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My Moving Experience--the bad and the ugly 
Mar. 27, 2009 10:18 am 
Updated: May 5, 2009 1:08 pm
Well....moving was not as planned as I tried for. My hubby Rob and I found out on March 12th, we were up for housing on Ft. Sill Army Base, due to some circumstances from Rob's military career, we are too far mileage wise from post....Now we go look at our house and they tell us we have 7 days to move into the house........well----not what we planned but oh well. Okay----so here's my dish....

THE HOUSE....we own our house in Burkburnett, Texas, and I still have my job working the Friday thru Mondays in Wichita Falls, Texas--some 15 minutes from home. No prob, I'll commute once or twice a week. Less gas for me to use, then Rob's trip every day an hour to Ft. Sill and an hour home. Now, that's simple enough. We'll keep our house there, until such time as Rob retiring and us move back in after that and the remodel on our house is completed---Note to other's try to remodel your house before you totally move in----when you have a total remodel---life is horrible and remodel takes longer...... Well now, the post housing is really nice, lots of closets--yippee!! We don't have to mow or edge the yard, we have parks like 5 or 6 of them within blocks in every direction---sidewalks are a plus, we don't have at house #1. The kids can take a bus to school, another plus. And there's soo much to do or places to go with very little expense. There's a wildlife rescue just minutes from house #2 by walking. Soo all in all a plus right??? NOT----for mommy it's great to see the family happy and less fighting, but when your central nerve of the house is the bites a big one. My kitchen got down sized really really quick, I call it "My Shoebox Kitchen". Because I feel I'm in Tori Spellings shoe closet. Plus my washer in dryer are right in the same area. So I've found the kids aren't putting the clothes in the baskets and thrrowing them in the floor IN THE KITCHEN!!!!! Not cool. Any way, soo, that's as far as I'm going on that. House #1's kitchen is 4x bigger and when I'm there, I won't be cooking really for myself, when the family doesn't travel with me on Fridays, but will still cook for my neighbors on Sundays. I miss my unfinished half remodeled kitchen. At least I had space to put my spices next to the stove....not anymore. Can't even put them above the stove either, part of the cabinets above the stove are for ventaliation and fire exting-wishing (know I didn't spell that one right), plus to high for me to reach in and grab a spice without using a stool--not made for a short person here.

Okay--THE MOVE----Well after we looked at the house and found out we had only 7 days to move, I had to work the weekend, soo I relied on Rob to get everything organized and packed so that we could move on the Tuesday the 17th. I went with him with the plan, that if we did it right, and he worked on everything while I was sleeping (I work overnights) by Tuesday, load and haul. Right? Nope, he spent the entire weekend cleaning up and playing computer games. Said Adam(our neighbor) and him would bust it out Tuesday and be done with it......WRONG!!!! Monday I only work 3 hours to help the other Melissa in my dept with calls and then was asked to work her shift last minute...Well we got our U-haul, because Rob decided to do what's called a Ditty Move, because found out we'd get paid more to move ourselves then having the military do it for free......yeah after 6 to 9 weeks you'll get reimburst. The military could have come in and did everything for you, and you not lift a finger, even put everything in your new home too... So I was big time disgusted when the following things happened and stayed in the Upset mode for the entire spring break, I don't stay mad at Rob for very long, and he got a butt chewing of his life from me, which has only happened 1 other time in 4 years.

We bought new couches for the house #2 and my parents decided to give us a bunch of furniture because we need to fit both houses, due to our being at Ft. Sill during the week at house #2, then traveling to house #1 on the weekends so I can work. Thank God for that because we get paid for the weight of our belongings---like $28 for every 100 pounds. Plus the cost of renting and buying this and that to move us. Which was good because we had over 4000 pounds of stuff, not everything was put on the that truck because i'm still having to get things from house #1 on the weekends I'm working.

The direction was---I'll pack the kitchen pantry, it's the last thing to put on the truck and the 1st thing to load off the truck. Well I boxed it up, and he tells me I have to drive to Ft. Sill to inspect the house before moving in---last minute. Well that took 3-4 hours out of me packing the rest of the kitchen. And on the way back I get him calling me saying he has to leave because the weigh station would be closing at 5.....Well we didn't get everything packed, and as I'm 15 minutes from home he calls to tell me the food was left at the house.......he put the food boxes out on the lawn, when I left, hours before, sitting in the heat, and expected them to be fine the next day.........that's when he got the but chewing. He turned around had Adam pack his dodge truck with the food, and follow me back to Oklahoma.......I know how much food that was, it's an entire pantry. I can tell you how I keep my pantry stocked with cans and dry goods, Over $600 worth of food. I don't let my pantry run dry, can't with 6 mouths to feed. I don't spend that much every two weeks, but that would have killed us, if that all was damaged due to his lack of thinking.......Oh he was in the poo poo deep with me, then he didn't get all, pillow, blankets, a lot of the important bathroom stuff. But I didn't know this until we were already at house #2.

Well, Adam is civilian, so we had my 12 year old Emily, ride with him, to get him on to post....It worked. Fort Sill, during the day is 100% ID required. He was able to use his driver's license, Emily's ID and the decal sticker on Rob's truck and we had no problem. They use a telzon scanner to run your ID's to see if you have any warrents.....I guess a good thing. Anyway...Emily gets out of the truck and says Mom, Lettie(Adam's wife) is a pest, there's something up with her. I'm thinking..ok? And she was soooo right. Most the truck was full of furnture, and it's something these 2 guys could have easily off loaded in a matter of 2-3 hours....Nope Lettie, was getting mad at Adam, Adam was beside himself, She was threatening to kick him out because he wasn't there with her, she literally would not let him grab one piece of furniture with out calling him, no extraggerating..It went like this.....Adam walked into the truck, picked up one end of furniture, his phone would ring in mid lift, he'd set the furniture down, answer the phone, was on the phone for 10 minutes, hang up, and repeat, then if he ignored the phone. She's text him saying all sorts of junk. It took until 11p.m. to move 90% of the truck out. I was floored. I couldn't believe how much turmoil she caused. Just because he was helping us, we were paying him to help. It's no wonder he can't keep a job because she gets him fired. Rob ended up driving back to house #1, taking him home, then spending the night back there and loading up more stuff and making the trip back to post the next morning. Rob and I were totally stressed out with everything the night before, that it was hard to unpack the next day.

Adam apoligized to us, but it wasn't his fault. Lettie really really has some issues. Rob had a heart to heart with Adam on the way back to house #1, because of his 11 year marriage to his 1st wife who's mentally insane,  mentally ill and really did harm to herself and to Aliena and Jennifer, when she had them and how his past life with her was hard and almost ruined his career plus he almost lost custody of  the girls because of what she did to them and Adam's current life with his wife are traveling down a similiar path. But mind you---Adam's to in love to see the reality....any how.

PANTRY---having a pantry is a blessing, no more Walmart book shelves to use until my pantry in house #1 is completed. It's just not a big pantry. Rob and dad laughed and laughed at me for days, because my kitchen is sooo small, that I couldn't put food in the kitchen. Unless it went into the frig. or the microwave(bread--because of the cats). I started working on the pantry Tuesday night, then I'd get soo flustered, I'd stop and open up boxes for other rooms, then go back to it....I finally thought I had it licked when I realized I had really big bulky food bags---flour, sugar, rock salt, bulk candy canes from holiday sales--that kind of thing. I must have rearranged that pantry 7 times before I said---FUDGE!!! Okay, I got it. Then went to put the spices up and I couldn't see in the cabinet above the left or right of the stove and had to use a stool.....not cool. So upset again...I left the kitchen to work on my bedroom, and realized I had to put the spices in the pantry. I got all the food and spices in that pantry, it took from Tuesday to Saturday morning to work it in there. But I did it. My dad and Rob totally went to town laughing about the whole deal. But I have to have it organized to know what I have and what I need when payday shopping rolls around. Or I'll over buy and then have expired food in the pantry and that is sooo not a good thing. Luckily for us, none of the food pantry wise went bad in the move....just some fresh fruits and veggies from one of the refrigerators. We were able, to bring one refrigerator with us and my standing deep freezer. We have a carport storage area, and we took those Walmart book cases, put them all in there, and now I have a place to store all my kitchen appliances. So I can deal with 2 refrigators, I'm cool with that, we left the other 2 at the other house.

The only other bad thing we are experiencing so far, is low signal strength on our interent because we are in a wooded  area with trees, our provider is working to resolve that for us. It's taken nearly 2 weeks to get back on one computer. We've tried not using the air card through my cell phone, but finally gave up and downloaded it to the computers. One computer won't except it and one will. But then we got a hot spot in the house, so Rob got our modem up and taped it to the far soo good. It's a bit Redneck---but you have to do what you have to do.....We are still waiting on the tech to come out to install our dish for cable...but the kids are soo content with being able to go to the park and playing in the back yard, making friends, playing the Wii and PS2, and watching movies, they've not complained about missing Disney.......

The best thing so far the past two weeks, has been the move here though. The kids are much more bubbly, smiling, happy. And less out of mom's hair and there's less fighting----that the move in it's self was horrible. But seeing more of a relaxed freedom to be themselves and not totally up my hind end, has been great. Now getting the kids enrolled in school----is my next blog. Because I found out huge issues, this week, that my kids' school did to my littliest one. But all good now, since this new ISD has better programs for both my girls with disabilities, then the last school did.
Mar. 31, 2009 4:51 pm
Wow, I am glad you are sorted out now! We always has the movers come and do it for us (My husband is a Naval Officer, retired 3 years ago.) Now after our last move (them putting a hole into our 1 month old sofa, dropping our new dresser and scratching up my daughters toys on the sidewalk as they dragged them.) we will be doing our own moves from now on. My husband is very particular about his things.
Apr. 10, 2009 12:25 pm
Hey mis7up. Thought I'd find you here. going back and forth on the recipe exchange is a pain sometimes, especially when I can't find the post because I took so long to respond. Anyway, we were discussing the fires that broke out yesterday..... You asked how old my daughter is. She's 8. By the by, also read your Blog.... Welcome to Ft. Sill. My Dad was in the Marines. He retired before marrying my Mom. We always did our grocery shopping on base there. Spent many an hour at Reynolds Army Hospital, too.
May 5, 2009 1:08 pm
Sounds like a typical move. Don't think we have ever moved without at least one major fight. :) The last one I cleared the house of at least 4 big hulkin' guys because they were dumping "everything" in the livingroom and I had no idea where anything was. Glad you're moved and everything is working out.
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