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Hidden Treasures....in our boxes, what we have collected, but soon neglected #5 
Nov. 9, 2011 6:46 pm 
Updated: Nov. 10, 2011 8:49 pm
Well...another week is here and now gone. Weather has been just lovely for me. I know I know, most of y'all don't like the excessive rain. But the rain here in Cave Junction, is soo much nicer then the hard hitting, like pebbles on your back, like Oklahoma and Texas...and it doesn't hurt you either or is hot when it hits you. It's just soft constant rain. Makes for sleeping under the skylights in my living room very comforting. Haven't figured out the fireplace yet...but soon enough I will. We are also soo close now to Thanksgiving and more and more each week, I look at all the members that are joining in on my blog...and think, what recipes I can add to my Thanksgiving dinner. Got some good ones. And I can't wait for Thanksgiving this year. It's going to be so different. But still the same..family gathering together, all the hugs and comforts, gathering around the dinner table and getting caught up on passing times. The difference is this year, I won't be spending it with my side of the family, and it's a 1st in 19 years, as I'm totally missing them, but I sure do love my inlaw's, so I'll totally have to blog about my holiday as well. Anyway, now about the blog... ;-) Let me introduce The Hidden Treasures blog for those of you, who are looking for the 1st time.
Hidden Treasures....in our boxes, what we have collected, but soon neglected.
How this got started was, I noticed like a lot of us, collecting recipes in our boxes...making a few here and there...but then after getting over a 1,000 in my box I realized...I've not made that many. And look at what I saved. So instead of working forward...I went backwards to the beginning and thought...I really should make this or that. And then I started seeing why I saved the recipes. Such abundance of recipes sitting there being neglected..watching others make the same things but not even touching them...so now's the time to stop the madness and start cheering on the under dogs in my box...
So now every Wednesday, I'll be posting a weekly blog focusing on those poor neglected recipes. If you'd like to join in...go for it. All it requires you to do, is look into your Recipe Box starting from the oldest date in your box and making those that are sitting in there....pretty simple. Recipes wanted are un-made, and un-reviewed by you. Once you've made your oldest recipe, email me @ (mis7up@yahoo.com) with your screen-name, a link to your recipe selection, your review, and a photo of your recipe. A photo isn't required but it does help with seeing what you have made...good or bad photo, it doesn't matter. Have your stuff to me by midnight every Tuesday evening and I'll post a blog the following day. And maybe just maybe, our recipe boxes will be full of recipes we've made and not recipes neglected. It doesn't matter if the recipe is another member's personal recipe or Kitchen Approved. Someone will thank you. So here's where I start. Mine 1st...and I was a mess with it. But it did turn out right and I have to give props for the help.
So I shall begin, I'm mis7up
I'm at times an absentminded professor in the kitchen...things right in front of my face and I can't see it. ;-) This recipe I did...well I'm mixed with my review. I've had the it in my box since 2008, and I have always wanted to make it...think again...didn't and forgot about it. So to my dismay, I think I'll try the Scented Applesauce~Cinnamon Ornaments, once more...others have had success but it wasn't in my favor this round....for only 2 ingredients, it was some work.
But also need to say, I was in the ornament mood for the holidays, so I also made Ornament Dough also from Allrecipes as well. Since it wasn't an old recipe, nor has it been my box very long. I didn't add it to the blog, but will be in a blog coming soon.
My review is as follows:
I'm going to say, this as so so for me. The end result for the 6 ornaments I got out of the batch did great. However equal parts didn't match up for me. I ended up having to use more and more and more cinnamon to get it to a ball like stage. Then the dough stuck to the counter top, so I put on wax paper..that was a mistake because then it didn't come off the wax paper. So then I used parchment. That seem to help but by this time I was getting flustered. So I decided to shake cinnamon on the counter top like flour and that helped a lot. But after one small portion and 6 tree cut outs. I gave up. Something is a miss here. I did see someone mentioning glue. And maybe that's it. So I'll try again at a later time. And they did have a scent.
Next up we have Molly,
She's such a sweetie! Molly is totally hoping to join in more on my blogs, and I hope to see what she's got in store. This Scalloped Potatoes and Onions recipe, she has done has been in her box a while and I took a gander at it myself after looking at her review because this recipe doesn't use milk and I'm totally interested in that.
Her review is as follows:
Made this as part of mis7up's Hidden Treasures challenge. This recipe has been in my box since 12-29-2010. We really enjoyed this recipe. It was much lighter than your traditional scalloped potatoes that are made with milk and cheese. I thought the chicken broth added a lot of flavor to this recipe. I did not peel the skins off the potatoes and covered the pan with foil. Baked with foil for 1 hour, uncovered and baked for 30 additional minutes. Perfectly baked and delicious.
Next up is loves to cook,
Glad to see LTC here on the blog ;-) She's had this popular recipe in her box since, October 2009. She didn't have a photo of this recipe, so I provided an old one from...wow...it's been since November 2008...and I can't believe it's been that long since I've made it...was intended to make it today but it was nice out. And I might add to this post of LTC's, this recipe totally is a top reviewed recipe on allrecipes.com. With just under 2,500 reviews and over 59 thousand people have this recipe in their box. Not only is the Amish White Bread recipe wonderful, but, as me being an absent-minded professor in the kitchen the day I sent out to make this..I made several batches, one sweet and one not sweet. Either way you go on this recipe. You have a winner. I guarantee it. It's fabulous!!! And you can count on that. I guess now I need to make it again and get a newer photo up ;-)
Her recipe review is as follows:
This has been a very easy bread to make. Just brushed it for looks with egg yolk wash. Came out lovely and soft and is a great sweet bread! Will go in my bread rotation!
Next up is Jodi,
Hi ya Pal! So glad your in for another recipe round. Jodi's recipe has been in her box since April 2007. And I guess it's about time. Looked at the recipe myself and it does look fairly nice. Not to worry Jodi, I was able to lighten your photo up some. And not bad, not bad. Another recipe worth making. Her recipe was a Ham Cheddar Chowder and what better timing for it then to make this, it's perfect for the season.
Her recipe review is as follows:
This was pretty good, DH didn't love it but said it was ok. I followed the recipe closely. I used everything it called for plus a couple of additions: I used whole wheat flour for the flour like I usually do, and I added corn and garlic as other reviews had commented on. I think I expected it to be more flavorful but it could have used a boost for flavor.
Next up is xraybarb (=
And it's about time missy!! =) I've missed ya! I know this gal can cook. I'm glad she joined too! Both recipes she did below, have been in her box since January 2010, and I've been told she's got many that are listed around the same time in her box waiting to be made. I'm not sure how I feel about the soup recipe she made.... but if she gave it a 4 star it might be worth looking into.
Her reviews for both recipes are as follows:
(http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Sweet-Potato-Corn-Bread/Detail.aspx?prop31=1< )
Very good! This is the first homemade cornbread I've liked [other than the recipe that I lost several years ago )=]. Easy to make and tasty, too (= I served with (spray) butter and a sprinkle of sweetener - our sub for honey butter . . .
(http://allrecipes.com/recipe/oatmeal-and-tomato-soup/detail.aspx< )
This was good. Probably better than I expected (= I tweaked it just a bit. Rather than dirty two pans, I toasted the oatmeal in the skillet first, and set aside in a bowl until the end. Then I used olive oil rather than butter, sauteing the onion first, then adding the garlic when the onion was nearly through (so as to not burn the garlic.) I also added a heaping tbsp of beef bouillon to the soup. I wasn't sure I'd like the"chunks" of tomato in the soup, but I did - though they were rather large coming out of the can, so I broke them up some with my spatula.
Next up we have Shearone,
She's done a tasty look bar that's been in her recipe box since Nov. 2010, not long, but man does this look great or what. She's done Pecan Pie Bars. I'm thinking these would be a great to do a pecan pie as a bar. Hers really look like they hold up well in the hands..probably not long in some one's hands but I'm thinking they didn't last long at her house.
Her review as follows:
Yummy Pecan Bars! I wanted a thicker bar so I made in an 9" x 13" pan and allowed more baking time - just make sure the filling only jiggles slightly before removal from oven and allow to cool completely. I used 1/2 brown sugar and 1/2 white sugar plus 1 T. of bourbon. If you love pecan pie, you would enjoy this. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for all the submissions, good or bad or indifferent, the recipes are finally made and that's a plus. I want to thank all for emailing submissions. And anyone that didn't get on this blog, will the following Wednesday. Just remember, we are only human ;-) And we humans need food. Lets not neglect these delish recipes and start making them to show others. Even if the recipes are not so great...still submit them...good or bad ;-)
Nov. 9, 2011 7:02 pm
Great job mis7up! and thanks for lightening my picture lol - I have another oldie but goodie planned for Saturday - will let you know how it goes! I love getting to the old recipes in my recipe box!
Nov. 9, 2011 7:40 pm
your very welcome Jodi! And I can't wait to see what yours is. Mines a cookie bar. I'm crossing fingers!
Nov. 9, 2011 8:22 pm
Btw, my soup-loving friend did not like the oatmeal and tomato soup. We think it was a mental thing - that she thinks of oatmeal as a sweet dish, and couldn't get past that in this savory dish . . . zeebee commented that she likes barley in soup, and I think the correlation between the oatmeal and barley was probably very apt. I have a feeling that if I told people that it was barley and tomato soup, they would like it just fine . . .
Nov. 9, 2011 8:34 pm
LOL....hahahaha I love that...it probably IS a mental thing ;-) kind of funny when you grow up eating it one way and then try and think of it a total opposite way...your brain says "I can't compute" ;-) I'll attempt your recipe just because. :-p
Nov. 9, 2011 8:44 pm
Thanks for the blog mis7up. With as many recipes in my box - if you keep up the blog for the next 10 years and I make 2 a week, I might make a dent in all the recipes I have saved!
Nov. 9, 2011 9:49 pm
I don't have too many food hang-ups - some, but not many (=
Nov. 9, 2011 9:50 pm
[I think I have another "meal" planned for next week's blog, btw (= Lots of sweet recipes in there - I'll have to make dessert, too (=]
Nov. 9, 2011 10:00 pm
okay, I just made that soup...okay you got me. The only thing is. I used extra thick rolled oats. And never toasted them over the stove. I think I have a few burnt pieces in there. BUT having said that. It wasn't half bad. I also used the stewed tomatoes that were italian style, I could have used smaller chunks of tomatoes and cut my onions smaller. But it was a total 4 star. Couldn't for the life of me get a photo with the lighting in the kitchen. That's something I can't handle. My photos all yellowish red in the kitchen. I love the look and the softness of my house but it's heck on figuring out how to snap a non-rainbowed photo. But the soup was good. I have to admit. I'll photo it again in the morning. But Emily ate some too. I think the girls in the house will eat it but doubt the guys will.
Nov. 9, 2011 10:04 pm
Glad you liked it - now I feel like I'm not crazy (= I think I'm going to tell people it's "Barley Tomato Soup" (= Like when I made a vegan manicotti with tofu - and we didn't tell anyone - and they gobbled it up and went back for seconds and thirds! (So sorry I lost that recipe! Got it off TV years ago, from Bea Arthur!)
Nov. 9, 2011 10:05 pm
Mine was "souper" thick - was yours, too? I think I may add more liquid next time . . .
Nov. 9, 2011 10:15 pm
at 1st it was soupy and I thought and keep looking at the recipe..like really why is mine soupy and barb's thick. I almost added another 3/4 cup but as it was cooling off...a very thick chunky soup. I might add more liquid tomorrow morning, seeing that's about the best time to take photos is in the morning to afternoons.
Nov. 9, 2011 10:29 pm
and now I have no juice. I saw Emily siffen off what juice it had and she drank it! the booger. Now I'm totally going to have to make another batch minus the oatmeal. LOL.
Nov. 10, 2011 3:07 am
Nov. 10, 2011 6:07 am
Thanks for putting this together! It's a real incentive to make more fergotten recipes (hoping to make another one for next week), but too, to collect some new ones...
Nov. 10, 2011 10:03 am
your welcome LTC!
Nov. 10, 2011 7:45 pm
Just browsed through your post and then looked up my oldest recipe. It's Mis7up's personal recipe for lemon bars dated March 22, 2010. lol.
Nov. 10, 2011 8:49 pm
ohhh!!! That's cool Linnie ;-)
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