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How Do You Rate?

How Do You Rate? 
Mar. 30, 2009 10:55 am 
Updated: Oct. 19, 2011 8:13 pm
While browsing recipes, I often find rants, instead of reviews, from cooks who find it foul for a reviewer to base their stars on anything other than the originally published recipe.  This leads me to wonder.... How do fellow AF fans generally feel about the 2 types of reviews out there? 

On one hand, you have cooks who never review a recipe unless they followed it to a T, and thus are submitting an untainted opinion.  Others scour through 10, 20, even 30 plus reviews, until they find that one thing, or perhaps multiple problems, that everyone fixed.  They then base their review the end result after putting these changes and tips to good use. 

I often find myself short on time and extra cash.  Finding & using new recipes can be expensive in both areas!   I rarely even look at a recipe that holds 3 stars or less, as not to waste these valuable resources.  (In fairness, I'll still check out a newer recipe, just in case it got an unjust review on it's maiden voyage)  The way I see it, if a cook uses the reviews to create a 5 star result, but then only gives it 1-2 stars based on the flaws of the original many yummy creations would we be missing out on by blowing past unjustly rated recipes? 

Personally, I find both kinds of reviews extremely helpful.  I greatly appreciate all of the time that reviewers take to explain their experiences, both good and bad, to make the lemon bars that made them famous.  I love seeing someone who has the guts to throw caution into the wind and go with the original recipe.  Maybe to have their "I told you so" politely handed to them, or maybe to find that it suited their tastes better in the end. 

This website has made me better cook, wife, and mother.  I've found new interest in teaching my daughters the joy of cooking.  My oldest is as completely addicted to this website as I am.   I'm excited about putting something new and wholesome on the table because I have thousands of cooks backing me up with useful tips to be sure that the recipe won't be a flop.  I feel downright handicapped when using just an ordinary cookbook in the kitchen!   

I just wanted to answer all of the rants from those who didn't leave a review.  Those who just left  a complaint on how others didn't use the rating system correctly.  I think the system works beautifully, no matter how you rate.
Mar. 30, 2009 1:15 pm
The reviews that really irk me are the ones where the reviewer clearly has not even made the recipe.
Mar. 30, 2009 3:13 pm
I agree that all the reviews are helpful, which makes the system work regardless. But I don't think that people should change major components of the recipe and then give a negative review, because they are essentially reviewing a different recipe. But I still read them all anyway. :) Oh, and I agree with Trishie, some have not even made the recipe and then they review it. Why!? I don't think that's fair.
Mar. 30, 2009 4:23 pm
I agree with Booschmoo & Trishie on both points. Unmade recipe reviews are irritating, pointless & I'm thankful for those who realize this. Could you imagine sifting through hundreds of those!!? As for negative reviews on recipes that have been tweaked (sometimes beyond recognition), I agree! Folks should give the recipe another chance, as tweak free as possible, if they really want to rate it....THEN they can tell us what not to do, as well as what works. Or maybe just skip rating a recipe once in a while...I have opted out on rating recipes a few times due to operator error :o)
Mar. 31, 2009 7:28 am
I'm one of those members that prefers to make a recipe the first time as stated. I've found that some of the highly rated recipes I've tried are not that great, imo, without some major tweaking.
Mar. 31, 2009 9:27 am
When I find a recipe that I would like to try, I usually modify it to match our health goals (more whole grain, less fat) as well as what I have in the kitchen. When it's time to review that recipe, I try to stop and think. If I only made a couple of minor changes, I rate the recipe based on the original way it was written. If I made drastic changes to match our needs, then I don't bother to rate "my" changes to someone else's recipe. I like to make comments based on the changes I make, however, as it may benefit someone else. I know it's helped me many times to see that someone subbed this for that. Or a common problem can be solved by doing this or that. I do get totally frustrated with people not trying a recipe and rating it poorly based on their opinions. That's not right and could affect the overall rating of the recipe which could keep others from trying it. One thing that REALLY annoys me tho, is when people are nasty when they review a recipe. If you don't like it, say so. You don't need to personally attack the submitter (especially if you made major changes along the way!). Sorry I rambled. This has been on my mind a lot recently.
Mar. 31, 2009 4:41 pm
I love how everyone is basically on the same sheet of music with rating recipes. My first encounter is much like VA Mom (Spotsylvania, here!) Obviously, the recipe looked good enough or the ingredients sounded good enough to make me want to try it and I almost always follow the submitter's instructions. If it turns out well, I'll definitely rate it with 5 stars. If it turns out that it needed a couple tweaks, it'll still be rated well but next time I cook it, I'll make those changes but then I'll call it MY recipe with changes duly noted in my recipe file. Is that cheating? Mostly, the recipes give us insight into our own capabilities, keeping in mind what we have in our pantries, freezers, etc. and enough room to expand an already good recipe to an outstanding recipe, in our humble opinions! Sorry, but humble goes right out the window when one of YOUR recipes ends up on my table and my family is raving over it! I am totally thrilled to be a part of such a great group of cooks.
Apr. 1, 2009 12:51 pm
I have been "head cook" in my home for 25 years but didnt really learn to cook until I started using AR! IF something had more than 5 or 6 ingredients I wouldnt even consider it. Being able to read the suggestions of other people inspires me to alter recipes to suit my family that I might not try otherwise. My daughter has benefited from this the most. She is mostly vegetarian and as a result of my AR inspired cooking creativity Ive learned that I can make a vegetarian version of almost anything I cook right along with the regular version. All that being said, yes, I appreciate hearing how others have changed the recipes. I don't, however, think they have the right to criticize the original recipe if they never even tried it as is. Just keep in mind, its a recipe database/exchange, not something that anyone should find cause to be offended or angry. If you dont like the review (or reviewer) skip to the next one! Thanks everyone for sharing!
Apr. 1, 2009 1:40 pm
I have an opinion on this one. (of course I do, I have an opinion about everything. HA) Anyway, I'm fairly new to AR and have only had the chance to review maybe 6 recipes or so. #1 rule: DO NOT RATE A RECIPE IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE IT. k,thanks. Also, if you added ingredients, left some out, doubled them, or whatever, use our own judgement on how to rate. You know if what you added to the recipe was a significant change or not. Or at least you should. EX: Doubling the amount of garlic in a pasta dish= A-OKAY! EX: Adding cheese to a meatloaf with no cheese, leaving out 1/2 of the ingredients, and then rating a 2 star= LAME! Use your grey matter peeps :]
Apr. 2, 2009 5:04 am
I agree with the above posts: I rate accordingly if I have made changes to a recipe, but not if I made significant changes. However, one thing I do is keep my ratings in the 3-4 star range. I have only ever rated 2 stars once or maybe twice, never rated 1 star, and rarely rate 5 stars. 2 stars is "meh", 3 stars is in the "okay-to-good" category, and 4 stars is in the "good-to-great" category. To me, the 1 and 5 star ratings ought to be EXTREMELY rare because they are the *absolute* worst and best, respectively.
Apr. 2, 2009 8:10 am
Here's were I stand on this: I almost NEVER follow a recipe to the T. Sometimes I don't even look at the measurements for salt, garlic, etc. because I already know how I like it. I can't stand it when people follow the recipe precisely and complain about the blandness. Add a little salt, for crying out loud! This does not make a bad recipe! When I use this website, I comb through recipes that sound good, I make adjustments for what I have on hand and personal preference, and I review based on how much my family enjoyed it. I feel that's the fair way to rate both for the original submitter and for future cooks.
Apr. 2, 2009 4:08 pm
I'm with the majority on this one. If I follow someone's recipe for a peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat sandwich, except I make it with braunschweiger and salsa in a wonton wrapper, it certainly isn't fair for me to rate the recipe one star and say it's disgusting and doesn't taste anything like the recipe said it would! If I make significant changes to a recipe, then I'm really rating my own cooking skills and not the contribution of the person who submitted it.
Apr. 2, 2009 5:52 pm
I'm one of those people who is almost incapable of following a recipe exactly! I just have to tinker. But when I rate, I'll specify what I changed so people will know what experience my review is based on. If I think that my changes made the recipe taste worse (this tends to happen when I try to make it healthier), I give the recipe the benefit of the doubt and inflate the rating. If I'm pretty sure that the recipe would be much worse without changes, I'll give a lower rating than I would give to my altered version. I know that some people hate it when I give a rating to something that I have never tried without changing. But I feel that even if I have changed the recipe, other people can benefit from knowing what my experience was. What bothers me is when someone gives a one star review and a one word comment. I need to know what went wrong!
Apr. 3, 2009 11:57 am
I missed several different types of reviews in my original blog! lol But Eclectricity & *Christina* have described my least favorite review perfectly! I don't see the point in giving a completely tweaked & different recipe 1-2 stars. It's not fair. On the other hand, if you make an amazing recipe after tweaking the base recipe, rate it 4-5 stars, (and then 15 other people review in agreement) are, essentially, still reviewing a different recipe BUT at least it's rated high enough for me to investigate it and I can then pick which changes make viable sense to me. This is the system at work! Make it better...or make it the same....don't make it worse and ruin it's rating!!! Thanks EVERYONE for your wonderful responses!!! It's so cool to hear what cooks are thinking when they're submitting their reviews. :o)
Apr. 9, 2009 7:25 am
I have a really strong opinion on this issue. I'm a firm believer in trying the recipe as written first. How can you review a recipe if you haven't even tasted the original finished product? Make it a second time, with all the alterations you require for your family's tastes and needs and add that to your review of the original recipe so that we can all benefit from your experience and knowledge but I don't think it's fair to the submitter to rate a recipe you haven't even tried made according to their ingredients and directions.
Apr. 9, 2009 7:39 am
Rage typing! Look out!! My apologies :( I really do appreciate the tips and suggestions that are included in recipe reviews but what I really want to know, when reading a recipe review, is how the recipe turned out when the recipe is followed according to the ingredients and directions provided. I have the feeling that's probably what the submitter wants to see too. Have a great day :)
Oct. 19, 2011 8:13 pm
I love that I can now look at a recipe and read reviews and make changes that I would have not necessarily thought of out of the box. I also look at recipes like the skeleton and add some of the meat myself, but I do not rate on my changes. I usually try it the first time as written and tweak on personal taste and suggestions of reviewers. Usually when I look at a recipe I know wether I would generally like it or pass on it. I love this site and it has added variety to my cooking, and I love the comments from others. I also agree with many that 1 and 5 stars are rare.
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