top and bottom together than I realized!  "Happy Days!" ????

So, tomorrow will have to boil down to one of 3 projects...  Duvet, Nursery, or Crazykitchen!  Until one of them happens, I'll have no idea which will come first!  Thus, I survived the trip, didn't commit murder, and am home and trying to "unwind" as I sit here!  It's GOOD to be home!

Hope you are all healthy, happy and crazy, friends!  Till next time...
Sep. 28, 2011 6:54 am
I am glad you are home safely and that the trip wasn't near as bad as you were anticipating it would be.
Sep. 28, 2011 10:24 am
thanks, char... guess it's good to be home (to the mess that was left for me!) More later...
Sep. 28, 2011 3:38 pm
I'm glad the trip wasn't the disaster you were anticipating. I bet your mother will be telling her friends what great kids she has for some time to come. Isn't the greeting you get from the 4 footed people the best ever?
Sep. 28, 2011 8:31 pm
BSM, I'm glad to be home too! The greeting from the 4 footed ones was wonderful... but then so was the reception from my 2 legged folk! Thanks for saying "hi!"
Sep. 29, 2011 6:55 am
hey Stevie, so glad you are back & doing well, glad your visit was good, everything would have been much better if you didn't have a mess to clean...oh well have to take the bad with the good...later friend...
Sep. 29, 2011 3:44 pm
It's good to be home Judy, and great to hear from you! Will be back soon with more antics of the CrazyCook!
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