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Weekend Trip to the Coast w/The Marsh's 
Feb. 20, 2013 3:09 pm 
Updated: Mar. 16, 2013 7:55 pm

Well, sometimes you need to run away from home for a weekend, to get what I like to call a "Couple's Retreat". Rob and I have some great friends. Since moving to Oregon, we get to go out more, with adults. When Rob was in the Army, we didn't have time to do a lot. I worked in a hospital that I was on duty, on the weekends and he was at home with the kids, shuffling 2 of the kids to their father's for the weekend. SO we really never had a weekend to relax in a long long time. It was even hard to get with my side of the family as well, due to me working over nights and on call a few days of the week.

But again, since we retired to the beautiful state of Oregon. We've grown very close to Tim and Toni Marsh. A great couple. I met Toni on Allrecipes.com a few years ago, when in passing, I saw a comment she made about living in Grants Pass, OR...right where my in laws live. I got soo excited and basically stocked her, just to have a conversation with about being able to meet when we were to move up here. We tried to meet April 2011 but with time lines...that didn't work. However, we met in person later that year in August. And since then we have gotten our families together for many a gathering. Birthdays, camping, playing cards.....just for dinner and trips to the coast, like just this last weekend. Last time we took a trip to the coast with them was last May...a really needed de-stressing trip for myself because we had some family turmoil and Toni thought just getting away for the weekend for me would be great. And boy was she right.

This year, we have been less stressed on the homestead (even though, a lot of my stress now, is more so with my sister being gravely ill) but can tell you the release of stress, when traveling over to the coast for just a mere few days will do wonders for your sanity. We may have run our little butt's off but really, it was relaxing and peaceful. SO we went with them to their favorite haunts like we did last May and you know, we saw a few things this time we didn't see last time. Soo I cataloged our trip in order, with some of my favorite photos...not all of them. I used my iPhone mostly but did pull out my camera on Sunday when we stopped along the highway at the beaches. I hope you enjoy looking at our travels as much as we enjoyed doing so with great friends.

This was taken on the deck of our bungalow's...we stayed at the Inn at the Beachcomber , a quaint little place right with in yards of the beach...obviously this is the view LOL! We sat on the deck playing cards, eating some snacks before dinner, we are a funny set of people...Rob and I drove over to the local grocery store and picked up an oil lamp w/oil...returned and played cards by lamp light...hey it worked. The deck lights didn't come on but it was nice! I was covered in a blanket and was cozy. We had hummus, Goat Cheese covered in Blueberries, Crab ball, beef jerky & crackers ;-) We know how to roll with the punches!

Then at 8, we headed over to Spinner's a local dinner restaurant, we've been to before, for their amazing Crab cakes. Well honestly this time, the quality wasn't great...it was okay, and the waiter was, as Toni put it..."stumbling all over us". The waiter lied to me, when I asked if there was skins in the mashed potatoes and he said no...but there was, I was picking them out. But My crab cake (picture to the right is what Toni, Tim and I all ordered) but my crab cake looked extra crispy on the outside, almost burnt looking and so I removed that layer and...saw no lump crab meat, which should have been totally filled with huge lumps. It was all mush like, as Tim put it...."it was like a can of tuna or cat food with spices." I agreed. The look wasn't that appealing. While it tasted okay, Toni and Tim have been here way way more then Rob and I, so they knew the standards had dropped and we chatted over the whole meal....puzzled. Rob said his fish and chips were okay. Which is the picture to the left.

Just after we got outside, Toni saw one of the waitresses, that she offend seen when eating here. And by the time, we all got to the Beachcomber, changed and met up in their room for cards, Tim received a phone call from the restaurant, basically apologizing for everything and comped meals for the next time. And that was a great part on them, to do that. I don't know what our waiter was fumbling all over us, it was just us 4 and 2 other gentlemen in the bar area...but oh well. And just so you know, it's rather peaceful in the bar area. Maybe we'll get the nice lady we had the last time on the next go around....The one thing I told Toni and Tim was, the guy brought us a second basket of bread, but less then 5 minutes later when he brought our meals....he took the bread back, I was like humph?! we didn't get to enjoy it LOL...

After spending the evening playing another round of "Oh HELL!" Off to my room with hubby, he climbed into the comfy bed and off to sleep he went. I should have taken photos of our quaint room with the gas stove. I climbed onto the 2nd bed to turn on the laptop...it was slow..and dozed off right where I sat. The next morning, I was up and ready for coffee...but none of the outlets in our room would power up my frother or Gusto...and I wanted a Caramel cappuccino something awful! So after we packed up, Rob drove me over to a coffee stand and got my large coffee to go. We met up with Toni and Tim, then got on the road to Bandon, OR.

It was such a relaxing drive. We pulled into this little bitty mom and pop motel called the La Kris Inn , got our rooms and they were just so cute and adorable. Rob and I got a small Queen-size jungle themed room, which I loved, because the chair matched my laptop bag. Toni and Tim got a ocean themed room with sailboats and had two beds...one for Jack Riley and Pootie, their dogs... But we took the dogs with us for our outing...they are awesome dogs! Might have to try and teach Princey Poo-Poo how to travel with us.

Just after we checked in, Tim or Toni (not sure which one) spots The Human Bean!!!! My favorite place to get coffee...I love love love coffee from here. Better then Starbucks! And since we don't have one in Cave Junction...I love the Dutch Bros. Coffee...But The Human Bean is the best! I was quick to run over there and get my usual..but not before telling the lady at the window, I loved her! She just about busted in laughter! As I know Tim did because he walked with me as we got our lovelies a coffee drink too.

After that, we drove basically down the hill to downtown Bandon. And stopped at another restaurant we've eaten at before and it's soo good!!! This is the Bandon Fish Market where we had Fish N' Chip Baskets. Last time I had the chowder here and it's great! This time, I shared with hubby. Of course I let him have all the fries...and the coleslaw ;-) Then after lunch we looked in a couple of shops and then got on the road to Coos Bay and Charleston, OR for some shopping and crabbing. We drove over and stopped in a flea market mall where I found a few things I couldn't part with. Then walked next door and that was funny.

Toni had been telling me, we have got to see my goat. And she explains this goat was, hmm?! Over stuffed. And it was quite funny. Must have been there an extremely long long time...I was laughing just at the thought of it...then I saw it in person and well...he was packed alright. But he was in great condition at the Oregon Auction House There was something I wanted there, but wasn't in the mood to pay the $70 they were asking when I was there in person. They had some great items, that I'll be looking at and watching closely since I know the web address.

I then spotted this collection and thought of the TV show, The Big Bang Theory...my favorite sitcom. But I noticed the collection isn't complete...Where is Captain Kirk?

After that we drove over to the Hospice Thrift Store, and wasn't there long, Rob rushed me out of there LOL! I guess he thought I was going to spend lots of money in there, truth was, I hadn't finished looking. I barely spent a dollar at this point. He jumped the gun on me and run me out of the store. We were headed over to do some crabbing. Tim pulled over and said, "hey, we are going back to the Thrift Store, do you mine? Toni's parents are there?" I said "heck no, I don't mind..let's go!" SO back down the street we went again. And I got to meet them both...they were awfully nice and Toni got a chuckle out of me in the store with her mom. I can't go into the full details...it was sort of "R-rated" because of something that happened a few weeks ago at a local Goodwill with a weirdo..and that's as far as I go on that one. But had a great visit none the less. And Vi and I got Toni laughing pretty hard. And to add to my dollar I spent the 1st time, I only spent a total of $11 there. And then it was off to Charleston, OR for some crabbing.

Here's Rob supervising Tim...hahaha he's never been crabbing before and you will find he has to sit a lot due to back issues. But he was still learning the ropes from his chair.

Here is Tim, setting up 2 pots that they brought, with bait from Davey Jones Locker from across the road from where we were, they don't have a web page to link..so trust me on this...another great mom and pop convince store, where you can buy bait for $2.75(notice the photo..the bait is huge) and you can also rent crab pots, great a hot meal, coffee,drinks and so forth. Toni and Tim have been coming here for years and know people personally inside the store. So it makes me comfortable to say, the store has a lot of quick needs for your crabbing experience.

So after Tim loaded the pots with bait..he ropes them to the pier and throws them over. After about 20-30 minutes, pull them up and see if you got anything. We got a few crabs, but none were keepers. We tried a few times. You're not allow to keep them if they are under a certain size or if they are female. If they are Red rock Crabs, the size doesn't matter but still can't keep the females. It was a great experience, one that I'd like to do again.

After that, it got dark and cold, we got things off the dock, and loaded back in both vehicles and headed back to our motel. We walked a block over to dinner, at a place called the Asian Garden Restaurant. The service from the bar was horrible. The bartending waitress didn't have but a few people in there besides us and barely waited on us at all to serve us like she was suppose to. Barely gave us menus when we asked, (if memory serves be correctly, she put them at the end of the 3 tables that we sat down at, so you had to get up and lean over to get them...not hand them to us, just laid them down in passing) and just had an overall issue with doing her job. She served us something to drink when we asked, took our order, and gave us our tickets when we were finished. We did complain though, because we had to ask her for service, for her to even come to our table. I mean honestly, there was 2 people leaving a table when we got there, 2 guys playing single tables of pool, and 2 people at the bar, when we showed up, it wasn't like there was a dozen of us. Wasn't that hard to say, hello either. But it was. We didn't take photos because, Toni and I were charging our cell phones in the wall next to our tables because they literally died. But a kind lady from the restaurant side was excellent. She totally made sure we got everything we needed and at the end of the meal and walked over to us and made sure things were okay. I walked her over a tip and left the bartending waitress a penny! The Flower soup was excellent, soo was the tempura shrimp and the egg rolls were fresh, not box frozen...the food was great. I'm not sure if it was that we came in later for dinner, or the fact we didn't order a bunch of alcohol...Toni was the only one with a beer, or just plainly, she didn't want to work. I'd eat there again, because the food was great and what service we did get was great from the opposited side of the place, might want to see who's working the barside before we sit down. Sad someone else had to do that lady's job. We didn't let the poor service from the bartending waitress get our spirits down because over all...we were having a great time. After that, we headed back over to our rooms and sat and played 2 rounds of cards and off to our rooms for sleep.

We, agreed...we would stay at La Kris Inn again. The price was reasonable about $55 for the night and we had a microwave, frig, TV, plenty of seating, a large bed and a great shower. We couldn't hear any traffic roll by, so sleeping was good, unless you have a bear sleeping in the same bed with you, like I do...that's the only noise I heard all night.

Day 3, we headed back down the coast towards home but stopping along the way at sites, more or less, the beaches. This photo above was a cranberry bog, the 1st one I've seen with cranberries in them since our last trip up the coast. Not ready to harvest, but these cranberry farms are all along the coast from Bandon to Coos Bay...it was amazing to see these like the commericals on TV.

This was in Port Orford, OR...amazing and we stopped an got a little snack a round the corner from this view.

There my sweet sweet hubby Rob is, trying out his new binoculars....he had soo much fun!

Aww there he is ;-) soo happy, there was a surfer out on the ridge and was telling me I needed to see.

There was the surfer.

This was the pier we stopped at, that has this little whole in the wall restaurant. That serves fresh clam chowder.

This is Griff's The don't have a web page but are on Facebook, so the link will go to their facebook page. In this little restaurant, they have a small museum, Tim and I walked over to get some chowder for our lovelies while they sat in the vehicles and we looked in the museum while we waited. This photo below got me! It was amazing. To see such an interesting thing. I had tweeted and FB'ed it as a Box Starfish, only to be wrong. I actually called Griff's and asked again. And the gentleman told me it's called a Basket Starfish or other wise known as Brittle Stars....here is a link to some photos of them alive...just beautiful! Basket Starfish

Isn't that amazing!?

This photo reminded me of the grandpa...he was quite the fisherman...but of catfish. I had to snap this photo.

Ah...here's our clam chowder by the seaside. Rob and I shared this bowl because a huge lunch was coming later. It was totally delicious! Then on the road again, heading south.

This stop was just north of Brookings, OR, like a mile outside. And it was soo windy, it would cut your breathe off. But amazingly beautiful.

This is one of my favorite shots, I love how the wind made lines in the sand, and the view was drop dead gorgeous!

Someone wrote, "Life Time of Love" in the sand! and the water was washing it away. It is a beautiful message.

Soo, when we got to our final food destination in Crescent City, California...I saw SEA LIONS!!!!

I never knew there were Sea Lions there. Rob and I make little day trips to Pebble Beach in Crescent City a lot, to take photos or look for Agates. And it's not far from where we live in Cave Junction, OR. Matter of fact, we aren't but 20 minutes to the border of California and an hour total to Crecent City from our house.

This was saying, strike a pose y'all!

Aww so much lovin'

But to my funny "acting like a school girl excitement" was hysterical seeing the Sea Lions on the pier to where we had lunch. I was soo excited about seeing them, that I didn't realize there was a sign that said, say 100 feet away from them....oops on my part, I was shown the sign when I walked back to Rob, Tim and Toni...I had already taken the photos...there were soo many people around that the sign was over looked in the passing. Know my lesson now.

Soo this was also something I saw while we sat at the bar in the restaurant..it was packed, but the bar wasn't, and we had a great view of the ocean. Here at the Chat Room Restaurant,

Hmmm, I thought these were snow men, they put up at Christmas and forgot to take them down, when we drove up, I didn't see they were crab pots until Rob started laughing at me...hahaha funny!

This is where we had the best of everything! Toni, Tim and Rob all ordered the Fish N' Chips plate...and Rob let me have a piece of his fish, I leaned over and told all of them, I needed a private moment alone...I was in Heaven!

And this was my lunch....a bowl of a some awesome clam chowder and a 1/2 crab and Swiss sandwich, I only ate half of that sandwich but dang!!! It was off the hook great! I dipped the sandwich into tarter sauce and found that it was just fabulous! Rob and I will eat here again and again..

I have to thank Toni and Tim Marsh soooo much for having us tag along with them, making new memories for us and just having the best time. It was nice to hold my hubby's hand and walk with him when he could and lay my head on his shoulder as we looked over the ocean and really really just got to spend time with us as well as our dear dear friends. We always have fun just hanging out and cutting up. Makes a trip like this worth while! TY for joining us in looking at our adventure.
Feb. 20, 2013 3:40 pm
By the way, click on the photos...you can enlarge them to get a better view ;-)
Feb. 20, 2013 4:29 pm
Living near the ocean most of my life, I luv pics like you've taken. Especially like mom & pop seafood restaurants and the rugged coastline. Great blog . . . and hope you start finding more time to chill out now that you guys are retired.
Feb. 20, 2013 4:38 pm
thanks ConkyJoe...that is agreed. We haven't been to a load of places yet, but I am sure looking for more places to visit. Like the Chat Room Restaurant on the pier in Crescent City, CA. We've been there a dozen times, but when we get down to the coast line there, we always go right at the light and follow it up to Pebble Beach, this time, we turned left and Toni and Tim showed us another great place to eat. And the view, the sea lions...it was all amazing...not the smell of the sea lions, that was pretty ripe. But it sure makes you appreciate the beauty and finding great treasures along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We did stop at another place before we got to Bandon...Can't remember the name of it, but it was expensive. However, here were these 3 big huge looms in the middle of the store, where the guy said were his wife's...I'd like to go back and find that place, so I can take pictures. She hand loomed all the scarfs in the store. Maybe the next coast blog I'll do that.
Feb. 20, 2013 6:54 pm
What a wonderful trip! Always fun when you can go with friends. I love the sea lions. Great blog. You packed a lot of fun in your trip!
Feb. 20, 2013 7:17 pm
We did we did...We already planning our next trip this evening. I think we are looking at, going to SPinner's again for the comped stuff...driving over to Bandon and staying there where we stayed but on both nights and doing more traveling up the coast further. Toni and Tim know, we love the coast as much as they do...so I might have another coast blog going up in May ;-) I'm on the traveling spectrum in March but headed down South to my sister for a week and help my parents out some....it's a needed trip. I need to see my baby sister something badly.
Feb. 20, 2013 9:21 pm
mis7up: Isn't it beautiful? About three years ago, our family vacation consisted of driving north on 101 from Crescent City to Astoria. Yes, we traveled every mile of the Oregon coastline. Sounds like you two had a fantastic visit with Toni Jo and her guy.
Feb. 20, 2013 10:41 pm
Rob and I totally did and bikerfamily, I bet that was a fun ride ;-) If Rob didn't have his back problems, I'd love to have been on a bike, doing that exact same thing!
Feb. 21, 2013 7:13 am
What a wonderful time you had,being with people you love is a great thing.Your pictures are beautiful,they are making me think of having an early lunch.Hope you get to do more travelling,and if you ever make it to Nova Scotia during our lobster season,which is May 1-June30,you will be in for a treat,seeing you like seafood,the lobsters here are mighty tasty.My husband go to Bangor Maine a few times a year,next time we go we are going to try the Lobster,as i hear Maine lobster is very good.Have a great day mis7up.
Feb. 21, 2013 8:40 am
oh manella....I lived in Argentia, Newfoundland when I was a kid in the 80's, ohhh how I miss that place. One of my favorite places to live. We used to come over on the Ferry to Nova Scotia, to spend a day or two and we even drove from Nova Scotia to Texas in 4 days. My most vivid memories, was daddy working the boats on his off days from the Naval Base, he was in the Navy. And bringing back trash cans full of squid, crabs, lobsters, and so forth....but momma would hand me a basket and ask me to get mussels, and I'd walk down to the rock beach and pull out long yards of seaweed with the mussels attached. I loved Newfoundland very much. I have wanted to get there again and see the old base I lived in, since the base was decommissioned years ago. But my sister, Mendi & BIL, and my oldest were in Saint John's 3 years ago ;-) Mendi and I miss it very much. And yes, Maine's lobster is quit good.
Feb. 21, 2013 12:31 pm
You took some beautiful pictures! Having grown up near the water here, I am a true water rat. I know there are stunning places in between the coasts but I am drawn to the ocean. Someday, I hope I have an opportunity to explore the N. Calif/Oregon coast. If they could only make it a tad warmer it would be my idea of paradise.
Feb. 21, 2013 2:24 pm
oh yes, I agree. The only stop really that was coldest was the stop in Orford, OR, that wind knocked your breathe out when you turn and get hit head on withe wind...it was also the windiest. Charleston on the pier was cold, but not that cold, it was tolerable. So was Pebble Beach but I was bundled up to my nose ;-) Just wait summers coming and it will be warmer and brighter
Feb. 21, 2013 4:10 pm
Very nice blog Missy! The Oregon Coast is just the most beautiful place, isn't it? I love to go there for little "Min-Vacs." The seafood is to-die-for and the sea air is so refreshing! I can see why you enjoyed yourself. As usual, your photos are awesome and so inviting. Makes me want to get on over to Newport or Florence for a day or two.
Feb. 21, 2013 6:47 pm
ohhh Candice ;-) we are planning to go up to Florence at some point in the next few months ;-) And I too am like you...it is soo relaxing...the food was good and outstanding in Crescent City...hmmm mm!!! We might have to hook up again. I'd love to hug your neck again ;-) And thanks for posting HUGS! And Christine hello for me!
Feb. 21, 2013 7:49 pm
Melissa, no idea what the heck happened but I had a big long post and when to hit send and of course, it got "lost"...oh brother. Anyway I was saying I agree with everything you said and love that we have a best kept secret out here. There is nothing quite so beautiful as our rugged and gorgeous coastline. Like Bikerfamily, I too have traveled every single mile of the coast line and love it. Where you were, holds some very special memories for me so its very near and dear to my heart. BUT...if you get the chance to see some of the northern Oregon coast, you will not be disappointed. You will love it too.
Feb. 21, 2013 8:00 pm
Avon ;-) yes ma'am....I love the coast because of how it holds something near and dear to my heart too. The love of the opposite side of the Nation from Maryland to Maine to Argentia, Newfoundland....It totally reminds me of my childhood. And to see the sparkle in my hubby's eyes when we talk about going to the coast...like you said, rugged and gorgeous! We will be making our way up the coast line. Little by little. I can't wait to see what else is in store ;-)
Feb. 22, 2013 8:03 am
Hey Miss7up, a friend of mine is heading to Oregon to manage this place~ http://www.seaquestinn.com/ I don't know if that's anywhere near you but thought I'd give you the link, in case it is. Your trip sounds awesome and I wish you many more! :o)
Feb. 22, 2013 10:56 am
Cheepchick....girl I just looked that up, looks beautiful. It's in Yachats, OR...way further up the coast then we have been, but thank you!! I saved the website and checked it out. We can totally plan too go up that way soon. I hope your friend loves it...the place looks soo quaint and inviting ;-) I'll have to show this to my friends we travel with....TY TY
Feb. 22, 2013 6:39 pm
Hey! Love your posts here and on FB about the Oregon Coast. When my Aunt and Uncle were alive they lived outside of Eugene. We LOVED visiting them and all the trips we took to the coast. Yachats and Florence were favs. But loved Coos Bay, too. But even when we went in the summer, those trips to the coast were COLD and so VERY WINDY!! The sea lions were always so interesting... minus the smell!! Thanks for sharing!!
Feb. 22, 2013 7:17 pm
hi mis! just awe-inspiring photos! such a great blog on so many levels! isn't it fun to just get away and meet other foodies! i'm like you i WILL NOT tolerate crummy service. again beautiful pictures! the great northwest has spectular landscapes/seascapes...but really ya folks could pass for southerners! that's a compliment!
Feb. 22, 2013 7:32 pm
HI Chris!! yes, it's rather windy...super windy, but ya know...it's worth it ;-) We love driving to Bandon and Coos Bay we've been to twice and really really enjoy it...Can't wait to see Florence in May...that's going to be cool! Yes, the sea lions were very ripe! But after a few minutes..you forget you're smelling it LOL Thanks for reading my blog
Feb. 22, 2013 7:42 pm
gderr ;-)Honey, I am one ;-) Every where I go up here, I am asked..."You're not from around here?" hmm no, what gave that away..."you're accent, where you from"...Texhoma ;-) "Never heard of that".... ;-) I just grin...then have to tell them...Texas/Oklahoma. I sure do miss my family back home...but I sure love the scenery much much better here! But then again. I'm a Transplant Texan to begin with. 3 days old, my daddy put my feet in the dirt. I was born in Rhode Island, but most of my dad's career was overseas, we were always by the coast or water when I was a child....Plus....this is home for my husband. Born and raised and 7th generation Oregonian. I see why he loves it here. It's always breath taking. I can see the mountain cap out my living room doors... :-) thanks gderr, I'm soo glad you liked my blog. Hugs
Feb. 23, 2013 12:06 pm
I love our beautiful state. I think we have the greatest coastline. Every time I go over there, it's just so majestic and peaceful! Great photos! Cool blog.
Feb. 23, 2013 1:57 pm
Thanks Christine!!! I agree ;-)going to the coast is wonderful therapy!
Feb. 26, 2013 5:19 am
So glad you had a chance to get away and just "be" for a time. Your pictures even let me breathe a little, so I can just imagine how it actually felt. I have to say, I'm a tad envious! ;)
Mar. 14, 2013 10:28 pm
All that food looked good to me, even if I did have to pick the burnt parts off. lol Lovely pictures, beautiful scenery! I'm glad you had such a great time and enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing, Mis7up!
Mar. 16, 2013 7:53 pm
Bibi....you would have totally loved the breathe taking scenery. It is why I love Oregon soo much.
Mar. 16, 2013 7:55 pm
Thanks MsVal. We did find out a few days later, that someone mixed it with something else and also Blue Crab meat and we weren't the only ones that complained. I'm soo glad that they went above and beyond to correct the issue. And thank you....we do have a great time always with our friends. Even for a few days.
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