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Day 1: Trip to Vegas 2011 
Jun. 6, 2011 4:39 pm 
Updated: Jun. 10, 2011 11:32 am
This blog is for the trip I took May 2011, to meet forum members and executes of What a great trip. The discussion is for them. Now I will say, I will use a lot of members names and not personal names because reading this for Forum members will know whom I'm talking about. And it makes it easier for members over there to follow along. :-)

Soo I've had an adventure to Vegas. Let me be the 1st to tell you if no on else did...well I think Chef Luigi told...but didn't tell whom he was talking about.....but everyone that went to Vegas already knew. HEHEHE yeah I can look back and laugh but I sure was a hot little number over it. I missed my flight to Vegas. Ohh yes...I SURE DID!! And I'm going to tattle on myself...US Airways isn't looking..? I don't think. hehehe

I live in Oklahoma, cheapest route to fly out was out of DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas), I'm making great time, flying down the road from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. I left well enough time ahead. So this should be a snitch. I'm all pumped up and ready to have a hubby-less and Kid-less weekend and let my hair down and party.... Boy was I wrong by the time I got to DFW. So I have this huge huge conversion van, that barely fits anywhere. I'll tell you it's sooo huge that, I had meer inches between the roof of my van and the parking struture of the airport garage.

Well, I was parking my Van in a spot when I had a ground security guard tells me I couldn't park where I was parking because I was too big...crazy, I was half way in the spot. So he tells me I had to park near the handicap accessible area. FINE! Well I'm totally miffed. I found a spot not even near the gate area I was at or needed to be at either, get all my luggage...complaint at this point. There are no elevators in the car port areas to help ya, and dragging 100 plus pounds of luggage in 3 pieces by yourself isn't fun. Especially going up 5 or 6 mini sets of staircases, adjusting my bags to stay together as I put them....Note to y'all luggage straps are a must when your by yourself with a suitcase, a roller computer case and a huge camera bag with all your camera equipment in it. Plus I hand carried Chef Fatoili,

my personal traveling chef in my arms and at my chest nearly every chance I had. Oh I was totally tired by the time I got to US Airways to check my luggage in, I thought I was going to pass out. Still no elevators around even to the 1st floor to my ticket counter.

Well I thought I'd do the check-in part at home before I got there to save time. And paid for my luggage fees and so forth. Thought I was being smart....I was until that security guard got in my way of me making it to the gate on time. I go and swipe my stuff and then it tells me I'm too late. I'm looking at my phone for the time, I had 30 minutes prior to lift off and thought, what the heck!!! That's soo not right I was at the airport and hour and a half prior. I tell the lady at the counter, I've already checked in, I need to get my luggage on. She tells me I've missed my I dumb? Or is she? So I look at the time and start to agrue with her that my flight is still here, and the rules---people, for this flight if you are less then 45 minutes from your flight've missed your flight. Regardless if it's still in the've missed it. I pleaded, I cried, I panic-ed. I did everything to get myself on this flight and complained about the security guard as well as file a complaint. Showing my gate admission and everything even to the gate parking I should have been in. That didn't work. So they send me over to another lady. That 1st lady was really really snootie...but then again. I don't have her job nor would I want it.
By this time, I had texted mauigirl, going, "problem, I got delayed. They won't let me on my flight" at this point I was telling the lady at the desk, everything I had already said to the 1st lady. Then I put Chef Fatoili on the counter instead of holding him so that I could cross my arms, before I literally blew up at the airlines, So as I'm telling the lady "I've got to be in Vegas, I have a show to be at, it's important!" "You don't understand, I have to be there!" Now the show I'm talking about is with Zumanity(< ), that Keri and I already bought tickets for and it was at 10 that night...So she's looking at Chef Fatoili and saying "That's kind of an unusual item to be carrying?" So I reply'"yes, it is, he's a traveling chef." Now I didn't tell her he wasn't Luigi. But she says, "Oh really?!" I'm like, "Yup, he's one of the reasons I'm going to Vegas. He's part of a website thing and he travels everywhere and takes record of his sites, the food, the people his whole experience. He's traveling to Vegas for this reason for and well, there's a meeting he needs to be at.".....well I even asked, "Can't you stick my luggage on the next flight and get me on this one...I can pick my luggage up later this evening?" So she replies, "No, due to regulations we can't separate you from your luggage or your luggage from you.".......hmmmm reeaalllly? Was my thought...Gee don't peoples' luggage get separated from the passengers in flight all the time? Well I didn't say it out loud...So just then maugirl calls....going.."Melissa?????What is going on." So I tell her they won't let me on my flight and I'll call her back in a few when I had more details. I was soo upset, so angry and I was giving the girl the what-for looks...So I hang up with mauigirl and said..."sorry, that was my boss." hm mm mm mm, wink wink and *smile* sweetly . Geee did I fib a little, you bet your sweet bippie I did. ;-) Well it must have worked because I kept pleading about being at the show at 10, and my Chef was soo important, that he HAD to be there. I didn't tell her at all, that it was an entertainment show for pure enjoyment reasons, I paid to go see, nor was I telling her. I've hung around my mom well enough, that what things you leave out, might get you further. I didn't totally and out right lie other then telling her the phone call I just got, really wasn't my boss. I know what I made her believe, but I was totally desprite over the whole mess and I wasn't going to fly out at midnight either, I traveled to long, to far and wasn't going to sit all night waiting on a mistake that I couldn't be helped but at the hand of a secruity guard that forced me to miss my flight. I know I'm a little spitfire. But that's when she asks for my luggage. Straps on a tag and I'm looking confused and says. "Okay, here's this," and she rights down the gate number and tells me I'm on stand-by for the next available flight. But I'm looking at her and she's telling me, that taking my luggage will force them to put me on the next available plane. It was due to leave like at 4:45pm Texas Time, Sooo, okay here I go.

I headed off to the secruity point...And people. I have never been through the full body x-ray deal, and I was just at this airport weeks prior to Oregon and Washington, just not on this airline. So weirded out when they asked me to take off my hair was clipped in place in all sorts of places. I probably looked like Frankenstien under the ballcap. The guy looked at me funny. So I know he was laughing. I didn't want to mess with hair everywhere, not on a traveling day and going up in a plane and then down...makes my hair crazy staticy beyond anything. So just as I was grabbing all my stuff at the secruity check-point. This older lady tosses my bucket down...with Chef Fatoili in it and I thought she was going to break him....Oh my poor poor baby. I told her nicely, be careful, he'll break, then she shoved another bucket at him and he nearly came off the belt thing and I yelled at her this time and said, "You witch, your going to break my item....." You know she looked at me like....who gives a flying monkey! I couldn't believe she did that. Of all the nerve. So I quickly grabbed my little buddy and said I was soo sorry he experienced that....ok soo now who's looking nuttier then a crunch bar?!

So I get to the gate I needed to be at....funny thing is. It was the gate next to where I was suppose to be. I'm like...what the devil. And then, there is my flight....bye flight.... ;-( I watched my flight slowly back up from the gate and slowly turn and slowly taxi off down the run way. I totally could have made this flight.... So I pick up the phone call mauigirl and she says, "ok what are you doing?" I said,"Funny you should ask that, I'm watching my flight leave the gate and taxi down the runway!"

So I tell her what is going on, and how upset I was, Then I'm texting Keri, I'm texting xraybarb(= and I'm calling my mommy and telling her how totally upset I am, I'm at this point crying. So my mom tells me, all this is due to the strict guidelines from 9/11 on the reason, they have done what they have done....blah blah blah....okay mom, thank you. I got it, I don't like it. But thank you for the talk. It may have sounded like it didn't help, it did. I just still wished it was different. That's all. So I must have called 6 people and the poor guys across from me had to hear me tell the same story over and over....opps. Oh well. Then I call my hubby. Well he was ticked off, that I went threw all that.. And was going to call the airlines. Well I already took care of filing a complaint with the airport, not the airlines. It wasn't the airlines fault, it was the staff at the airport that did it. Not the airlines. But had I addressed it when I got to the counter, I might have gotten on my flight, but I addressed it after I got to the gate on stand-by.

So people are staggering in and it's not that many. And mauigirl, Keri and xraybarb(= are trying to coordinate who was going to pick me up at the airport or hotel and who was going to be getting in and this and that..So we figured out xraybarb(= would since of the time frame, if and when I got in and so long as I got on this flight. SO, the airplane was small. I go to the ticket counter at the gate and she tells me they won't know I'm able to get on the flight until I'm boarding. SO here's a funny, I get called by xraybarb, and she's asking me if I knew anything yet. And just as I tell her, no not yet they call my name over I quickly hang up and find out...I'M ON THE FLIGHT!!!!!!! I call her back and was yelling in the phone...WOOOO!!! I'm getting on. Alright. See ya soon and quickly turned around and called mauigirl...yeah!!! I'm on the flight. By this time, I'm tagging my computer roll-on, it was to big for overhead, and I took my camerabag and Chef Fatoili on board. Now I've had some weird looks with him. But I just smiled like crazy. This was a direct flight to Vegas. No stops or anything. Was super glad of that. So I sat next to this guy, not bad looking. He's in the Oil industries. And He's working with Mike Rowe on a new show, for Discovery Channel about that field. Funny he knew who my ex-sister in law's family was in Texas...because that's what he does. I can't remember the guys name he gave it to me with a business card...but I can't seem to find it today. He gave me some tips about being in Vegas, but I also had to tell him this was my 3rd time there. And apparently he was staying at Casear's...why did I need to know this? Okay looking back, I guess I'm an airbrain...I think he was flirting. But don't quote me on it. I'm totally married. Anyway he was a nice guy and told me to make the pre-show to Zumanity because that's when the fun starts, he's seen the show like 6 times. Hmm wow! And he was curious about Chef Fatoili, because my chef had to sit in the floor nearly the whole flight or at least during take off and landing. Chef can probably tell you how clean the floors were.

Here we go!!! I made it. I'm in Vegas Baby!!! I am soo finally relieved. I grab up Chef Fatoili, my computer bag, and head out to get my luggage. I text mauigirl and Keri...I'm here!!!! And call xraybarb(=. So as I'm waiting, I need a coffee. STARBUCKS!!!!( I love you soo much. xraybarb(= and her daughter Cady had fun picking me up. They had to go round and round because of the crossing guards were directing traffic in and around the people pick-up point...that was something to see. Reminded me of Time Square in New York...but these guys were totally rude. In New York...they were actually quite nice. They barely let a car stop to pick some one up long enough to get a hug, and grab luggage and go...they were shewing people off like flies. I was laughing and telling xraybarb(= .... these guys are nuts..I said it loud, at this point I didn't care. I was totally sick of airports. I can honestly say in a matter of weeks. I was in several. A few weeks prior, I was at Dallas/Ft. Worth to Salt Lake City, MO to Medford, OR. Then Medford to Portland. Then Back at Portland to Denver, and Denver back to Dallas/Ft. Worth. I've had a bit of freedom to travel. Thanks to my darling hubby. Who was home taking care of the kids. While I had some mommy time.

SO xraybarb(= pulls up and Cady, her daughter...what a little beauty. And tall...okay feeling totally short. ;-) She helps me with all my luggage. And I get in and give "barb" the biggiest hug ever...What a pretty lady! Both of them. just beautiful. We head off to the Harley Davidson(< ) on the strip, where everyone was at already. I surely didn't want to miss dinner. So xraybarb(= and I are chatting and I'm helping her navigate with my GPS over to the restuarant. I'm super excited I could hardly contain myself.

We get to the back side of the place and park, then find our way around to the front. Even tried going into the wrong door. We find our way in and go to the back of the place and how amazing seeing the bikes on these levi things gliding threw the air above us and it was cool and freaky at the same time. I was praying they didn't drop. There must have been 6 bikes that rotated threw, but the place over all was amazing. It had a huge huge front part of a motorbike sticking out of the front top of the was just great. Sooo I'm the last one of us 3 to walk threw..and just as I turned my head to see where we were all at for dinner, I see xraybarb(= ....take a huge flop forward...I was sort of giggling but didn't catch that on film. I could have but it was so quick, I would have had a bum shot....And there was everyone waiting for us. I was the last to arrive. And that's normal.

I got huge hugs from everyone. And I could hear.....mis7up!!! mis7up!! in several directions....ya know people at other tables were looking at us like we were all totally bonkers. But did I care...NOPE!!! There everyone was, looking soo good and the smiles were just breath-taking!!!
I saw my Co-hort,
Keri, my bed-buddy and roomie, Baking Nana, LadySparkle, mauigirl, Lovebreezy, MagnoliaBlossom, Candice, and Candice's daughter Christine NICU~RN, AllrecipesElizabeth and a few faces I didn't recongize....Rachel U..a "lurker"she says ;-) and she's AllrecipesElizabeth's sister, LoveBreezy, Don...LoveBreezy's hubby and member ID I'm suppose to guess ;-). And LoveBreezy's mom. I have photos of LoveBreezy and her family, but was asked kindly not to post them. So I didn't, out of respect. They were totally awesome.
Then of course, xraybarb(= and Cady, my other roomies....I got hugs from everyone. Even Chef Luigi..

he gave me a big hug and a kiss the little spicy fellow. I had to apologize for Chef Fatoili not coming inside, because Fatoili was soo tired from the trip from Oklahoma to Texas then the through the airport and then the flight. I assured Luigi that, he'd meet and party with him the next day.
And I was totally thrilled to be there. Dinner was awesome. And the portions were massive.

Now way I could put down a quarter of what I had. And it was delish!! I had the Spinach dip with awesome chips.

Everyone's food looked great. Just as I'm sitting down prior to ordering our meal, next to my buddy Keri. I find out Allrecipes was picking up the dinner tab.....OMGosh!! wow wow wow.... The food and company was amazing....Everyone's food was just fabulous. Some ate before we got there. And so the food photos I got were the ones that ordered when we did. I wished LoveBreezy and her family could have made it the next day at the mauigirl's place for the Luau, it was awesome. But they had prior obligations and there were a few members that hadn't made it in yet, but would be there the next day. So the conversations were great. I giggled and laughed my buns off. I could hear LadySparkle laughing and such a huge smile. And Baking Nana's smile was infectious. The giggles from both our tables was a riot. LoveBreezy and her hubby were just a hoot. Her mom was just a sweet dear little person. Cady, my doll on the right side of me. Was such a cute little thing. And boy can she eat. But I know her momma, helped her. I totally was eyeing xraybarb(='s twice baked potatoes too. Don's plate was massive and I think Keri ordered the same thing. But we didn't have a frig in our room to take our leftovers with us. The food was just massive. And MagnoliaBlossom's Cajun Pasta dish looked amazing. The company again was absolutely fabulous. I'm not sure what AllrecipesElizabeth, Rachel U, mauigirl, Candice or Christine NICU~RN had to eat, other then had a great time. But we were loud, we were bubbly...hint hint..some of us was drinking the bubbly ;-). But it was a blast. I really hated leaving everyone, I know Keri and I were having such a great time at the table. Harley Davidson...Y'all ROCK!! But we had to fit in our show some how, because of the whole weekend was really planned out other then some goof off time on Sunday...but I'm saving that one for later.. ;-) There's a saying, what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas...well that is soo true, until you actually have to leave with something that is there permamently forever. hehehe ;-)

So Keri and I buddy'ed up and bonded soo quickly...I have to say this..I had the best hotel buddies ever!! I have never buddied up with basically complete physical strangers before and had the best time. Us bonding over the forum on doesn't make us complete strangers. And I think our forum is awesome. Because those friendships we've made over the forum, totally flowed over to meeting in person. It has been one of the best experiences ever....just like meeting Witchy Woman in Washington with a few others a few weeks prior...And that was the bomb too!!! Okay, going to get mushy on myself ;-) So...the time was a ticking and Keri and I had plans for a show....I quickly got photos of everyone...and I couldn't get one with out my flash blinding everyone or washing them out. SO I asked our waiter if I was aloud to stand on the you know he looked at me funny and laughed, then said yes....So I got on the chair and I heard some one laugh and say, wooo table I laughed and did a quick shimmy shake on the chair....hope my butt wasn't in Cady's face because I'm a short person. And I happened to be sitting in between Keri and Cady. Well, then I got my photos of everyone and hopped down. Ran over to AllrecipesElizabeth and said...totally thank you for dinner and the food was fabulous. But Keri and I had to go and left with hugging mauigirl and AllrecipesElizabeth. And xraybarb(= gave me the key to the room and we went on our merry way.

MAN!!! How I wished I could have gotten photos of Zumanity(< )....but mmmm mmmm they would have been seriously racy. So we tracked on over to the show, and they had already started the pre-show. Now Keri said some thing funny on the way over and she said..."hmm I looked up the Zumanity show and the comments were kind of funny, one said the show was for lovers...?? I thought, hmm we're just 2 lady FRIENDS...well I don't think so." I was laughing so hard. I thought hmmm nope we aren't lovers....we were laughing all the way there.

So we go in and they were talking about a certain discussion(going to leave this to your imagination to the certain discussion). And it was funny. We had great seats. The "queen" of the show comes out after the intro and lead the show on the adventure of the story throughout the show. And the dancing, the acrobatics, the design of some of the clothing(when there was clothing being worn) was fabulous. The show was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Next time, I'd like hubby to see it, but he's already told me, he doesn't want to see men in tights. I'd see it again. Now, one of my favorite parts, the guy that has dwarfism, did some of the most beautiful acrobatics I have ever seen in my life. He had such beautiful lines, great motion to his details and strengths and had such amazing balance and skills unlike any person of his stature. He did these acrobatics with silks  that hung from the roof of the building, and did the most amazing flights with his little figure.. That was unbelieveable. Just amazing. I know Keri probably would agree with me. It was totally amazing.

So Keri and I both agreed the show was great and giggled about all the comments for days. Without going into complete detail because it was way way out there with a certain discussion and very racy. xraybarb(= would have gone but it was a bit too much because of the subject in hand and Cady was 18....not something I'd take Cady to see either nor my own kids at that matter.....a TOTALLY MATURE ADULT SHOW. But it was really great. Sooo Keri and I headed over to our hotel at the Golden Nugget ( ) Where, at night was simply beautiful. I loved our room, The hotel was really nice looking. And Keri and I chatted up a storm. We buddied up all weekend. And had our own adventure. Any way. I'd never been to the Golden Nugget and she told me of the shark pool...which we saw as we came in. WOW, no one was out there and you weren't allowed in the pool at the time we went in, but from the forur we could see the sharks in this huge huge cylinder tank in the middle of the pool. That was awesome. We looked around the hotel a few minutes on the way up to our room and tried not to wake up the ladies. But xraybarb(= was still awake. We talked a bit with "barb" and Keri and I were bed-buddy mates. I down loaded some photos on my computer and headed to bed. I was soo out.. It was a great day dispite, my bad start off to Vegas. But it boiled down to a great time. So this concludes Day 1 of my Vegas Trip. The rest is on it's way. Because it sure was an adventure.
Jun. 6, 2011 4:46 pm
By missing Day 1, I really missed a lot! Nice job, mis7up! I can hear your voice!
Jun. 6, 2011 4:59 pm
That was so well written.I could feel your tension at the airport and your joy at connecting with friends. I coule relate to the airport moments too, its happened to me and sometimes you wanna just, oh never mind. Your time together sounds terrific. Memories for a lifetime.
Jun. 6, 2011 7:14 pm
Not done reading yet - but had to stop and say I am totally hearing your voice as I am reading (= I still remember being on my way to Vegas myself, somewhere out in the middle of nowhere when you called and told me the story about missing your flight, asking if I could pick you up, because Julie offered to pick you up, but she needed to be at the Harley Davidson with everyone there . . . I remember listening to your voice mail, and telling Cady that you had the cutest voice! (She agreed!) I also remember you calling me 5 minutes after I stepped out of the shower to tell me you had arrived . . . AND driving around that stupid airport trying to find you! I feel like I am well acquainted with that particular airport now, and am qualified to pick anyone up there - sheesh (= What a mess that place was!
Jun. 6, 2011 7:42 pm
Barb, I LOVE your post! :)
Jun. 6, 2011 7:42 pm
wasn't it. That airport was crazy. Never saw soo many people in an airport that small. La Guardia in New York wasn't like that DFW...well almost as bad. But that airport is crazy!!!
Jun. 6, 2011 7:43 pm
Um, yes, you ARE a little spitfaire (=
Jun. 6, 2011 7:44 pm
spitFIRE =D Sheesh!
Jun. 6, 2011 7:49 pm
Here I am, making sure I know what airline she's flying . . for WHAT? I'm driving, looking for terminals for specific airlines, but all they have is "passenger pick up." Huh? I don't understand! And, by that time, I'm already driving through it! So, I call mis7up, and tell her we're there, but get her voicemail . . . Oy! Nothing like doing circles through a strange airport after driving all day already! BUT, let me tell you, it was well worth it to get to meet mis7up in person and give her a big hug! Still haven't read all the way through yet [this is going to take me all night, I can tell - esp since I keep stopping to comment along the way (=] - but did she tell you her best view/memory of the "trip" to Vegas was watching me fly up the steps and land on all fours at the end of our table at the Harley? SO SO SO glad she didn't have her camera out yet!!!!!
Jun. 6, 2011 7:51 pm
LOLOL!!!!! OMGarsh! The image of you comforting Chef Fatioli! Holy guacamole! I cannot stop laughing!
Jun. 6, 2011 7:57 pm
I did too, would it help that I left out the part when I got to the area of the airport where I was waiting on stand by and walked into a soup and sandwich shoppe and a guy asked me if that was my baby, when I looked down Chef Fatoili's face was buried in my right boob...opps. Nothing more attractive then walking around not realizing it looked like I was nursing my ceramic cheffy...oooo ;-)
Jun. 6, 2011 7:59 pm
Love the blog of your first day. I need to get one written of my adventures, but have been totally swamped at work since the day I came back. Can't wait for the rest of your blog! The Harley Davidson Cafe was soooo much fun.
Jun. 6, 2011 8:05 pm
Barb!!!! you crack me up!!! hahahaha. Marianne, I bet y'all can here me. I know here y'all when I read y'all comments LOL!! Magnolia Blossom...I totally know what your talking about. Been so busy here. Tomorrow I get my nieces for a few days and we are going to an amusement park in a couple of days. My house is a rotating door, with kids in and out. I just sit at the computer or in the kitchen and now don't answer the door...I yell at the kids to answer it. Because it sure isn't me that they are looking for. ;-)
Jun. 6, 2011 8:18 pm
Lookit that! She did tell on me (= Besides mis7up and Cady, who had some view!, only Don, and maybe lovebreezy saw my fall. Kind of surprises me, because I only seem to do these things with an audience!
Jun. 6, 2011 8:21 pm
The Chefs both got some nursing in (= I had my special moment with Luigi the next day at muaigirl's house - which he posted on his blog (= Those chefs are maybe just a little pervy . . . ? . . . =D [Or maybe old and lonely, like me (=]
Jun. 6, 2011 8:32 pm
I think that Zumanity is the type of show that you canNOT see with your own child - regardless of how old they are. Well, let's put it this way - Zumanity is the type of show (from what I heard, and the pics I saw), that I could never, ever, ever see with one of my children - regardless of how old ANY of us are!!!!! I am glad you girls had fun, though! You were funny when you came in talking about it!
Jun. 6, 2011 8:32 pm
bahahahahahaha!!!!! hahahahahaha. Your not old!!! Ya don't even look it at all. ;-)
Jun. 6, 2011 8:34 pm
And, let me say here, that for some reason, I had never gotten a feel for mis7up online. She is such a sweet thing! Like she said, a spitfire! And bubbly. Cute, with contagious laughter! Just a real darlin'! Online does not do her justice - though, like Marianne and I both said, now when we read her words, we can hear her voice (=
Jun. 6, 2011 8:34 pm
lol (= I feel every moment, and can point out every single wrinkle and gray hair (= But, thank you (=
Jun. 7, 2011 9:25 am
Very well done. Thanks!
Jun. 7, 2011 9:32 am
You nailed our first day in Vegas, mis7up! When you called me to tell me you missed your flight, I was just about 45 minutes into my trip up there and pulled into a rest area so I could talk without losing my signal (there are LOTS of AT&T dead zones between my house and Vegas). I didn't hear whether you were making it onto the standby flight or not until after I got to Vegas and xraybarb told me. I was SO relieved! It was the best thing in the world to see your smile at the Harley Davidson and know for certain you had made it safely to Vegas!! We DID have a great time that night (well...all weekend!), didn't we?!?! Zumanity was not what I expected, but it was incredible nevertheless. I agree with Barb, though. It's definitely NOT a show I would go see with my child, no matter what age she was, OR with my mother for that matter!! I still can't believe how quickly and completely you and I "clicked". It was totally like reuniting with a best friend I hadn't seen in years. I can't wait until we get together again!!!
Jun. 7, 2011 9:35 am
What a fun weekend - so glad you got on a flight!
Jun. 7, 2011 11:26 am
great post! i hate traveling too...but that was a great reason! come to a redneck hoedown cindylepp and i are trying to crank...september, fla. coast!
Jun. 7, 2011 1:49 pm
Gary, I so wish I could come! Unfortunately, funds will not allow )= I need to start buying lottery tickets! I would keep working if I won - but I could attend all the AR gatherings!
Jun. 7, 2011 2:08 pm
Amen to that, xray!
Jun. 8, 2011 1:11 am
Ha! Here is mis7up on the chair at the Harley (=&#10;&#10;&#10;
Jun. 8, 2011 3:08 am
oh HOLY COW~~~~I didn't remember you taking the photo!! hahahahahaha OMGosh....that is too funny!!!
Jun. 9, 2011 12:25 am
=DDD I'm just sorry my phone pics aren't better!
Jun. 9, 2011 9:17 am
girl, I just might have to send you a camera LOL...but still it's funny!!
Jun. 9, 2011 12:10 pm
Melissa, I can so hear you in your post. Too funny. It brings back a little of the anxiety of pulling it all together. Can't wait to see your next blog. Take care kid.
Jun. 9, 2011 12:22 pm
That darn Chef LUigi keeps hijacking my comments:( Dat was me above......
Jun. 9, 2011 1:22 pm
LOL....hmm I had that same prob-blam-o hehehe myself!!! when I was posting comments on threads last week!! hahahah
Jun. 9, 2011 2:05 pm
[I have a camera - but I have no clue how to download - so I can take pictures, but they are captive /= I do like my phone, because I can bluetooth it to my computer. Easier for my tech-dweeb brain (=]
Jun. 9, 2011 2:06 pm
Julie, I was going to say that Chef kinda sounds like you =DDD [Just like we all hear Melissa in her writing =D]
Jun. 9, 2011 7:37 pm
(Isn't it funny that we all say we can hear Melissa's voice while we read her writing?!)
Jun. 10, 2011 11:32 am
I sure can. She is a force to be reckoned with in a tiny little package. BTW we are going to Harley Davidson tomorrow night. Will not be the same without the AR gang:)
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Baking, Grilling & BBQ, Frying, Stir Frying, Slow Cooking, Asian, Mexican, Italian, Southern, Healthy, Dessert, Kids, Quick & Easy

Sewing, Needlepoint, Camping, Walking, Fishing, Photography, Reading Books, Music

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Passover Celebration
Passover Celebration

Celebrate Passover with Jewish main dishes, desserts, and traditional holiday foods.

Easter Lamb, Ham, and More
Easter Lamb, Ham, and More

Choose your Easter dinner main dish from hams, savory lamb, and over 150 more recipes.

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About Me
I'm an active mom of 4 and married the love of my life. I'm a full~time certified care giver, part~time food blogger @ , avid & obsessed novice photographer. I love allrecipes and pretty much an addict. I'm also a new member to Banana Belt Photography Club that's local to my community, and an Allrecipes Allstar Brand Ambassador. And have stamped allrecipes on me for life. The site has opened up my eyes to so much more then just recipes. I'm proud to be a member of this site and my love, passion & learning other recipes from other valued members has really broaden my horizens.
My favorite things to cook
Asian, Mexican, Multi-cultured foods, Low-fat, Low-sugar, Stews, casseroles, slow cooker meals and baking......Everything!!
My favorite family cooking traditions
Funny but true: Cooking traditions men sit in the recliner and women in the My family is always in the kitchen. My sister and her family, my parents and my family celebrate Christmas in January. Due to distance and work related jobs. Every year we plan what we are having ahead of time. Our tradition is usually food we've had abroad growing up overseas. Normally with Asia influences. It's always a special treat when we normally don't make the dishes often throughout the year.
My cooking triumphs
Unknown to me when I came up with a chicken and dumpling recipe of my own, my father was floored & delighted and told me it tasted just like his mother's.......My mom dropped her jaw because it was better then her's. It's a staple with my husband and kids.
My cooking tragedies
I had found a recipe for a Pretzel Pie(like Pecan Pie), thought it looked good and I didn't follow the recipe when it said unsalted pretzels. I just grabbed the normal stuff with the salt on it, made the pie, and my dad and husband were painting with thrist. And making weird pickle sour expressions, when I realized the pie was over salted. Oopppss! I never made it again.
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